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Come one, come all! Welcome to the 3rd annual Modmas holiday event! We've worked around the clock to come up with bigger and better contests, prizes, and fun for everyone to enjoy this year. Whether you're here for free art from staff and mods, to participate in one of our many contests for fabulous prizes, or just to hangout with your friends and maybe be lucky enough to snag a few free gifts from friends, anons, or our very own Modmas NPC, we hope you have fun. Whatever your reason for coming, we hope you stick around and have a good time with all of us. So we hope you have a Merry Modmas and Happy Holidays.

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And there even MORE contests on the second page so keep reading to find out about those! - Page 2

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Contest Guidelines
  • Unless otherwise stated, all contests will end on December 31st
  • Unless otherwise stated, all prizes will be awarded by the first couple weeks of January
  • If you have a question about a contest, please read through the contest and contact the contest holder
  • All awards and prizes given out are at the discretion and approval of the contest holder and/or Gaia Staff

  • Please do NOT spam. Even though this is an event thread, you are expected to follow the forum rules.
  • Please do NOT steal any images made for this thread or hosted in this thread. Give credit where credit is due please.
  • Please keep all of your posts legible (i.e. no bright colors), and make sure your posts are clean enough that the content can be found without needing to resort to detective work.
  • Please do NOT quote any of the contest posts.
  • All Gaia Terms of Service and Rules & Guidelines restrictions apply. We want to give you nice things; don't give us reason to take them away.
  • This is not the place to bring up issues such as bans, warnings, or any complaint regarding Gaia with the Moderator staff.
    • To ask about a ban or warning, you can send a PM to any Moderator.
    • To contest a ban, please file a General Account Inquiry ticket in the Help Center, found by using the Contact Us link.
    • To file a complaint about a Moderator or staff member, please send an email to usertalk @ gaiaonline dot com.
    • To report a hacking, please use the Report a Hacking form.
    • To report a scamming, please use the Report a Scamming form.
    • To report abuse or harassment, please use the Report Abuse or Harassment form.

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Welcome to the 2011 Modmas Artspam giveaway! For the past two years mods have come together to give back to the community by creating and giving away free art for Gaians and this year is no different. We love being a part of Gaia and helping to make sure Gaia is a safe and fun place for all it's members so with that in mind the Modmas Artspam giveaway is our chance to give back to you guys by presenting you gifts of art. We're not all Picasso's and Rembrandt's here, but it comes from the heart. We hope you enjoy our event and have fun!

How to get Art: First and foremost, participate in this thread! Additionally, some of the mods have special requirements, so please read through the information listed below and make sure you follow their guidelines. I'm not offering art myself this year as I will be too busy and out-of-town for the holidays and while I will be around to oversee, I will be unable to actually do any art at all. With that in mind, please do not PM me asking for art. Instead look at the list below and follow the guidelines to receive art from our wonderful staff and users!

If you have a question about the artspam or are confused about something, feel free to quote me in this thread and I'll reply when I can. :3 Do not quote this post, just copy the following into a new post please:
[quote="tiranaki"][/quote] Put your question here
and type in your question after. Thanks!

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  • Name: Pandilicious
    Samples: X x X x
    More examples can be found on my deviantart
    Any special requirements: Just say in the thread you want art from me. Please don't PM me or comment on my profile for art. My PMs get backed up enough. crying

  • Name: Photon Burst
    Samples: Chibi Head Shot Sketch or Anime Head Shot Sketch
    Any special requirements: I'll pick people at random who get me inspired. Post in thread, no PMs or comments, please.

  • Name: Flameinexile
    Samples: Eli Sample
    Any special requirements:
    - Holiday/Festive Clothing is a must!
    - Post on my profile asking to be entered in my Modmas Art Raffle.
    - Avatar must be current; no tekteks, dream avatars, or sending me off to look at x, y, or z

    Art has been raffled ! Clickme

  • Name: EmperorZensekai
    Samples: http://emperorzensekai.deviantart.com/gallery/24352881
    Might give a quick CG painting bust if I like the avatar.
    Any Special Requirements:
    I'm picking people randomly for the most part.
    Send me a cute profile comment or pm that makes me lol. If you send me a pm put "Modmas" in the title somewhere.
    Please have a matching avatar without bloody items.
    I can do original characters too in which case you just submit a link to a tektek or sample of the character to me in your message somewhere.

