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so this year the electronics i got was dr. dree studio champane blue headphones ,an xbox 360 with a kinect (holiday bundle) ,and a electroni dual alarm clock radio. I was so excited to get these things so me and my dad opened the alarm clock radio the only problem was that the thing that you plug your ipod up to was to big i have 2 ipods one with no songs (an old version) and a 5th gen. the 5th gen. ad all my songs on it so we are gouing to have to get an adaptor. Then on my wat to my grandmothers house for Christmas i decided to try out my beats i plugged them up and switched the button to on but it didnt glow so i saw a sticker on it that said one side would twist and you would have to put batteries in it.We didn't have any batteries in the car so i waited to get to my Grandmothers house to get batteries.A few days later me and my Dad tried to put together the xbox and kinect we ordered it on sams. when we tried to put a disc in it wouldnt open we looked online and saw that there was a tiny button on the Xbox that you could push that it would pop open.That didn't work.So then we also read that there was a piece of tape on the disc thing but there wasn't.We gave up hope a few hours later and decided to unplug everything and take it back to Sams club and get a new one.We think that someone returned it and somehow ended up with us.The next day we went to sams and there was only one person at the return desk and so we waited and waited and waited.Finally there were more people who helped us three of their computers wernt working and they didnt know how to do online return on a computer ,but some guy did know. we thought it would take forever purchasing another holiday bundle xbox and kinect so we just got our money back and went to best buy.They didn't have the holiday bundle but we bought everythng seperatly we went home and it finally works!!!! everything is fixed... ,but still need to get an adapter.