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Which of the listed ones should get worked on first?

Orb counters and upgrading 0.33956386292835 34.0% [ 109 ]
Village training for new players 0.18691588785047 18.7% [ 60 ]
Alastor in DMS 0.10591900311526 10.6% [ 34 ]
Clan chat 0.046728971962617 4.7% [ 15 ]
Do I really have to pick one? 0.3208722741433 32.1% [ 103 ]
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So at today's AtA we learned an outside contractor was a possibility for getting some of the bugs in zOMG fixed.
This is a great list! The team is looking at getting a contractor to fix some of these bugs. Is there a reference thread in the zOMG forum for these?

So in this topic we're going to put together a master glitch list to track causes, locations, and details on abounding glitches. I'll keep updating the list as more surface but please post your glitches if they aren't on the list. Or for ones like silent NPCs or broken quests if it isn't on the list add it.

**UPDATE** The following comes courtesy of Starshine.
The contractor we're working with is an experienced zOMG dev (halzy). He was also instrumental to getting DMS out.
Instead of our experienced devs, we _might_ get a contractor to fix bugs relating to _DMS_.
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So for starters this is the first list I'm making I pulled it from one of my posts in another topic. UPDATED 2/28/2012 to have categories. Feel free to get in touch if you think something needs to be relabelled.

DMS Related Glitches:

  • Alastor quest in DMS Won't Start- This is in payed for content, where a specific quest to meet Alastor in Kamila's crypt will not activate.
    Cause: Unknown

  • DMS maps resetting- the infamous instance reset. Trial and error and testing by Starshine yielded this information, "Yellow maze resetting: The crew clears yellow to reach green, and wipes in the first greenmaze room. One person anchors while the rest null and enter yellow maze again. When the anchor nulls and tries to enter DMP, a message saying that the crew leader needs to be on the map appears. Yellow maze is reset and those already in it are trapped and can not leave their screen. The only way for them to exit is to leave crew or d/c.
    Greenmaze reset: Happens when reforming crew after clearing hpr. When the person holding hpr enters greenmaze, greenmaze resets. The rest of te crew was in yellow maze."
    Cause: Something to do with how the game recognizes crew locations?

  • Ghi Glitch- During Kamila Bloodlust form- "glitches when people disconnect in there. It drops even when there are 6 people in crew on the same screen."
    Cause: Something about programming not recognizing there are other players on screen?

  • Bloodlust Kamila Movement- "Where Kamila will move right on top of whoever has aggro and will move to follow whenever that person moves."
    Cause: Unknown

  • 100% Room Glitch- "Basically; when you cleared the Green rooms and and finally find the 100% room, the whole room is empty. No Blood Bats, no Count and no Kamila. You also can not enter the Crypt, because no gears will show when you click on the entrance.
    And no, it’s not a case when the Green room resetted on you, when someone DC's." Another variant found by Starshine, "HPR glitching: Basically the option to enter crypt does not appear and the crew is unable to enter."
    Cause: Unknown

  • Vampire Clothing- "When the Vampires/Vampiresses in DMS get hit, their hairstyle and outfits do a complete switch. It's not a really bad glitch, but it is bothersome for targeting purposes."
    Cause: Some bug in the sprite coding causing it to randomly shift when attacked.

  • Ghi Amp- From Mage, "This is a bit of a more recent one. In the Green Maze inside DMS, I would use a Ghi Amp, but at times, it would glitch and not activate. For a period of time, I would be amp-less, and unable to use it."
    Cause: Unknown

  • Instance Splitting- From luze, "This has happened to me twice in DMS and I heard of at least another time it happened in a crew I was in before. One time all of a suddenly our crew was split into 2 halves of 2 and 4 players each. We were in the same maze but unable to find each other or see each other outside on bills ranch. This happened in yellow maze. Something similar must have happened to the other crew in green rooms. Needless to say both games could not be continued."
    Cause: Unknown

Game Progression Quests, NPCs and Upgrading:

  • Charge Orb and Shadow Orb Counters Glitching- Makes upgrading a pain in the arse and a waiting game. Discourages new players if they can't upgrade or have an accurate orb count.
    Cause: In game inventory not communicating with actual inventory?

  • Village Training Broken- Did they ever fix the new "tutorial"/starting area? I remember there being a glitch where Leon would glitch after you kill the OMGs, or did that get fixed? It discourages new players again, if they cannot even get started properly.
    Cause: Game not recognizing cleared area?

