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Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart
But The Very Next Day, You Gave It Away
This Year, To Save Me From Tears
I'll Give It To Someone Special
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Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart

This is a safe haven for Shawols and other kpop fanatics to chill at if they're needing a little rest from
all the festivities. This is a seasonal thread that my friend I3 l i n k i e e and I start every Gaian event
since Christmas 2010. It's a great place to meet fellow K-Pop fanatics and Shawols and a great way
to help spread the Hallyu wave! Come join us!

Also, this is my Anon Thank You thread.
If you'd like to give thanks here as well,
Please feel free to do so.


This Year I Will Give It To Someone Special

Dice Game:

Roll 1 8-sided dice.
Get a 5 and I will draw you!!

You can only roll two times MAX.
Good luck!!!


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Dangerous Lover

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      Hnnngggg. Therapist~ xD
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Desirable Star

mikaaaa ♥
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      Hnnngggg. Therapist~ xD
He's teh sex. D: <333

I'M NOT THE ONE YOU WERE LOOKING FOR?!?!?! emotion_donotwant

Anyways, I already belong to Therapist. redface <333
@Your Secret Desire

Omg, this was really nice. Thank you!!!
@ The Broken

That was.... that was so sad. T ^T

Love, I will remember you, you will not fade away. <333
Gosh that was sad. Loved it D:
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Desirable Star

I3 l i n k i e e
mikaaaa ♥
Hey lovely <333

hehe ♥
@ The Fashionable Unicorn!

Hehehe, Can I ride you!?!?!? emotion_dowant
@ Genesis

Wow, the description was lovely.
However the man...I feel for him, if only I can save him. D:
@ Arron the Lythcol Mechanic

Arron -channie, that poem sounded like a song, a song so hopeful, it cheered me up.
Love you <333333333
@ -Silhouette

Oh gad, we froze to death!?!?? D:
I shall wrap myself in you to keep me warm it my last breath. <3
@ Untamed Wolf.

Wolfy!!! Missed you!!
Another cub you've born? lol

I will not open till later, thank you lovely <3
Hopefully the cub doesn't die of starvation till then. sweatdrop
@ -Silhouette

Of course I am wrapped in you. We are deep in snow, all that I see is darkness, you. <3

...GO? Are we not buried that deep? =starts digging upwards and breaks thru the snow=
OH! heheh, guess it wasn't anything to worry about... emotion_awesome
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Ice-Cold Bunny

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xD the reactions in here..... may not see the letters but wow there funny

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