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When i play ZOMG i get terrible lagg i cant accomplish anything, moving from one place to another takes forever i click about 12 times before it does a single movement or page change. ZOMG used to be fine only a few select places had lag mostly in basken with boss fights. but now its everywhere the main reason ive stopped playing on gaia is because of that lagg. please if you can fix the lagg problems im sure old users who stopped playing would play again.
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1. Clear your cache
2. Make sure zomg is the only running program
3. If you are using chrome (this issue is only a chrome problem, if you are using another browser, ignore this step), check to make sure only one flash program is enabled (type "about:plugins" in the URL box --> right hand upper corner, click "details" --> look for flash (2 files*) on the right hand list --> disable one of them, doesn't matter which, however if you know which one is the most up-to-date, keep that one enabled). *may vary, if it just says 1 file, ignore this step)
4. make sure your browser is up to date.
5. try using another browser*
6. try using another computer*

*If you're using Internet explorer, try chrome or firefox, if your using firefox, use chrome. if your using chrome, use firefox. // If you know what RAM is, check to make sure you have at least 1GB for decent gameplay. If you don't know what RAM is, I currently do not have the available time to explain what this is, ignore everything after the "//" and try a different computer.
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You say you've stopped playing in Gaia in general. If you are having lag issues in more than just zOMG, go to those forums and report the bugs there - this forum has been abandoned by Gaia. You can hope for user tips such as above, but if this is a multiple game issue you're much better served going to active forums.

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