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Shy Kitten

I don't have any friends, but I have to say: that art is gorgeous. <3
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Mega Noob

Mishi Tanaka
of course I will ^_^
User Image (o.O)... dcheeky_angel says ...(O.o) User Image

Thanks emotion_yatta
She's going to love it

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Shirtless Shopper

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Mishi Tanaka
The Edible Sock
Scratch that.. one moment, i'm going to throw my sisters avi at the thread if that's ok.

Edit again >.>:
Mind drawing my older sis? She's already christmased up!~
Rosalyn Lenne Jibbs

I sure can ^_^

Thank you :3
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Moonlight Seeker

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Mishi Tanaka
wow i would love it if you could draw my friend Scholar_of_Shadow_Fox gaia_kittenstar

most certainly ^_^

thank you so much this will diffidently be a very nice surprise for her
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Married Star

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Mishi Tanaka
Cute idea

I thought it would fit the holiday gifting season a lot better than just a standard art giveaway ^_^

that's true, would you be able to do couple art with cannons? *blush and pokes fingers together and bows head*
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Bloodthirsty Rogue

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A few more pages have been added since I last posted. whee
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Vicious Shapeshifter

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I have no idea how to throw snow balls sweatdrop
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Romantic Sex Symbol

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Beautiful art emotion_yatta
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Romantic Sweetheart

Fantastic art. I'd love to enter my boyfriend, it'd make a really cool Christmas surprise for him if he won. However I shall have to go make him a Christmas tektek. I shall return.
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Yuusuke Hisoka's Partner

Familiar Shapeshifter

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Woah your art is so fancy *w *
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Shadowy Shapeshifter

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You have such lovely art~
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Golden Target

boom exclaim burning_eyes
I like your style.
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Dedicated Hunter

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Beautiful art emotion_yatta

Thank you very much ^_^

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