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Golden Cat

I might as well give this a shot.
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So looking forward to this.
Hmm..I guess I could whip something computer generated art up for this.
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I shall draw! It shall be terrible, but I shall draw!
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If only I even know how... gonk

I used to draw stuff that got me tackeled!
Just a few days, and It would be all done
Now, I haven't even done a simple doodle.
So, I guess I really can't do a thing here...
Oh well, godd luck for the rest that are.
They better not be replacing the opening splash screen. D: That thing inspires my vector art.

And what a time to have to fix my computer. <.< I'll have to work on something in Illustrator ASAP.
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Angela Celeste
Hopefully...they expected *someone* to do Lorelei (and minions). (Just a WIP so far).

Because, of course Zen and I would choose them. lol

This is freakin HOT! <3

Why thank you. wink Now we know what Marshall was really studying under the water, right? XD
Hmm I might give this a shot actually
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Friendly Genius

Sounds like fun! 3nodding
I wish I could join, but I don't own a tablet. gonk so any art I did would suck. D:
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Shameless Lunatic

maybe if i have the time. i haven't even had time to play the game in forever. maybe ill give it a shot.. i have to read the rules first
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[ JK ]
Nespin Fernagon
How I WISH I knew how to art.

No worries, we'll have other zOMG contests for people who can't draw.

woot, i'm too lazy to draw right now to a non-drawing contest will do me good!
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sighn me up were i send it to
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Gambino Gaian

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I think I'll give it a try :3

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