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Phantom Anon

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I can't help myself.
There's so many lovely ladies.


A cute "Womanizer" redface

redface I love sweets,
and baked delights...
There's some cake in the kitchen should I warn them I bite redface
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Fashionable Fatcat


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Apocalyptic Tipper


Thank you my dear ♥
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Why does Kimi ni Todoke make you cry every episode! crying
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gaia_angelleft Free item giveaway~Ms. Claus gaia_angelright
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Mistress Kationie

The loss of a loved one is always hard and its completely normal to be down and depressed. Its all part of the healing process. Instead of thinking about him leaving, try to remember all the good times you shared. Thats great to hear that you have such a good support system in your family. They need to be your rock right now. You never know when your time will come, every day is a gift ♥ Be greatful for the family you and have the great times you had.
I know we just met but if you ever need a stranger to vent to, Im your girl ♥ ♥

Aww thanks you are such a sweetie. I will keep that in mind if I ever need somebody to talk to. heart
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ninja eek
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Happy holidays, everyone! <3
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Mistress Kationie

♥ ♥ ♥
I think your avi is very sweet looking ^^

daww thank you!
((small blushing noise))
idk this outfit was a lot if impulse buys made under the influence of warm milk
I Kowareta I
I Kowareta I
I Kowareta I

Thank you (^^) So we just chit-chat away then?
yup~ biggrin

So how are you? :3
sickly ;x;

Ahh!! emotion_0A0 I'm sorry to hear that!! Are you drinking some hot tea?? yum_tea

naw, just a lot of water =w=

s-sorry for the late reply (@w@) I got distracted by the internet.
I hope you get a great nights sleep then!!
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Invisible Millionaire

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Apocalyptic Tipper

Miss Mezzy

OMG your avi is absolutely fabulous!!!
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Fluffy Bunny

Invented Beautiful
Dark Metamorphosis
Invented Beautiful
Dark Metamorphosis
How's everyone doing?

I'm pretty good thanks, how are you? 4laugh

That's good to hear. I'm dandy, just freezing. :'D
How was your day?

I'm glad, and for the freezing thing, why don't you wear a jacket and drink some hot choco? That always helps me cx
And it was good, now that holidays started for me, I don't have to worry about college or anything :')
How about yours?

I am, but waiting for the hot coco. D;
That's good to hear!

My day was dandy. What did you do today? :'D
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Friendly Gaian

*squishes* So much giving, that is so lovely. :')

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