  • Name: VegetasBabie
    Samples: One Two Three Four Five
    Any special requirements: I'll be choosing randomly. Simple stylin' avatars have the best chances. Feel free to give me a shout out in the thread if you're interested, although no guarantees. heart

    User Image

  • Name: Nerpin
    Samples: [ One ] [ Two ] [ Three ][ Four ]
    Any special requirements: I'll be choosing randomly, probably best if people quoted me in teh threads so my gaia could tell me people want XD.

  • Name: Lyca_Watyre
    Samples: User Image User Image User Image User Image
    Any special requirements: I'm probing- *cough* I mean...arting people randomly. Quoting me with "HAIL ZURG!" might help get my attention though!

  • Name: pugnacious banana
    Samples: 1 2 3 4 5
    Any special requirements: must be wearing something holiday-related and post lyrics (in part or full) of any holiday-themed song on my profile comments~

  • Name: JoyRose
    Sample: User Image
    PATCH ORDER FORM: (please post it here)
    Color of Frame (if any):
    Background (one color or picture):
    Picture (your avi's face, Gaia items, etc.):
    Text? (if so, what color? 8 character max.):
    Special Requests Remember to post your request to JoyRose here!

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If you're a Gaian that would love to join us in the spirit of community and giving, we'd love to have your art as well! Just fill out the form below by posting in the thread, and send me a Profile Comment with the page number that your post is on. I'll find it and add it to the thread here. Remember, this is for giving away free art to other users, not for receiving art. You can also make your own thread in the Art Freebie's Forum, let me know and I'll link it here!
*Please do not PM me any requests, I need to keep my inbox clear for Mod-work PMs and I would hate to lose any important messages because it got filled up! Post in my profile only, thanks!

The Form
[b]I'm a Gaian that would love to gift spam art to other Gaians![b]
[b]Name:[/b] Your username. If you want to remain anonymous, you can certainly go ahead and send user's artwork on a mule or by including a link to the artwork when using the anon gift system, you don't HAVE to post here to send users art. This is mainly for users that would like to gift art but want people to follow certain requirements and such. :3
[b]Samples:[/b] Links to your samples
[b]Special Requirements[/b]: List here if there's anything you want users to do such as wear holiday avatars, comment on your profile, write a quirky holiday poem, etc, before they can receive your art!

User Image

UPDATE: I'm so sorry guys! I know many of you were looking forward to this but unfortunately I was without internet before I had a chance to add everyone that had contacted me and it is now too late. I feel really guilty and sad about this as it was not the way I wanted things to go, but I really hope that people still saw the posts within the thread and were able to participate regardless. Next year I will make sure to have plans in place to prevent this from happening again!

I hope you all had a great holidays and that the new year is better than the last.

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Reverse Modmas!
Users gifting art to mods and staff!

User Image
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Scurvy Pirate

How the Zero Stole Christmas - A Dice Roll/Roleplay Contest

The Story
Zero Omega is a bitter, fun-hating, grudge-holding tyrant. He was humiliated by his coworkers when they pied him in the face and he swore that he would have his revenge one day. Now that the holidays are drawing near, he's begun to set his vengeful plans in motion. His goal? Eliminate every delicious, sugary treat ever made and make sure they are never made again.

By removing all the sugary treats from Gaia, the good little boys and girls won't be able to set out milk and cookies for Santa. Without these cookies and milk, Santa can't fuel his sugar-powered hyperdrive so there won't be any presents for Gaians when they wake up. With no presents, Gaians won't be able to have a happy holiday. After all, that sentimental, lovey-dovey ending where everyone is still happy because they're with the ones they love only happens in the movies.

Gaians need their presents and Zero Omega is intent on making sure they never get them. So it's time to suit up, kick butt, and send Zero Omega back to the fun-hating, anti-sugary-goodness hole that he crawled out of.

Good luck, you'll need it.

How to Play
You will be roleplaying in the Modmas guild I have set up for this contest. For the exact details on how to participate, please check out the "How-To" thread in the guild.

