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Fenrir blinked. Children?! "Domino..." The man simply grinned to Fenrir, whilst the hound's teeth continued to bare. Though suddenly, Alice hands met the top of his head, subduing the wolf quickly. He steeled himself from biting her, a sort of politeness stemming from him. He was trying to hide it, but he was enjoying being pet quite a bit. Domino managed to chime in... "Careful now, He's not that cute once you get to..." But before even Domino could finish his sentence, Fenrir, even with his large size, had curled up on her lap, his nose nuzzled into her stomach while she tied the bow on his ear. Domino's previous thoughts shattered against the floor of the wolf as the hound himself muffled a comment. "I approve..."

Who? Himself, Caimbrie, Fenrir.
Where? Valkyr 01,
Wha? Getting surprised....

Valkyr 01
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Hy realized he caught her off guard more than he expected to. He caught the adorable red tint in her cheeks and surprised gaze in her eyes, and an idea sparked in his mind.  Remembering her brief struggle only a moment ago, Hy planned his next move. Just as she landed on his chest, he took the blanket from her hand, and pulled it over their shoulders. 

"Now, you're stuck," he said, his arms enveloping her shoulders in a hug to prove his point.


Where I am: Lounge(Hy) Outside Lounge(Diego)
Who I'm with: Volt (Hy) Joo, Melody(Diego)



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*peering in the building, not knowing whether the environment would be inviting to an outsider..* cookie022 keeps her distance
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"Wahhh!" Volt squiggled around when next thing she knew she was trapped in a snare of arms and blankets. Finally her body fell limp, as if giving up all hope, mind concluding beyond a shadow of a doubt she'd been duped. Tricked. Played as a fool. Luckily for Hy she didn't quite mind. "Yeah, yeah, yeah...." she mumbled. There was a perturbed look in her eyes but the blush on her face undermined the annoyance.

OOC: ~
Where Volt is: the lounge
Who Volt is with: Hy
Who she's addressing: Hy

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    яedner giggled, Fenir was really cute, especially with a bow on. Alice stroked Fenir, as he nuzzled her stomach she felt a pound. Stomach ache? Possibly. Alice sighed, it would only be so long until her farther would come after her. Alice only hoped that Fenir and Domino would be safe in the end. Alice's hair had curled up, causing a little wave in her hair as her ears pricked up slightly to the sound of Domino
Don't be so mean to Fenir, he's super cute, you're just jealous you're not as cute as your companion Alice teased, giggling to herself. Wolves must be like pikachu's, Fenir liked being pet. Maybe all animals loved to be pet? Alice wondered. Although, for now, Fenir was more than enough. Alice giggled, nuzzling against Fenir as she tickled his body before she began to resume her original action of stroking him so. Alice ruffled her hair slightly, it was warm as if it was touched for a long time. Maybe by warm hands? Possibly. Alice grinned, noticing Domino's reaction to her previous comment.

яedner took out a ball of yarn, assuming Fenir would love to play with such toys. Alice rolled it out of her hand, giving it to Fenir as she immediately stopped stroking him. Alice waited a few seconds before prodding the yarn with a small poke, so that it rolled closer to Fenir. Alice giggled, finding Fenir more cute than the second, he was certainly more cute than Alice had predicted him to be. Alice had expected a big, dark, grizzly wolf instead got a wolf that had seemed rather young, possibly the child of an elder; Does cute Fenir like to play with yawn? Alice smiling, finding him unbearable. It was cute. Fenir was cute. Alice smiled, bringing out some fresh meat from the cupboard as she laid it out in a small bowl. Alice knew wolves were carnivores, that was a fact. Assuming Fenir was the same, Alice couldn't help but give the poor wolf some food. The meat was particularly lamb. Alice had seen very little meat in her time, as she often did not eat meat. She would often pretend her meat was not set out for her, when dining on a table. Alice had much preferred vegetables. Or she once did..

- - ocation : Valkyr 01 - - company : Domino, Fenir - - мoodlet : Happy

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-- Domino The Damned

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