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Desirable Nymph

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  • Happy Holidays 2k13! 100
  • Tipsy 100
Bumpity Bump Bump, look at Frosty goooo!
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Apocalyptic Nerd

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Barking Shoujo

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Romantic Werewolf

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Icy Lover

Posting to prep for throwing again. I left it too long last time due to arting.
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Sparkly Raider

Hit me! dramallama
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Beloved Loverboy

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Vinka Saphir
Blood Maverick
Vinka Saphir
Blood Maverick
Vinka Saphir

*gets buried under griffin sized snowball* OUCH!! rofl I'll get you!!

-purrs loudly and jumps up and down in snow and stretches out wings to help blow snow off new friend- BLOOD HELPS TOO!!! BLOOD GOOD GRIFFIN!!!

I like you! cat_4laugh GOOD GRIFFIN!!

-purrs happily and trots over to new friend and head bumps her side and then sits down purring happily and throws snow at her playfully- BLOOD GOOD GRIFFIN!!!

*pats head*

-purrs very happily and curls up ready to go to sleep- BLOOD FEELS LOVEDS!!!
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LiBu's Husband

Unholy Fairy

[Something clever.]
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Timid Nerd

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  • Timid 100
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Prodigal Shade

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Hit me please!
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Cheery Pyromaniac

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  • Firestarter 200
Sailor Tin Nyanko
Cheer For Revenge
Sailor Tin Nyanko
It took me 5 tosses to hit Cheer For Revenge stressed

Oops razz

I am convinced there are some people this stuff hates. stressed

I feel the same actually :T some people take so long, and others it's a one hit and done kinda deal.
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Omnipresent Muse

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Tipsy Glitch

12,450 Points
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  • Caroling Champ 100
  • Frozen Solid 200

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