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As of December 18th, I will be going on a short hiatus.
Trades will be completed when I log on (once every day).
No new contests will be added, sorry guys.

Hi, I'm Avid Desire.
You may not know me, but that's okay.
It's that time of year again! I love the Holiday season. whee
To acknowledge all of the generous/amazing people I have met this year, I'm hosting a giveaway of my own.
5,000,000 gold is to be given away, and acting as honorary Santa, I will be choosing those who are nice! emotion_awesome
Who knows; maybe you'll get lucky. wink I may even end up giving more than 5 million if people are deserving.
Please hang around and chat, or scroll down below for more information about Gaia's Xmas Events!
*I do try to read every single page, so don't think what you post goes unnoticed. emotion_dowant
Feel free to quote me if you see me post! I love to talk. c:


- Giveaway!
- Switch 'em Guide
- Caroling Guide
- Gaia Xmas Guide
- Snowball Fight Guide
- Achievement Guide
- Virtual Piggy Guide

*Note: All of these guides are in progress, so please feel free to PM me with updated info!

1. Follow Gaia T.O.S.
2. Please be nice!
3. Please don't quote the first page. gonk
4. Any additional updates/information is much appreciated!
5. Respect the mods. heart

princess bun
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1. No begging, please.
2. You may win more than once.
3. You can bump and RNG at the same time.
4. PM me when you've won!
5. The goal is to give away 5,000,000gg total; I may end up randomly gifting people who are active in the thread. 3nodding
6. I'm so sorry if it takes me a while to get to you, please don't be angry. gonk
7. Be sure to check this post occasionally for new RNG numbers/updates!
8. I reserve final say on who gets what; it's my gold, after all. wink

Spread the love:
PM a screenshot of you <3'ing the thread for an easy 2,000.

Page Contest:
For each of the following pages I will RNG, and the person whose post matches the number win.
Please have at least one previous post; if I deem you have "sniped" the page win, I will give it to another person.
For every ten pages, I will give away 10,000, in addition to these pages listed below:
It's too hectic for me to maintain this logistically.
I will try to resume this when the thread calms down a little. ^ ^;
Page 25: 15,000
Page 50: 50,000
Page 75: 25,000
Page 100: 100,000
Page 150: 25,000
Page 200: 50,000
Page 250: 25,000
Page 300: 50,000
Page 400: 50,000
Page 500: 100,000
Page 550: 15,000
Page 600: 25,000
Page 650: 15,000
Page 700: 50,000
Page 750: 25,000
Page 800: 50,000
Page 900: 25,000
Page 1000: 150,000

Page 1250: 100,000
Page 1500: 100,000

More to be added when we get there. 3nodding

Bump Contest:
Bump from 1 to 250 to receive 50,000.
You can do this as many times as you want, but number your bumps. (I will check all of them.)

If your first post was started before the 18th at 5PM, you may finish bumping.
Otherwise, I am putting this contest on hold until I get back from hiatus.

RNG Contest:
RNG any of the following numbers from 1 to 1000 in order to win 50,000:
1, 3, 100, 123, 153, 222, 291, 329, 432, 444, 472, 502, 555, 567 666, 683, 739, 777, 814, 888, 999, 1000