  • General Mayhem on normal-This boss battle is glitched on normal difficulty preventing successful completion of the battle without selecting easy or hard.
    Cause: Unknown

  • Broken quests- Seems to plague the twins in Otami and the Vox Stellarium. Others include gathering ingredient quests, and kill x number of y animated such as: Larry and Klaus and Purvis for Air Fluffs and Alarmskeeters and Garlics respectively in Bill's Ranch, Outlaw Wolves for Gustav in Bassken Lake, Brodie? for Anchor Bugs in Gold Beach, Logan going directly to Caruthers,
    Cause: Testing across mule accounts, it has something to do with how player data is saved and stored.

  • Silent NPCs- Plagues Leon and Elizabeth in the beginning area the most, also discourages new players. Other NPCs affected include but not limited to: Remo in Village Greens, Candice and Rina in Barton Town, Rina and Lin in Otami, Blaze in Otami, Bill in Bill's Ranch, Larry in Bill's Ranch, Albert in Bill's Ranch, Kin in Zen Gardens, Ryan and Gustav in Bassken Lake, Caruthers/Concerned Citizen in Old Aqueduct.
    Cause: Has something to do with how player data is saved and stored. Some NPCs have to be spoken to receive a quest, they become silent when collecting the quest.

  • Quest flags not clearing from map once completed.
    Cause: Unknown, may be how player information is updated and saved.

  • EB reward recipes- They don't grant for some people no matter how many times they beat EB.
    Cause: Unknown, may vary from player to player.

  • Null Chamber reset- For some players their null chamber resets meaning they have to reattune every crystal. While this isn't game breaking it can be a bit of a nuisance.
    Cause: Unknown, may be player information related.

Visual Glitches:

  • Level Cap- Visual glitch where when someone level caps their new capped level doesn't update in the crew pane.
    Cause: Coding for level displays in crew panel not updating?

  • Queen Lorelei- Demi-boss in Shallow Seas is still invisible.
    Cause: Unknown, her sprite is in the programming, maybe it is not being called properly?

  • Fear and the RR- Visual glitch where pressing "R" twice causes your rings to unlock from fear status, allows you to "use" your rings but they have no effect.
    Cause: Probably has to do with opening your ring inventory already locking use of rings and closing it unlocking it overriding the lock placed by fear status.

  • Ringset Glow- When equipping ringset does not get glowing border. Another side note, if starting with a ringset glow does not vanish when set is unequipped.
    Cause: Unknown

  • Buff information- Visual glitch in crew panel where it shows a lower raged buff overwriting the higher rage. "Which is confusing and has even led to some heated arguments in game when someone blasts another person for "over-writing" their strong Buff with a weaker one."
    Cause: Unknown

  • Buff Drop- A variant of the Buff Information glitch, this however happens after an RR4 buff has been applied, when it randomly drops to RR1.
    Cause: Unknown

  • Ring stats in ring information not showing.
    Cause: Unknown

  • Animated vanish- Only to return with whatever health they had before the killing blow. Sometimes an animated dies, but then returns seconds later with some left-over HP and continues attacking you.
    Cause: Some kind of lag between displaying the enemy and when it is attacked?

  • Loot not showing up in inventory ingame.
    Cause: In game inventory not communicating with actual inventory?

Communications Issues:

  • Clan chat- Doesn't work.
    Cause: Unknown

  • Jabber not authorized/whispers- Whispers don't work for some players where they aren't delivered at all or delivered when the recipient logs in next, sometimes hours or days late.
    Cause: Having to do with Jabber and connecting to it.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Unable to Unsuppress in Null - Sometimes when you die with suppressed CL you are unable to unsuppress to your maximum CL in null chamber. This is only fixed when you do a hard refresh and completely log out of the game. (You can further suppress your CL in null, and unsuppress to the CL you died at, but no further.)
    Cause: Unknown

  • Enemy Knockback - Sometimes knocks players out of the map. Maybe set up boundary walls to prevent this?
    Cause: Map boundaries with collision settings aren't being applied to knockback distances.

  • Robofish Fear Effect - Can sometimes cause people to run off the cliff into the main Sealab Compound prematurely.
    Cause: System cannot distinguish between involuntary movement due to fear and player selected movement. Perhaps lock changing areas while under fear effects?

  • Sitting While Crowd Controled - You are able to sit while crowd controlled. This negates the running while feared only for you to suddenly jump to where you would have been without sitting.
    Cause: Name says it all.

  • Buff Rage- Sometimes despite adequate rage and time holding the ring, the buff fires at RR3 instead of RR4 forcing re-rage and rebuff.
    Cause: Discrepancy between the rage bar indicated and the actual rage value.

  • Survive with 0 Health - Sometimes someone's health displayed in the crew panel drops to 0 without invoking dazed status. Probably healed as they got to 0.
    Cause: Possible lag from what is happening to what is displayed?

  • Crewed with Zombies - Sometimes when people daze and are either defibed or use a revive, the crew panel still shows them as dazed, making them an invalid target for buffs or heals. Side note: Sometimes they display still having buffs at whatever they were at when they originally dazed.
    Cause: Crew panel information not updating properly?

