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We got everyone's name together and threw them into a hat - you should have seen the size of the hat we had to buy to fit 1142 names - and pulled out the 35 winners! Without further ado, here the are, in alphabetical order:

[-Teh Doomy Doom-]
Environmental Unity
Gideon the Twilight Sage
i am with u all the way
II gneiss II
Joot Box
K` the warrior
Kaitan Guo
Nagato rin-negan
Nevets Cloud
Parfait Pichu
Pudding Disaster
Redeye War
Rogue Jaguar
Sensual Soul
Shiori Miko
The Soap Faerie

Congratulations to the winners!! It'll be a little while before the Coliseum is released, there's still art and script work to be done, but keep a look out. And if you didn't win this time around, don't worry because we'll be having more contests. smile

Hi all!

The team is hard at work on a new area, the Barton Coliseum, and we'd like you to be a part of it. Over the next two weeks, we'll be holding a raffle to select 35 Avatars to be part of the crowd. This is your chance to have your Avatar become part of the world of zOMG!, here's how:

How do I enter?
Easy, just post a response in this thread indicating that you'd like to enter. Something like, "Enter my name." One entry per person. Don't enter your twenty mules - though if you'd prefer to enter a mule instead of your main that is acceptable.

How long do I have to enter?
Sign-ups will run from today (3/19/10) until two weeks from today (4/2/10).

Are there any restrictions on how the Avatar looks?
Yes, there are a few.

1)No background poses. They're just too big, and we don't want them covering up other winners.
2)No size/form altering poses. The spacing of the crowd will require the use of uniform Avatars, so we ask that you not wear anything that dramatically changes the size of your Avatar.
3)No suggestive poses. Keep your clothes on and your hot dogs out of other people's mouths, please!
4)No companion poses. We can't have your army of sidekicks taking up other people's spots! wink

We'll be grabbing Avatar appearances at irregular intervals over the next two weeks. Depending on when your Avatar is grabbed, changes made to your Avatar may not be reflected or may disqualify you if the changes break any of the above rules.

Please use your common sense to design an appropriate Avatar. We'll do our best to let you know if your Avatar can't be used and give you an opportunity to change it.

How will the winners be selected?
To avoid any favoritism, winners will be selected entirely at random. This isn't an Avatar contest, it's a raffle. smile

More questions?
Ask away. We'll do our best to clarify any questions you have.

And if you don't happen to win this time around, don't worry cos we're planning to do more contests on a semi-regular basis. smile
Bladeglory's avatar

Shy Werewolf

User Image The Way of the Sword User Image

I'm assuming we can post here? o.o;

Question: They don't have to be human-looking, right? biggrin

EDIT: Okay, got my avatar ready. I enter my name! smile

(Assuming it doesn't have to be human-like and the scarf doesn't make it too big...)
LiXKuja's avatar

Benevolent Healer

25,950 Points
  • Pet Trainer 150
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Healer 50
Enter my Name into raffle!

(My avi can be easily change at any time)
Chibi BlueFire's avatar

9,550 Points
  • Forum Junior 100
  • Conventioneer 300
  • Citizen 200
May I enter?
Valheita's avatar

Vicious Nerd

10,900 Points
  • Timid 100
  • Nerd 50
  • Battle: Mage 100
I'll apply ^^

User Image

Just in case I change it x_x
Divine_Malevolence's avatar

Blessed Tactician

11,050 Points
  • Beta Contributor 0
  • Beta Critic 0
  • Contributor 150
Entire Mine name!
Sounds like a noble position.
I doth enter.

My avatar will not be altered xp
Saburoo's avatar

Desirable Sex Symbol

12,600 Points
  • 50 Wins 150
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Alchemy Level 4 100
Sure, I enter ^_^

will they be like there forever or will they be changed up every few months (cause like, do you mean more of these raffles or other contests for other stuff)? :O
Sure, I enter ^_^

will they be like there forever or will they be changed up every few months (cause like, do you mean more of these raffles or other contests for other stuff)? :O

We have many other zOMG! contests lined up (some with really cool prizes) not just this raffle.

Edit: And no, we're not going to switch out the crowds.. they'll be a permanent fixture in the game.
I'll enter...

Edit: So will we be watching ourselves fight in the colliseum or something...?
lilchris65's avatar

Ruthless Gaian

7,050 Points
  • Signature Look 250
  • Citizen 200
  • Forum Dabbler 200
enter my name
Okami Rose's avatar

6,600 Points
  • Somebody Likes You 100
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Tycoon 200
Please Enter my name into the raffle =)
Kytona's avatar

Wealthy Elder

12,300 Points
  • Alchemy Level 3 100
  • Way Too Many Pies 300
  • Grunny Harvester 150
I would like to enter please 3nodding .
Trixie Raniport's avatar

Romantic Lunatic

3,050 Points
  • Tycoon 200
  • Signature Look 250
  • Forum Explorer 100
I would like to enter my name/avatar in the raffle

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