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You have to go through the zen garden crystal first, it's the same for the other places like for bill's ranch, old aqueduct, bass'ken lake, and gold beach.
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Quest name: Upgrade Your Ring
NPC: Elizabeth

She is still broken to this day. Some have reported that simply switching server has helped them complete this quest. I've tried that and still get nothing. I've tried keeping my active level at 1 and still nothing. Zomg needs to be fixed there are just way too many game ending/infuriating bugs in it.
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One of the most greatest solutions in my option for most things in zOMG is that people use an apple computer.
Doesn't matter what kind, they just work. And I've been able to complete most of my quest while using them.
Location: Village Grings

Quest name: Ring Upgrade

NPC giving quest: Elizabeth

What happens (or doesn't happen): Can't talk to Elizabeth after upgrading ring

Priority level (game breaking, such as the main quest line, or just irritating, like the side quests): High level priority

Any links or screenshots: none
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Location: Bass'ken Lake

Quest name: Cheri's Sister

NPC giving quest: Gustav

What happens (or doesn't happen): He will not accept the bronze that I need to give to him. I have 15.

Priority level : Medium, side quest

Any links or screenshots: Have them, but IDK how to link them. It's the discussion with the NPC, my invo amount of bronze, and the notice that I'm not allowed to play in Papa Saw unless there are others.
Location: The Village Greens

Quest name: Behind Enemy Lines

NPC giving quest: Remo

What happens (or doesn't happen): i can't seem to fight general mayhem on normal mode. I tried Multiple times going in and killing the minions until there are none left but he wont attack and i cant attack him. i waited for forty five minutes to see if it was a lag or something but no.

Priority level: low (i guess). i was a to find a work around by beating him on easy.

Any links or screenshots:
Not sure how that helps in this situation.
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Location:gold beach

Quest name:anchor bugs

NPC giving quest:brody

What happens (or doesn't happen):after I kill 20 of them the counter just get higher no orbs given
4642/20 its says now

Priority level (game breaking, such as the main quest line, or just irritating, like the side quests):
I want to collect my orbs for killing them

Any links or screenshots:
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my favorite quests are the non zomg who's "sponsorship has sailed on!" we should be able to delete these![GAIA] PopStar Guitar

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