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All ready posted this in the Bugs and Glitches forums, but I figured I would also post it here to hopefully bring attention to this issue. It's happening to more than just me, it would seem.

I was playing Switch 'Em and got to level 8. I usd gcash twice to get extra moves during my game (30 gcash total) and then also bought a power-up (99 gc total). When I finally "beat" level 8, it dropped my score back down to 1780. I still had moves left so I kept making moves. It would show my real score rising well up over the goal of 5500. However, when I ran out of moves it gave me a screen like I hadn't beaten the game and then restarted my whole thing.

Here's a screenshot showing that I was actually up over the score.
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I'm not sure what can be done about this, but I've seen other users reporting glitches similar to this. I'm mostly upset because I actually used some of my gcash, which I hardly ever use. If this glitch isn't going to be fixed, is it possible to get reimbursed for the loss? Or can I just be given a chance to start at level 9 or something? I really wanted to try to win those Frost items.

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