The winners of this contest will be the first three users who successfully defeat all 3 tiers of enemies.

First place - Any ONE 2004 Monthly Collectible + A super, special, ultra-secret, new Gaia Cash Card worth $25!
Second place - Any ONE 2004 Monthly Collectible + 500,000g!
Third place - Any ONE 2004 Monthly Collectible + 250,000g!

Consolation prizes or prizes for best, funniest, most detailed roleplays may also be given out at my discretion.


First place -
Second place -
Third place -
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This will be for my contest - yay for contests! Wheee!

I'm busy swimming with sharks, climbing mountains, and drinking coffee but as soon as I'm back I'll have my contest up for all of you!
Pimp my avatar!

After all this time, my avatar is still poorly dressed, so pimp me out by telling me which must-have items should be bought. I'd prefer an entire set that goes with each other rather than just an item or two.

A set or two that turns out to be my favs will each win 500K GGold!

- Must provide a screen cap of what the set looks like on an avatar.
- Give me a shopping list of the items to buy, so that I can actually go get them (don't make me reverse engineer it!). xd
- How to enter: Quote this post and include your screen cap in your reply.

Thanks and Happy Holidays everyone!
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I am running TWO contests this year! Make sure to read all the way down the post to find the rules for both contests!

Cosplay Contest

As you can tell from my name, I like television, Action TV, Movies, Sci-fi and Fantasy and Comic Books.

This will be an Avatar Cosplay contest! Dress up your Avatar to fit one of the categories below.

Here are the rules for the Cosplay contest:

1) Remember, this is a Cosplay, so make sure that you post in costume. Tektek'd entries will not qualify!

2) Make sure to post what category you are going for, the character and where it's from. Include in the post a link to your Cosplay'd Avatar just in case you change things so that I'll be able to see what it looks like. For example:
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

3) Because the thread is moving so fast, please pm me with a link to the post showing your avatar.

4) If you enter as a team the prize for the category will be split between you and the other person(s).

5) If the character you are Cosplaying has a catch phrase (Like Ahnold and "I'll be BACK!" please make sure to include the catch phrase in your post.

If you do not follow all the above rules, your entry will be disqualified! You CAN win more than one category so make sure to work that imagination and come up with some fun Cosplays!

Here are the prizes for the Cosplay contest:

Best Movie character Cosplay: The Princess Mia
1 each Jan - Mar 2011 TY Letters

Best Sci-Fi Movie/TV Cosplay: Thom Cruz
1 each April - Jun 2011 TY Letters

Best Fantasy Movie/TV Cosplay: Vengeance-Is-Eternal
1 each Jul - Sept 2011 TY Letters

Best Comic book character Cosplay: Yeata Zi
1 each Oct - Dec 2011 TY Letters

And as a bonus this will apply to any of the above:
Crossover Character Cosplay (a character that has appeared in more than one category): Six thank you letters from 2010, your choice of months (1 per month)

Avatar Art contest!

Jak Bauer [Profile]

As you can see from my pretty bare profile above, I have very little Avi Art. Well, having been around for awhile, I think it's time for that to change so that I can actually get a better profile!

Here are the rules for the Avatar Art contest:

1) Draw my avatar and send the art to me in a PM. You can see examples of previous avatars I have had above. Just duplicating the above to show you some previous avatars I have had:

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

2) Multiple entries are fine

The prizes are 4 CI's (individual, NOT bundle) to the each of the top 3, with a bonus of 250,000 gold to the First prize winner!

Here are the CI's you could win (1st place get first choice of 4, 2nd place 2nd choice, etc.):

Crystal Overdrive, Arcana Break, Screen King, Double Rainbow, Valefor Academy, Neverland, Famestar Masquerade, Guardian Totem, Superprize 2010, Bitter Frost, Neon Core, Hell Prison,

The Avatar art can be whatever tickles your fancy, from portrait to action. Just give it your best shot!

For the Avatar art contest, the winners are:

Grand Prize: Bluetabbycat
2nd Place: The Princess Mia
3rd Place: ll babycaramel ll

Judging for both contests ends Dec 31st! Happy Holidays!
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Zelo's Jolly Art Contest for All!!