  • Sub-Boss Level Change - Upon reaching Queen Lorelei with sufficient spawns cleared to register at the normal level. When she spawns more Sea Spouts mid fight her level suddenly jumps to the speed preventing level.
    Cause Has something to do with killing a borderline number of foes then the additional spawns mid battle change it to a value of not enough. Maybe have the code lock her at the lower level once she is damaged?

  • End Boss Switches - Similar issue to Sub-Boss Level change. Sufficient spawns are defeated to properly trigger the switches however something spawns as they are pulled shifting the balance back to not enough. Yields the message that switches were pulled properly, but then displays the switch lockdown message.
    Cause: See Sub-Boss Level Change

  • Unable to Enter/Start Instance - Sometimes despite a crew leader selecting a difficulty when the crew tries to enter an instance it will display some kind of failure message. The Sawmill for example has the "You must defeat the Buzz Saws guarding the entrance" despite them being destroyed multiple times. Another variant doesn't even allow difficulty selection, displaying "Your crew leader must be in ______ to make a selection" despite crew leader being in correct location.
    Cause: Unknown

  • Passive effects still work when you're Dazed
    Cause: Something to do with passive rings always being on?

  • Rings from Marketplace Not Soulbinding- When equipped, worked around by charge swap.
    Cause: In game inventory not communicating with actual inventory?

  • Health Drop when Ring Switching- "The game fails to factor a player's current G'hi bonuses when switching rings. This causes a players Health to drop unusually when switching ring locations while equipped, which is in-turn used to generate Rage (via Bandage) in an unintended manner."
    Cause: Health when changing rings does not take Ghi boost into account. Rings are able to be moved from finger to finger outside the Null Chamber.

Ring Use Related Glitches

  • Meat's Broken Healing- "Meat is intended to heal only as much as its additional buff amount with each use; currently, it heals the full buff amount with each use at a higher Rage Rank. This means that Meat used progressively at RR1, RR2, RR3, then RR4 generates substantially more healing than using it immediately at RR4 - an unintended advantage."
    Cause: Meat buffs to a certain HP mark, if your health is below full it heals the difference in marks, maybe something to do with how the extra HP is recognized? Sweetheart increases max health but doesn't have healing bonus.

  • Armor Rings Grant Rage Each Use- "Buff rings are intended to generate Rage only when used at a Rage Rank higher than their current one; currently, Armor rings grant Rage any time their buff replaces the current one, meaning they can be used repeatedly to gain Rage in an unintended manner."
    Cause: Has to do with how rage is granted on buffs, each time an armor buff is applied it overwrites the existing buff unless the existing is a higher level.

  • Defib Invalid Targets- You can activate Defib on a live target at melee range ("Invalid Target", partial animation, ring reloads). Alternate Variant: Ocassionally, you Defib someone, and the animation plays, your rage is used, and the cooldown starts... but the person remains dazed.
    Cause: Targeting can't distinguish between valid and invalid targets?

    Miscellaneous/Uncategorized Glitches:

    • Daily Chances Broken - None of the daily chances in the game grant anything.
      Cause: Some fix on March 6, 2012 to correct vanishing rings had a side effect of breaking the daily chance grants.
      FIXED: 3/24/2012

    • Broken mini-events- Primarily ones with spawns such as Fly By in Zen and P3s in Gold Beach.
      Cause: Unknown

    • You Are Not a Member of a Crew- Instead of the standard display message when leveling up a ring, instead the message displayed is "You are not a member of a crew."
      Cause: Some bit of programming where message display has to be tied to being in a crew?

    • BB Full Exit- Upon taking the eastern exit from Buccaneer Boardwalk Full the entrance/exit boundary can cause you to re-enter the full boardwalk.
      Cause: Where the entry boundary is versus where the exit spawn point is.

    • Map Resets- On occasion area maps reset. As put by IceSharpie, "One of the more obvious situation I can think of is when going into sealab, clicking the door to robos then running to the next screen below or right before they wrap you to sealab will cause your sealab map to reset."
      Cause: Perhaps something to do with how player information is saved and stored.

    • Broken badge grant- The Lawnshark badge in Village Greens for 1200 points in a single event, Greenskeeper of the Peace. The Re-Composing quest in Barton Town. Ranch Hand in Bill's Ranch. Midas Touch for Easter 2k11 players. Hit the Road Jack for Halloween 2k11 players.
      Cause: Broken code?

    • Goofball and Fountain Game- These two mini-games were removed because they were glitchy and buggy. With other glitches getting looked at would it possible for these two pastimes getting fixed and playable again?
      Cause: Apparently they were broken to begin with?

