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wow under 10 MB emo

lol I was doing Stone coatl as well xd
wow under 10 MB emo

For the moment the 20 MB limit described in the original post holds. We will work on the situation this coming Monday.
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could we put it on deviant art and allow full size download then link that in the email then?
Or does that count as a third party and violate the copy right stuff?
Same with hosting on photobucket? Guess you'd have to use photobucket to post the small image in this thread...

compressing the pic without loosing quality and changing size is hard to figure out...
I am definitly going to contribute some of my creative artwork for this event. Thank you bronstahd & zOMG devs for giving the community this opportunity to contribute art ^^
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Hey, look, Phovos decided to enter this piece of s**t he's been working on for ages and can't be bothered to work on anymore!

User Image

Email sent, btw.
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Phovos, that's cuuuuuute! I like it! heart

Mine was just under 10 MB when I saved it as a max-quality .jpeg and it sent me back a message saying it went through... so I'm hoping it really did go through and y'all got it. o3o;
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I was thinking of having a low angle shot of the Old Aqueduct, with a bunch o' P3's looking longingly up at the starry sky overhead.

... oO this is creepy. I thought of doing the exact same thing, but with a zurgship overhead.

I guess, if I attempt anything at all, I'd go with drawing whatever Kin might be doing in his bell when noone is around. ... Gawd, that sounds creepy.
Could someone help me find my jaw? I think it rolled off under something...

I'm pretty sure there are many technical, legal, logistical, and then some more reasons as to why it couldn't be done, but I believe it would insanely awesome if more than just 3 person were allowed to see their art appear in the game. In fact, it would very Gaia-ish to have every loading splash screen be randomly chosen amidst hundreds of zOMG themed pieces freely provided by any willing Gaian, Valheita included. Okay, maybe they should be limited to the notably good and/or creative entries. Or the winners of some other contest. Or something. Just an idea. That you’ve probably already have considered.
Can’t wait to see the other entries!

@Valheita: Do it anyway. You've got a few weeks to get a modicum of drawing skill or knowledge, if more confidence you require. Find your inner Kaitan and rock this place!

Anyway, what is your vision? I’m not that great ( read: bad, really bad ) ,but I could give it a try. I’m bored and really don’t think I can participate in this contest.
It could also inspire someone who has teh skillz to render it.

Ah, there it is, in the dustiest of all corners. Necessarily : D

TBQH, it's entirely possible that more than 3 entries will make their way into the game - just that we'll only have prizes for the top 3.

@file size limits - we'll be working on sorting the kinks in the submission process today. I was told the limit would be 20MB but apparently it's much smaller, so we may have to come up with a different submission process. sad
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For those who don't know, TBQH stands for To Be Quite Honest. Good to hear!
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Yay, 10MB is mean emo
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[ JK ]
Nespin Fernagon
How I WISH I knew how to art.

No worries, we'll have other zOMG contests for people who can't draw.
Yay. Because I can't draw either...and I didn't win the last contest. xDDD
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Kaitan Guo
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*scurries off*
omg..... /blank
that....is.....awesome! enter this picture! blaugh
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I wish to enter! *runs off to start working* c:
dang everyone is so good i couldnt even compete
all i need is wat program do yall use tomake dem look so animy

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