I don't normally do art contests, so this is my chance to award prizes to some Gaians for awesome art!
Send your pieces to my mule account, ZeloOmega. Title the PM, "First Art Contest"

Feel free to do art of any of the following avatars:

User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User ImageUser Image

It's all my personal opinion! I'll figure out which pieces I like the most and award based on that!

You're the artist, you're the talent, so I'm giving you complete creative freedom to do what you want with my art! Just make sure it abides by the Terms of Service. If you want me in a serious pose, make it so! If you want me in a silly pose, then I'm fine with it! Let your creative juices flow freely when creating!

Submit your entries by December 31, 2011! Winners will be announced on January 6th!

Everyone loves prizes! Here are the prizes:

Grand Prize: A complete 2011 Letter set! – A 1.6mil value!
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Second Place: A 2011 CI set, that means every individual CI that has been released starting from the Lost Chapter (January 2011) to the newest December CI that will be released (December 2011) - A 1.2mil value!
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Third Place: 200,000 gold and a December 2011 Letter!

Get to arting!



To be announced

Don't think you can draw that well? It's okay, neither can I. That's why I'm hosting a contest for all of those who want to win a prize but might not be the most artistically inclined.

Send your pieces to my mule account, ZeloOmega. Title the PM, "First Art Contest"

Feel free to do art of any of the avatars listed in the first contest.

It's all my personal opinion! I'll figure out which pieces I like the most and award based on that!

You're the artist, you're the talent, so I'm giving you complete creative freedom to do what you want with my art! Just make sure it abides by the Terms of Service. If you want me in a serious pose, make it so! If you want me in a silly pose, then I'm fine with it! Let your creative juices flow freely when creating!

Submit your entries by December 31, 2011! Winners will be announced on January 6th!

Grand Prize: Any two 2011 Monthly Collectible Letters

Second Place: Any one 2011 Monthly Collectible Letter

Third Place: 50,000 Gaia Gold

Get to arting!



To be announced
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IRL Gekko

Two contests, an art contest of just arts of me and a second one involving a sillier topic.

An[other] Art Contest
I like arts and you like items, so we put them together and you get an art contest yay! biggrin

My Avatars to be drawn:
User ImageUser Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image

1) Draw the art and PM it to me! Since some people seem to be confused, this is for avatar art, not just making avatars. biggrin
2) Multiple entries allowed
3) Artistic license on any/all avatars is fine, just remember that for any avatars with the DT, the DT is mandatory, but other than that, do whatever!
4) Keep it within the ToS. Risque is okay, porn, etc is not. wink
5) Have fun! Fun is mandatory citizen.

Submit all entries by December 31, 2011. Winners announced soon after.


Grand prize:
Winter Bride User Image
Winter Groom User Image

Second place:
Carol of Ol' Nick User Image
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer User Image

Third place:
Choice of one of:
Carol of Ol' Nick User Image
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer User Image

These are for entries that I liked but didn't quite make it into the top 3.
Jack Frost User Image

Powdy Pengy User Image

Dark Ice User Image

First: Vengeance-Is-Eternal
Second: Bluetabbycat
Third Angel_Candy me

Cool: Alyx_raeZOR_Vayne
Crazy: Kiwi_ St Claire
Cute: XxiCYSN0WxX

Honorable Mentions:
Wind of Time

Complete Entry List
doubles should just be variants of the same drawing, some images resized by photobucket

Second Contest: Admins love pie and so should you art contest

As we all know, GAIA runs on pie related shenanigans and gloripied popularity eating contests.
So have fun drawing some gaia admins doing pie related activities. These can be anything from eating pie, sharing pie, having a pie fight, SMASHING PIE INTO ZERO'S FACE a la GGW, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Simply PM your art to Pie Art Submissions account.

December 31, 2011; Prizes to be awarded soon after!

1) Make arts of admins doing pie related activities
2) Multiple entries okay
3) Follow ToS wink

Without further ado, the victims admins in question.

User Image
Favorite: Any flavor will do as long as it's in Zero's face (or flying towards it).
Least favorite: Unknown???

Harbinger of Pandamonium
User Image
Favorite: Pumpkin
Least Favorite: Pecan Pie

Jak Bauer
User Image
Favorite: Cherry
Least Favorite: Rhubarb

User Image
Favourite: lemon meringue
Least favourite: cherry pie.

