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zOMG now has video ads showing up when you launch the game. These will help to pay for future zOMG development if we can get enough income from them.

We need your help for this. If you want to support zOMG, please click play on the videos and wait until they complete. Most of the videos are on the "honor system". So you can skip them or click play to watch them. If you play the video ad and watch till the end, zOMG will get money to support new stuff for the game. You can do this up to five times a day.

The ads will not show up if:
-You've been shown the ad five times today
-You've bought any item worth 249 gc or more this month
-You've never played zOMG before

Remember to watch the videos all the way to the end if you want to help out zOMG.

EDIT: Don't worry about the "You have watched 0" message. That line is just added in by the advertisers and doesn't affect how many videos zOMG gets credit for. Just ignore the message.
Hmm, I would view them, but they aren't avalible to me.
I really, really, really, really, really want to, but I can't.
Maybe if you change/get more sponsors I'll be able to.
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hey,i guess it's an okay fix.
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The ads are unavailable to me too.. Maybe because I'm form Canada? =l
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I really like it as an honor-system type thing.

brb, enabling ads.
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Aww, I want to help, but I'm Canadian too.
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As long as it helps zOMG biggrin
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I am happy this was implemented. Hopefully it will get a lot more money that can be put to help zOMG!

I had wondered why it did not show up after watching it 5 times... now I know!
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i would watch one in a heartbeat, if i wasn't a donator.
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I guess i'm not the only one who can't see the video?
....I hate being Canadian sometimes...
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Honestly I kind of wish i had the OPTION to watch more than one in a go... I tend to watch the gambit videos in offers while I work on paperwork at my desk. I would totally do the same with this if it means helping zOMG! keep going.
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I might be tempted to log in just to watch the video quick even when I've not got time to actually play, just to help out the cause!

At any rate, you can be sure I'll be doing what I can, and watching them.
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I don't mind watching, but it doesn't seem to count them, says 0 every time I log in...

edit: also says 0 after the ad finishes... I just want to know its being counted smile
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i would watch one in a heartbeat, if i wasn't a donator customer.

You can still watch them by enabling ads. 3nodding

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