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Hope everybody is enjoying Modmas so far : 3
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Nah, iMessage needs iOS 5 and later. gonk

Yeah, I mean, it sucks for anyone questing. It was pretty sweet, as a charity, though. I was running low on gold, and got to sell a big chunk of my inventory for like, 3x the profit. rofl

Yeah, that's very true, too. Especially since Flynn decided to plop her fat booty on the site.

I'm extremely terrible at drawing. rofl My stickmen don't even turn out well. Drawing is one of those things that I wish I was just innately talented at. It'd be nice, but I don't wanna put the work into getting to any half-decent point.

Same timezone as me, then! emotion_awesome
I didn't know about this thread.

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I need a better sleep schedule. emo
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Yay~ My first Modmas. Happy Modmas to all!
I'm a Gaian that would love to gift spam art to other Gaians!
Username: Wolves Luver
Samples: X X X
Special Requirements: I'm going to be pretty busy during this month, but I will do my best to draw a few people. It will be totally random. Just tag me or put my name in the post if your interested so I know : )
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I'm curious how busy this is going to get. xD
You guys all art so well. crying

Am I supposed to chose one?
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Nimble Pants

Morbid Gnome

I know that feel. emo
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Magical Strawberry

/lurks in thread wishing Modmas joy on all/
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*quietly steals souls*
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*waits patiently for entries*
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You guys all art so well. crying

Am I supposed to chose one?
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You can apply / be randomly selected for as many of the arty ones as you want. smile Not something you need to choose only one about. Same goes for the contests and so on.

User Image
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*noms on thread while waiting for the bus*
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Hehe 4laugh
Almost done with the semester which may or may not mean more time for Gaia.

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