Avatar: TBD
Favorite: TBD
Least Favorite: TBD

Uncle Kenny
User Image
Favorite: Banana Cream
Least favorite: Most pies with coconut

Zero Omega
User Image
Favorite: Pumpkin
Least favorite: Keylime

The prizes are 4 letters from this year's MCs. I have a full set of '11 letters.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
First prize gets first pick, second prize next and third gets the remainder.

Pie Art Contest Winners
First: pinkskullxo: January, June, September, October
Second: Mafia Dolly: February, July, August, November
Third: MsGrimm: March, April, May, December

Honorable mention for disturbing multiple admins
The Odd Dolly: January 2012 sealed

Complete Entry List
In no particular order here are the pie entries. Multiples on the same line are the same base drawing.
[X] [X]
[X] [X]
[X] [X]
12 Days of Christmas

How to Play
    Make posts related to Christmas or the holidays in this thread

How to Win
Every day, starting on December 13th and ending on December 24th, we will randomly choose a post and if the content of that post is related to Christmas or the holidays then that user will win 100,000g!

Dec 13th -
Dec 14th -
Dec 15th -
Dec 16th -
Dec 17th -
Dec 18th -
Dec 19th -
Dec 20th -
Dec 21st -
Dec 22nd -
Dec 23rd -
Dec 24th -
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  • Beta Treasure Hunter 0
Happy Holidays.

I will be posting a few different contests throughout the month of December in the GCD so be sure to keep an eye out for them and Good Luck!
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User Image

User Image

Welcome, one and all, to the festive days of Modmas, a celebration of goodwill to all Gaians!
As we all know, holidays aren't truly holidays unless you can hear them over the radio waves far in advance.
In that spirit, this contest sets out to find 100% original revisions of the "classic" carols which permeate your car rides and grocery stores this time of year.

All Carols must:
~ Have a Gaian focus; this includes NPCs, Admins, and Staff (Artists, Devs, Mods, FAs), in addition to zOMG creatures.
~ List the classic reference you have used so we have a tune to follow.
~ Have clear and legible lyrics / audibility- we can't sing along if we can't read!
~ Be submitted by PM ONLY to Flameinexile with the title Modmas Carol Contest - any other title and it may get lost or misplaced.
~ Be 100% original and new; NO resubmissions of last year's works.

Carols may:
~ Reference Gaian places / items / forums in lieu of people / creatures as their Gaian focus.

Carols may not:
~ Focus on Prommies or users
~ Have a negative focus D: No unhappy holidays here!
~ Break the ToS

Additional Criteria-
~ Follow the tune / rhythm of the chosen reference.
~ Legibility / audibility are key.
~ Users may enter both contests (using the same or different modmas carols).
~ Each user may submit a maximum of 2 carols per category, but no user will win 2 places in one contest.


Written lyrics - Submission of Modmas carol lyrics via PM

Singer-songwriter -

~ Submission of both lyrics and a video clip of you the user singing your very own modmas carol.
~ You may ask friends to sing with you, and you may use whatever effects you like for your video but at some point during the video, your username MUST be visible for this on a piece of paper or something similar. Digital alterations to include it afterwards will not be accepted.

Prizes for Written Entries:
1. User Image Guitar of Demona
2. User Image Thank you July 2007
3. User Image Rock Hard

Prizes for Singer-Songwriter:
1. User Image Guitar of Angellus
2. User Image Thank you July 2007
3. User Image Rock Hard

Honourable mentions will receive User Image Music Mood Bubble.

Submissions MUST be in by 11.45PM GMT+1 December 23rd.
Judging will subsequently follow, with prizes awarded no later than December 28th.

Singer Songwriter;
1. Love the Ganja
2. Seregitum
3. Aoiro Ame

Written Contest;
1. Demon_of_Silver - Gaia Christmas Time
2. WideEyed - Newbie, It's Bad Inside
3. Tiana Sidhe - Aliens We Have Seen on High

Honourable mention; Rare Myst - Gaia Baby

You can find their entries here

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Questionable Dabbler

User Image

Ok guys, i want to see your best RL christmas decorations. This means trees, lights, nativity scenes ect. There will be three sections as followed plus a bonus section just for my own joy.