    • Voice fonts/changers- For the long removed Vivox feature are still purchasable in the store in-game.
      Cause: They just haven't been removed from the in game shop.

    • Pant and heartbeat- Get a volume adjust for these effects?
      Cause: They don't fall under the Sound FX for volume control.

    • Cure Powerup- Release it again? More possible revenue.
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Documentation and proof of glitches:
This post will be for links to various documentation of the glitches. Screencaps, videocaps, etc.

100% Room Glitch- Documented by Prizzly

Alastor Quest- Documented by Starshine

Vanishing animated- Documented by OMFG Taylor

Greenskeeper of the Peace Badge Grant bug- Documented by WideEyed

Fly By Mini Event bug- Documented by Ren Orenji Doragon

Somewhat of the Unable to Enter/Start Instances- Documented by Hashtable

Buccaneer Boardwalk Full Entry/Exit Boundary- Documented by Ren Orenji Doragon
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Anyone want to purposefully try to get these glitches to rear their ugly heads? I'll keep a list of who you are and which glitch(es) you're working on. Please keep us informed:

Name: Berryfarmer
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1
Web Browser: Alternating between Firefox and Google Chrome for browser check purposes.
Glitches Testing: Quest and silent NPC related on a mule.
Glitches Confirmed: Village Training, Quest flags not disappearing,
Current Progress on Testing: Got silent Leon, Elizatbeth, Candice, Rina, and heck even Trixie within the first 5 minutes of relogging from being stuck in Village Training.

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Winged Abomination

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Special Thanks:
Environmental Unity- Always being someone I can vent my rages and frustrations to, especially when these glitches crop up.
WideEyed- Bringing the buff information one to my attention.
Mademoiselle Kit- Being a reasonable and polite voice for the zOMG Forum in the AtA sessions.
Sunny-Sama- Getting me to put together the original list.
Scullylam- For bringing voice fonts to my attention.
Scobre- Bringing up some of the Bloodlust glitches
Omnileech- For clarifying the Bloodlust glitches
Fr33d0m4ever- For making another list from which I could pull more specifics
Zzyli- For volunteering to help test some of these
kusatta niku- For bringing the Buff Rage and Buff Drop up
Prizzly- Bringing up 100% Room glitch
Brooklyn Rage Mage- Vampire Clothing and Ghi Amp Glitch
Red Kutai- Bringing up health drop when switching rings, Armor buffs giving rage, meat healing, and encouraging me to expand my definition of "game breaking."
Gataka- Adding defib, Passive effects still work when you're Dazed, Ring set glows
Ice Sharpie- Bringing up map resets
OMFG Taylor and HotRed_Streak- For a very lengthy somewhat outdated list. I still need to go through it all to see which of them are still present.
Starshine- For getting more answers from Pan, and helping document some more glitches.
Hashtable- Getting more information and documentation
Sailoranimecode- Pointing out BB full entry/exit
Ren Orenji Doragon- Helping with some documentation.
Owlie- SF mention and bringing up another variant of the instance reset glitch.
Velvetiene- For bringing more glitches to add to the list.
luze- More glitches involving instances
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Winged Abomination

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List History:

1st list compiled and posted in topic for formulating AtA questions.
List submitted to AtA, got response of where it is, if there's a topic etc.
Topic created for list.
Progressive updates as more people post.

Pages 1-3 On the list if something new was presented.
List organized into categories.

Received massive list from OMFG Taylor- Going through list to determine which are still in the system.
Received follow up from Pan via Starshine.

Updated list to include most everything mentioned and possible causes from testing.
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Yay new list!
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thanks berry; meant to do this a while back in the form of an FAQ because all the repeat threads in the zomg bugs sub forum were annoying the hell out of me (seriously, 50 posts regarding the orb counter in one day? GOOD GOD =___= that was one afternoon well spent procrastinating).
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There is also the Gustav Quest that some people are complaining about ^^
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There is also the Gustav Quest that some people are complaining about ^^

Is this before or after they talk to the Barton Regular...I think the name was Ryan. If after, which particular step?
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u r so right they need to work on some more zOMG instead of this like face book game i think its lame. i want more zOMG!!!!! >:0
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Perfect Pitcher

*scans the zOMG bugs subform for other complaints*

Do the broken mini-games (Goofball and the fountain game) count as glitches?
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*scans the zOMG bugs subform for other complaints*

Do the broken mini-games (Goofball and the fountain game) count as glitches?

Doubt they do, but it wouldn't hurt to add them and ask.
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Girl-Crazy Man-Lover

Recently I've had pant and heartbeat break completely for me. It really is disorienting when you suddenly don't have those audio cues to tell you when to take a break. It generally happens when a server needs badly cycled though, so I'm not sure if it's a glitch or just a result of severe lag.

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