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Welcome, one and all, to the Gaia Community Discussion Christmas Party. This little user-run event is hosted by the good people of the GCD but is open for everyone and anyone who feels like participating.

Our event this year is held in remembrance of Alien 02, who was perhaps the most kind-hearted and loving Zurg of them all. We gather to celebrate 02's pure heart and generosity to others during his first- and last Christmas, and follow his example of selflessly giving and opening our hearts to Gaians during this holiday event. It's during this event that I hope many of you can find new friends, spread cheer to unsuspecting Gaians, and carry the collective Christmas spirit you find here with you into the new year; never forgetting that Alien 02 was as selfless as they come.

We'll have a lot of ways for users to enjoy and take part in the holiday festivities- from everyone's favorite event- Secret Santa, brought to you by the local Anonymous Benefactors, to dice, number generator, and art contests.

That said, feel free to sit back, have a glass of sparkling Zurg Energy Drink, and enjoy yourselves while adhering to the laws of the TOS.

Since Christmas is also a time to get your New Year's Resolutions ready, we'll continue to celebrate Alien 02's memory and wishes through the event by hosting a “Jingle Drive”. 02's New Year's Resolution wish wasn't about himself, but was a wish for his alien brother, 09 (Flarn), to be able to revert to the good little Zurg that he used to be, before his death and metamorphosis. 02's resolution was left unfulfilled, but together, we can call upon Santa in hopes that he'd find it it his jolly 'ol heart to assist us and the late Alien 02.

We'll be asking anyone generous enough to unselfishly put aside their own Christmas Wishes and New Year's resolutions, to gather with your fellow Gaians and give plea and petition to Santa to return Alien 09's heart to good, as it used to be, and dispel the Grinch within him.

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Be civil. Let's not forget that disorderly conduct and fighting amongst each other was what made the Zurg leave Gaia in the first place. Fighting, flaming, and any action that goes against the TOS will not be tolerated here.

Don't quote anything on the first page

Do not use the thread layout as your own.

This is not a place for begging. While gift-giving I highly encouraged amongst users, I'd like everyone to keep in mind that there's a lot to be enjoyed other than your personal gain of material / pixel objects, and that not everyone has the funding to drop a gift in your lap. Plus, it just makes you come off as needy.

Do not PM the staff or other members for donations. This includes comments and trades.

Keep advertisements in your signature. Do not post any advertisements here

Avoid page stretching and keep quote trees to a minimum

If you want to contribute a donation to help stock our contests, please send the trade to Grafyx

Rules may be subject to change at any time
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That's right folks! Not only is this party serving drinks but it'll have contest too!! There's a little something for everyone so take the time to look at what contest we have and join in on the fun! Some contest are always going! And some we will announce when it begins! So always come back and check out what's going on!

Best Gaia Christmas Outfit!
This contest is a avatar dress up contest! This one is very simple and straight forward! Dress your avatar up in what you think is the best Christmas outfit! There will be a poll voting and judge over all vote for this contest. You may use Tektek if you like, but the only rule is that you must use items that you own. Please post up a picture of your outfit as well as a picture of the items in your inventory.

Number 2 Look Alike!
This contest is also a avatar dress up! With this try to make an avatar that looks just like the alien, Number 2! The same rules as before, but this time, you are allow to use the male zurg base from tektek if you are not a zurg by nature. However all items worn must be your own like before!

Gaia Trivia Contest!
This contest will make you use your brain! Or at least try to find the wiki page about Gaia! wink This will be a random contest that will pop up from time to time in the event! A question about Gaia and it's history will be asked. The first to post the right answer will win a awesome door prize!

Holiday Trivia Contest!!
Like before, this contest will be random and one must post the right answer first! With this contest, questions about Christmas and Holiday events around the world will be tossed about! They can be anything from song lyrics to traditions done in other countries so get your search engines up and type fast!

It should be noted that there will be set times for the trivia questions. If a question isn't answered within one full minute, then that question is done and we move on to the next. Anyone posting the answer after this will not be given a prize even if they are right. If one minute seems to short, the time will be changed but for now that is the set time.

The Dice Game!

This contest is very simple yet very fun! It will run a few times throughout the event depending on how long it takes for a winner to appear. Use the dice opinion when you are about to post. Please use the roll dice and select the 6 side dice out of 2 dice. You will roll your dice and add up to the two numbers together. So if you rolled 3 and 6 you will add 9! Make sure you keep track of your numbers. However! If you roll double numbers, as in 2 and 2, you get no points! The winner is whoever gets to 100 points first! All winners will be checked over to make sure no cheating is done. But of course that won't happen or you'll make baby 2 cry! Don't make baby 2 cry!!

The Scavenger Hunt!
This one is gonna be good! The scavenger hunt is just that. A scavenger hunt. However you users will have to spend a little bit of gold. WAIT WAIT! Hear me out! Yes you will be spending gold but very, VERY little amount of it. Some time after the event starts, the hunt will begin. There will be riddles posted that will need to be solved so one can find the answer. Each answer will be an item from one of the shops. A very cheap item at that. Buy the item and wear it on your avatar. When all is said and done, your avatar should be wearing all the items from the hunt. Who ever has all the right items first and post in the thread HUNT MASTER BEHOLD MY GLORY! will be the winner! However, if you are wearing a wrong item or not one of them, you will be smacked and sent out again with no clue to help!

These are the contest for now! Have fun and enjoy each other's company during the event!!
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That's right! Contest winners go here and thus, they have bragging rights over all of us! Let's not be jelly of them and give them a round of drinks and some hardy pats to the back!

Dice Game Winners!
Yeata Zi, who one the first dice game!
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I am Near.
I like to draw for people.
I usually only draw OCs, but I'm flexible.
I don't normally draw:
Super long hair
Super spiky hair
Full animal or anthro
Nudity (Even partial)
If you need couple art, I will try my best to make it look not-terrible
If your OC doesn't have a drawn reference, I work from words.
I have a DeviantArt, and a Photobucket
If you notice I'm online, and want to watch me draw, the pm me and I'll start up Join.Me.

Uh...yeah I think that's it =)

Sarcastic Pop Tart
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Cupcake Confectionary
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Hi, I'm Cupcake Confectionary, Feel free to call me Cupcake, Mello, Or Tiffany.
I'm 5'4, Love anime/Manga and I like drawing. c:
I love making new friends, so you can chat with me, or send me a random PM.
So anyways, When I draw avi art, I prefer to draw chibis, females and headshots over drawing guys and full bodies. But I can draw guys and full bodies.
Plus, I don't like cluttered avis...or avis that have braids, I'm just not good with braids. ;___;
Tips are highly appreciated, but are unnecessary. c:
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