1) Follow all TOS. Obvious. We are staff, you will be caught.

2) For now please enter only one section per person. I may open it up later if entries are low, but i want to let more people win.

3) I want to make sure these are your own decorations. For this, you must hold a card or something with your username visible. No edits.

Rules are subject to change/additions at any time.

Ok, here is the bit you have been looking for. The three main contests are as followed.

Christmas Tree
As it says, show me what your tree looks like

Indoor decorations.
This is for any set-ups that are inside your home not including a tree.

Outdoor decorations.
Show me all the pretty lights

Bonus challenge.
I live in a mysterious land called Australia. This means that it is above 30C for Christmas here. We spend Christmas by the pool/at the beach/anywhere we can cool off. Christmas means BBQ's, fresh seafood and great Aunt Jean with her feet in an ice-bucket.
Show me, in a picture, what Christmas means to you.

Entries are CLOSED.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, judging has been delayed. Winners will be announced before the new year.

Winners of each section will receive 1 MC of their choice from this year, 1 of the current RIG, plus 50k gold.

Second place will receive choice of 1 MC from this year and 20k

Third place will receive choice of any 1 MC from this year.

Please send all entries in a PM to my mule crimson_teardrops. My inbox can get rather clogged and i can lose messages. If you PM this account, your entry will not be counted.


1 AnimeFan247
2 Kiwi_ St Claire
3 Fuhk Society

1 Vi3tCookie
2 William Lansing
3 Roseycutiepie

1 Zachly R Merrow
3 Sadaharu_Aoki-Hime

Bonus contest
1 xXx Zanzie xXx
2 Zachly R Merrow
3 pinkskullxo

I will be sending out PMs sometime this week, but if you see this, go ahead and shoot me a PM =)
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I am hosting 3 contests as well as giving away random gifts. The first being an Avatar Contest, the second is an Art Lotto contest which you can find by scrolling further down my post, and finally a contest where you have to quote 'the Grinch' to win a prize.

All I ask is that you please do NOT PM me. I would like to keep my inbox for modding and this thread for fun. If you wish to speak to me or have questions or comments about this contest please quote me (just my name, don't quote the whole post whee ) and I'll do the same when I respond so we don't lose replies. Thank you for understanding ^^

Happy Modmas everyone!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

This avatar contest is now over. I didn't have a chance to end this last night so any entries added before right now, December 21st at 12:55am PST I will count. Winners will be announced between now and December 25th!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Edit: December 24th ~ Winners announced here.

You can find all entries included here.

What am I looking for?
I want you to create a Grinch avatar, you can use your own inventory or Tektek to create the avatar. This can be based on the cartoon Grinch, or Jim Carey's real life version. Nice Grinch or mean Grinch. Male or female.

I will be taking entries for this contest until December 20th. The winners will be announced by the 25th! Due to the volume of entries I'll be keeping them elsewhere and not listing them publicly.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
    [❤]The avatar MUST be recognizable as the classic Grinch. Either his skin/features or outfit, it's got to be obviously the Grinch.

    [❤]Must be Holiday themed (either theme, style or colors).

    [❤] There is no limit to how many entries I'm accepting (the contest will keep going until December 20th), however there can only be ONE entry from each user.

    [❤] Use the "I have an entry" form below to be considered. To prevent me from losing any entries and to make it clear what contest you are entering you MUST use the below entry form to be included.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

To submit an entry please copy/paste the following code in the post above your tekteks!

[b]Entry for Ambu's Modmas 2011 Avatar Contest![/b]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
1st - User Image Xmas Gift from Vanessa from 2004* & User Image Spirited 2k6 Mistletoe
*Contains Spirited Scarf, in MP at 80k - ** In MP at 38k
2nd - User Image Xmas Gift from Sasha from 2004
Contains Spirited Boxers, in MP at 80k
3rd - User Image Xmas Gift from Meredith from 2004
Contains Jingle Bells, in MP at 24k

Some honorable mentions (more to possibly be added later);
Funniest - User Image Spirited 2k6 Mistletoe
In MP at 38k
Scariest - User Image Spirited 2k6 Mistletoe
In MP at 38k
Sweetest - User Image Spirited 2k6 Mistletoe
In MP at 38k

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Due to the amount of entries they are not being linked. However, you can find the winners to the Mr. & Mrs. Claus Avatar contest HERE for your viewing pleasure.]

