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Caring Friend

Anyone want to build a snowman?

Yes'm O3O
I want to~ c:

Yay! Okay, I got sticks!

I got the chocolate chips!! c:
Or was it raisins O3O
Oh well! At least we have a snack! 4laugh
-takes out carrots and eats some- redface
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Sand Angels
hello everyone!!

        Hello! Happy holidays. whee
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Devoted Zealot

Anyone have any travel plans for the holidays?
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-l- Iceeh Dream -l-

Thank you for your help! ^-^
you're welcome ^_^

woo-hoo, yay page 100~~

Wow! Already here, that was rather quick smile
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Sand Angels
hello everyone!!

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Hello all!

hello yum_puddi

How are you? 3nodding
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Jolly Kitten

Every time I see a kitty face I laugh.
A friend and I was playing Animal Crossing on our DS's and I was visiting their town and I mailed one of their villagers a letter. All it said was "Enjoy. :3". I and I guess ever since then that villager keeps showing them that letter every time they play.
Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Season's Greetings fellow Gaian!

My name is the "Turkey Fairy" and I can no longer take care of my beloved Gravypuff the Turkey Plushies. I am getting to be an old fairy you see and my little friends are wanting people to hug them and give them attention, but I cannot keep up with their playfulness. Will you please play with them and make them happy during this holiday season? It'll make an old fairy mighty proud!

Happy Holidays!
-- The Anonymous Turkey Fairy

Why don't you head over to your inventory and see what you got!

heart Thank you anonymous turkey fairy o:
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Anyone want to build a snowman?


*Frozen feels*

I still haven't seen that movie.. but my sis told me about that scene..
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Griever Lol Zi
Griever Lol Zi
Griever Lol Zi

....was this the "Holy Mother of Aliens" you were speaking of by any chance?
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It was!

I like you. emotion_dowant

Yus! emotion_brofist

That was the good news. Bad news...
this event made me realize that Gremlins has a massive plot hole....
Snow is water. classified_fu gonk

God i havent seen that movie in FOREVER.

It's on like every year between Halloween and Christmas (usually closer to Christmas)....you just gotta find it. I think it's on Spike a lot of the time.
It's the 2nd one I haven't seen in a long time. I can't even find a DVD of it. =T
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Magical Librarian

-l- Iceeh Dream -l-

Wow! Already here, that was rather quick smile
yeah, it's going like gangbusters
Sand Angels
hello everyone!!

        Hello! Happy holidays. whee

You too! How are you doing today?
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Anyone have any travel plans for the holidays?

        All of my family lives near me, so none of us plan on traveling. How about you?
Sand Angels
hello everyone!!


hey hows it going?
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It's probably about time to head to bed~
So long~

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