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This event is simple, Help Old Pete by donating items or gold. Each marker that is reached on the community donation bar will unlock a special gift from the NPC on that part of the bar. The event will end once enough has been donated to fill the bar!

Did you miss a grant from a particular NPC? No problem. Just click their image to be taken to that NPC's story and item.

There's a possibility of getting additional event-specific item grants while you're donating, so be sure to stay active so you don't miss out!

New Gaian? ...little to no items or gold? ...saving up for that awesome item and don't want to spend a ton on this event? problem...
If you wish you can donate as little as one gold and you'll still have a chance at being granted an item.

Note: The inventory display on the event page saves for an hour. If you're one of the Gaian's who've donated an item that wasn't removed from the display or if you just bought an item and it's not showing up yet for donations, just wait a bit and when the save expires the inventory display will correct itself.