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December 9th; The winner for this lotto has now been announced here! CONGRATS TO Jjkarubi!

Keep an eye on this spot, I may create a new lotto next week.

Enter the art lotto by drawing art! Using one of my avatars here you get 1 entry into the lotto for each piece of art. Once all 10 slots are filled OR December 20th hits I will roll a random numbered dice from 1-10 and the winner will receive a Santa's Gift! Because this is a randomized drawing anyone can win so all skill levels are welcome! ((Yes, this means that you folks that can't do anything but stick figures in MSPaint are included heart ))

User Image Santa's Gift
MP value 280k!

1. Madness_insanity
2. DazKat
3. TK_Z0mb13
4. Starlight Angel015
5. JuggaloJesterKaya
6. jjkarubi
7. LovelyRose000
8. LovelyRose000
9. -FlawlessxImperfections-
10. Snow Kaze

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Help catch El_Pul the modGrinch!

Have you seen him? He's around here somewhere and all this happiness and cheer is making him awfully grumpy! emotion_donotwant If you see him posting in the thread you must be the first person to quote him and he may just throw a letter* he stole from Santa's mailbox at your head! :O

You can only win once!

WARNING~ Please do not try poking this Pul Grinch's profile or PMs, otherwise it may be coal you get thrown at your head.

*These letters may be any random letter released during 2010 - 2011

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A few of the prizes that may be randomly given away for no reason at all that's currently determined;
User Image [❤] User Image [❤] User Image [❤] User Image [❤] User Image [❤] User Image [❤] User Image [❤] User Image

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18,500 Points
  • Alchemy Level 8 100
  • Alchemy Level 9 100
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
Happy holidays!

All my contests are over for this year, but you can read about them and see the winners here.

Contest over
Contest for December 7-12: Draw your December
I want you to tell me something about your month - traditions you're participating in, life in general this month, the weather, extraordinary things, what December usually signifies for you - but only by drawing. No text at all is allowed. smile

How to enter:
    1. Make a drawing of what represents December for you, and post it in this thread. Include your username in the drawing. No text describing what you drew! (but feel free to make another post telling others, if you want to)
    2. Send a link to your post in a Private Message to zieLiz, and title the message "December drawing" - at any point between December 7 and December 12

All entries need to follow Gaia's Terms of Service
The drawing must be originally yours, no stealing from other users/the internet/anything else. That's why you need to put your username on it.
If your image is very large, please link to it instead of posting it in img tags.
You may enter more than once.

How the winners are selected:
I will, in my sole discretion, select the winning drawings, with the option of asking other staff members to help me judge. Criteria may include: art quality, ability to communicate your month in a drawing, innovative/interesting content.

Overall best: Spring Groom
Runner up: Trendy Dark Skinny Jeans
More prizes may be added depending on number and quality of entries.
Kiko Rae
The Odd Dolly

First place - The Odd Dolly
Second place - Mimt

Thanks all for participating! It was difficult to decide a winner, so I will be sending consolation prizes to the other participants as well. smile

Contest over
Contest for December 13: Saint Lucy's day contest
I live in Scandinavia, where we celebrate Saint Lucy's Day on December 13. If you are unfamiliar with this saint and celebration, go read up on it! Now, for today's contest, I want to see your avatars reflect the celebration that goes on in my country!

How to enter:
    1. Change your avatar to reflect the Saint Lucy's Day celebration.
    2. Comment on my profile and include the phrase "Happy Saint Lucy's Day!"
    3. Don't change your avatar until the contest is over. >.>

All entries (avatars + profile comments) need to follow Gaia's Terms of Service
Don't copy the avatar of someone else who has commented on my profile. I will take screenshots as soon as I see the avatars so I will know.

How the winner is selected:
I will, in my sole discretion, determine who the winner is. I may go on criteria such as how pretty the avatar is as a whole, how well it rhymes with the actual Lucy celebration, how innovative your idea is, and possibly other criteria as well!

