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For over a month your fix the glitchfest of Mid-May to early-June has been locked.

I would like to be able to finish some non-repeatable quests for once, or go into the Wolf Den or Saw Mill without having to stalk people outside for a crew.

I'd like to finish Leon's beginnerish quests since I either never did them or he was going to redo them until he went silent as well.

I'd like to finish the Candice Boa quest.

And many other things.

I understand you all have things to do. I hope you have a life outside of Gaia even though I don't really.

But over a month.........I think you should either be done fixing enough of those people's problems to UNLOCK THE THREAD BY NOW.

Originally it was just Bill and Albert. Now........it's pretty much everyone.

And now I'm stuck in a single spot in zomg thanks to those Masks of Death and Rebirth (or whatever)

See, I just want some of it fixed. Just enough to where it doesn't stop me playing all together like this last glitchy thing that happened.

Either more Devs need to be hired or they need a complete reset button for this game. At least then hopefully my save data wouldn't be all glitchy and buggy due to something they never explained why it happened (that I know of)

Now literally, I have no reason to be on Gaia until the Devs speed up/start taking new glitches in to fix.

This is mainly a Rant thread. If I get a reply saying WATCH THIS THREAD THAT HAS BEEN LOCKED FOR A MONTH I will CHEW YOU A NEW ONE! Though more than likely it would just be in my head.

Edit: Heeeeeeeeey, I'm not stuck anymore...........but I'm also in Barton Town now? eek