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I'm really just trying to get the attention of the gaia stafff.
What needs to be done is that they need more servers up, and a server limit, that way it controls the amount of opeiple in it and itll control the lag
Lag is really bad please fix this, thank you.
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What needs to be done is that they need more servers up, and a server limit, that way it controls the amount of opeiple in it and itll control the lag
There uses to be three servers that would rotate but people stopped playing zomg so they knocked it back to two. Lag tends to get bad when the servers have been used for too long and they need to change them.
It looks like they changed the servers heart
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Thanks to those who kept this thread alive!
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there's alot of lag in zomg today. change the severs!!
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I Third This New Motion!
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The lagging is really bad. It's effecting more than myself also. It hurts. crying
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Wow this old thread is getting several bumps today.
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There are 4 servers listed are all of them laggy?
Zomg has been lagging for three days, no matter where i go in Zomg it laggs, its not my connection its Zomg itself..oh well . i shall wait till i can play properly with out lag again.
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Same problem has happened to me, including when I'm trying to do PS and the screen freezes or I end up with ghost saws everywhere. Even outside of the Saw Mill, the screen freezes up every few minutes which is very frustrating I know.

Although, zOMG isn't the only game with problems due to lag. Places like Rally and Town are suffered with the same thing, although I don't go to Town often, in Rally it always freezes up for me and disconnects. We've need Gaia to deal with these problems as quickly as possible, otherwise this site is going to loss members who are tried and frustrated with Gaia always messing up.
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The servers, the games, and all the flash rooms have the same horrible lag. I'm guessing it's the sudden influx of people coming out of school for holiday break, and people who wanted to catch Grunnygeddon 2012.

Down to 2 servers on zOMG as well, both of them are horrible, and if it lags to long, it right out kicks you out of the game. Bothersome.

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