Best: Monthly Collectible Letter for October 2011
More prizes may be added depending on number and quality of entries.

Traditional category: Rose Essence
Innovative category: AnimeFan247
Modern day celebration category: mugoi_usagi

You can also read the winner announcement post.

Contest over
Contest for December 14-24: Reinvent Santa Claus!
Imagine that Santa Claus has never existed. There has been no figurehead for Christmas, no symbol for generosity to keep children awake on Christmas Eve, waiting for sleigh bells. Somehow you feel that there's a void, that there should be someone - or something - to be the host for Christmas. Your task is to create this entity.

How to enter:
    1. Make a post in this thread, describing your Santa Claus. You may use words, pictures, character sheets and/or other means to describe your Christmas symbol.
    2. Send a link to your post in a Private Message to zieLiz, and title the message "Reinventing Santa Claus" - at any point between December 14 and December 24.

All entries need to follow Gaia's Terms of Service
All content needs to be originally yours
Keep your entry at maximum 500 words
One entry per member, and no mule entries so make sure you are submitting your best work!

How the winners are selected:
After reading the entries, I will select the winners in my sole discretion, with the option of asking other staff membes to help me judge.

Best overall: Sainte Ciel: Agape 2nd Gen.
Runner up: Death Whisper 13th gen.
More prizes may be added depending on number and quality of entries.

You can find links to the entry posts here. 3nodding

1st place: Mr Aozame
2nd place: maetria
Cookie on Fire's avatar

Dangerous Sex Symbol

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Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Holidays!!! I hope you guys can have a great time with your friends and family. Remember that the Holidays are not just about receiving gifts, but it is also about giving and sharing with your love ones. Here I have a contest for you guys. I hope you guys find this fun and be part of it.
Love you all!! <3

What is this all about?

This is for all of you to dress up as whatever Xmas means to you. It could be Christmas, Hanukkah, Three Kings day, gifts, lights, or anything celebrated during the Holidays in your country. Keep in mind that this is a Real Life pictures contest; dressing up your avatar doesn't count for this contest.

When and How many?

You can submit up to 2 entries per person.
The last day to submit your entry is December 28, 11:59PM PST.
Winners will be announced by December 31st.


You can have a nice background.
Be creative, original, and/or funny.
You can include your pet, but it is not all about him/her. You have to be in the picture for it to count.
I love surprises, so surprise me with anything.


  • Follow the ToS.

  • You need to be holding a paper with your username or showing your username anywhere in the picture. Please make it seen-able. DO NOT edit the picture to add your username.

  • To share your picture, you need to upload it to any image host site. For example, you can user photobucket.com, tinypic.com, imageshack.us, or any site of your preference.

  • If you are a bit shy, can send the picture/s via PM and not post it in the thread. You still have to post the entry form and in the picture area just say that you sent them via PM. Keep in mind that I still prefer that you share it with everyone. This is so everyone can participate. ^_^

  • Post your picture here with the entry form and send me a PM with a link to your post. Change the PM subject to "Modmas Contest" or anything obvious.

  • If you have any questions, don't post it here. Just send me a PM and I will reply as soon as I can.

  • Do NOT quote this post.

  • Have FUN!

Rules can be changed according to what I see fit.


1st - User Image + User Image + 250k
2nd - User Image + User Image + 150k
3rd - User Image + User Image + 100k

Entry Form

[b]Xmas celebration:[/b]
[b]Explanation of the picture:[/b]

In Xmas celebration you are going to tell me what type of Holiday you are showing me in the picture.

In Explanation of the picture you are going to tell me what you were trying to do there. If it is a Holiday that not everyone knows about, you are welcome to describe it here and explain to me what it is all about. ^_^

In the picture area you can add the picture. If it is too big, just add a link to your picture, so you don't end up stretching the page.


iGerr [sent via PM]
Pestis Vaclav [sent via PM]
izumi hiroko [sent via PM]
Zachly R Merrow [Pic sent via PM]
Teyadeth [Pic sent via PM]
Simply Angle [sent via PM]


1st - JaguarGal
2nd - izumi hiroko
3rd - iGerr


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