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Haaaave a holly jolly Christmas! :D
It's Christmastime! Best time of the year, seriously.

Hope you all had a merry christmas and an awesome new year!
Thanks for all the support on the thread, it was a great success!
See you for the next big event!
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Post any way you like
You do not need to post a base, I can choose one for you
Your avi does not need to be holiday-themed.
Vote the thread <3 !!

Examples are in my sig or in the "Presents Given" post.

There's also a little holiday elf delivering presents within this thread!
Stay and chat and you may get one along with the possibility of a doll or two!

This will be you guys. Cause of me.
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got from google then uploaded to PB myself
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Onto choosing what you want!
Don't suggest any other types of bases, I won't do them.

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Note: When requesting a doll or two, please tell me saying something like A5 or T.
If you choose a single number, I'm going to keep it's expression.

I found these doll bases on a website called Precious Pixels KH ( http://www.kawaiihannah.com )
and give full credit to the artist, 'Hannah Malcolm' ( kawaiihannah@gmail.com )
who gave me permission to use them on 8/5/2009 by the rules page on her website

x_Bella Luna_xx generated a random number between 0 and 1 ... 0!

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What you need to do:
First person (other than myself) every 20 pages. gets a single free doll!
If someone does not post within the first 3 posts, I will put down that I won that one and will wait until the next milestone.
What you will receive: Automatic single doll! Will not do couples, I'm sorry.
Please also try to pick an easier avi since I'll be forced needing to do one of you anyway.

Page 20: Navlag
Page 40: Aeryn Zaher
Page 60: Kasumi_Asakura
Page 80: Ember Caster
Page 100: ^^
Page 120: Seamless Dreaming
Page 140: Heike CODE-02
Page 160: JG55
Page 180: Manga Grl 01
Page 200: Artsy Kittyn
Page 220: neko trin

Sorry, I won't be taking any more since the event is over.
I will still be posting here but either talking or giving out dolls.

Random Number Generator Contest!

Idea from Ben Saladin who also donated 1 mil for prizes!
What you need to do: Generate any of the numbers below get 250k!*
* Only five winners will get 250k. Everyone after that will win 50k.

How to do an RNG: If you don't already know.
1. Click "reply". Don't do the quick reply, it doesn't work.
2. On the right side of the text box there is a little drop down menu that should say "post action".
3. Click on "Random Number".
4. Pick from 1 to 1000
5. Post!

If you get the numbers 4, 124, 360, 507, 852, or 999.
Screenshot it or tell me the page number in a PM. (x_Bella Luna_xx)

First Five Winners:
1. xx_Crazeey_Cookee_xx
2. Mapoii
3. WhisperingCrescendo
4. Nintendraw
5. Heike CODE-02

50k Winners:
The Holy Cheezits,
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User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
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Wait List:

Didn't think I'd need one but it helps not only me but other people as well.
Working on these out of order

Kasumi_Asakura - 0%
Heike CODE-02 - 0%
Manga Grl 01 - 10%
Nintendraw (considering, pg 191)
Artsy Kittyn - 25%
neko trin - 80%
Elliot_Rhymeless - 10%

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