neon firecracker - 2k
princess bun - 2k
SubZero assassin - 50k + 50k + 10k
prettiest weed - 2k
Ilia-bb - 50k + 10k
Am_I_God - 2k
Cardinalis - 10k
Lemontake - 50k + 50k + 50k
Duchess-of-Pink - 50k + 2k + 10k + 50k + 25k + 50k + 50k
AlystairSam - 2k + 10k
Dementianna - 2k
Cat like thief 182 - 2k + 100k + 10k + 10k
Tsuksumi - 50k
B e a r i s a l - 50k
fudaykjnura7 - 15k
Shhoija - 10k
Mistress-Wisteria - 2k
Corrupt Heaven - 2k + 10k
Final_Song - 10k
xXxXUchihaMadaraXxXx - 50k + 5k
Mystery-shrouded S - 2k
cheljur - 10k
env0shro0m - 50k + 10k
Shesba - 10k
ChiiMisha - 50k
Elanau - 2k
knux33 - 10k
Silent cannibal - 25k + 10k
Allmyinsanityinaname - 50k
Fiorii - 10k
xl Cyanide Candy lx - 50k
Arialla Night - 10k + 10k
ZoyciteW - 10k
Aliareana - 10k + 50k
Marsiverse - 2k
caught in a daydream - 2k
Sudistic Memories - 2k
witchpower - 50k
Kelevi - 2k
x3rubiachica3x - 5k
Pandas0nfire - 2k
AngyAndroid - 50k
Jasmbo - 5k
hana-akira - 50k
AstoriaFallen - 2k
l u n a - t i k 7 - 50k + 50k
m e w f u ll y - 2k
Drewskid - 2k + 50k
SmexiiiPandas - 100k
Maryfuns - 50k
[x]Living Dead Girl[x] - 2k
Operadaisuki26 - 50k + 50k
heart of stone87 - 100k
MistyMary24 - 2k
ShadowC38 - 2k
Navean - 2k
xXxblack3starxXx - 2k
BlackSplash - 2k
Beautiful Angel - 2k
maimoXDD - 5k + 50k + 50k
Silent cannibal - 50k
stackitystackstack - 2k
Darkerdemons - 2k
PizzaMice - 50k
Arialla Night - 50k
Gaisuke Yadera - 50k + 25k
mia-chan08 - 50k
FyoraSilverwolf - 50k
AngyAndroid - 50k + 15k
Zilent Onyx - 50k
Edward Danger Elric - 5k + 50k
oohbeep - 2k
osomine - 50k
babababunny - 2k
out of controll - 2k
-FlawlessxImperfections- - 50k
Aiko Destiny - 50k + 2k
Queen Kari Mario - 25k
Shiki The Vampire - 50k
Namyi - 50k
Eifer Skute - 25k
Perperuna - 150k
DarkXIN - 2k
Faye Lin - 50k
victorsaurus - 2k
kingdome hearts girl - 2k
AkiKitazawa - 50k
Jasmbo - 50k
Lizsel - 50k
Xaraela - 50k
Shealynne - 50k
waterangel1432 - 50k
Corrupt Heaven - 50k
Kurocihigo - 50k
Manga Grl 01 - 50k
Necrectomy 50k + 2k
Shhoija - 50k
sodine08 - 50k
Paii-chai - 50k
12aver - 2k
Momo1013 - 2k
flowers666 - 50k
Navean - 50k
Pandas0nfire - 50k
QTcutie - 2k
makaronin - 2k
ShatteredXReality - 50k
xX_hamstertears_Xx - 50k + 50k
Shardful Soul - 2k
x3midnight3x - 50k
twilightlover1 - 50k
Sweetleftmeg - 2k
Perringer - 50k + 2k
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Lonely Wolf


Switchem is a game that can be played here.

Game rules:

Match three or more colors to get rid of the tiles and generate points.
Enough points gets you to the next level!

Item rewards:
User Image Frosted 2k13 Gloves - Level 2
User Image Frosted 2k13 Pants - Level 4
User Image Frosted 2k13 Boots - Level 6
User Image Frosted 2k13 Adornment - Level 8
User Image Frosted 2k13 Gown - Level 10
User Image Frosted 2k13 Long Coat - Level 12
User Image Frosted 2k13 Fur Hat - Level 14
User Image Frosted 2k13 North Star Staff - Level 16
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Lonely Wolf


Game rules:
Go caroling in the shops. Visit each of the 22 shops to receive an item (listed below).
Wait 30 seconds in between each shop visit.

Item rewards:
User Image Spirited 2k13 Gloves
User Image Spirited 2k13 Shoes
User Image Spirited 2k13 Adornment
User Image Spirited 2k13 Pants
User Image Spirited 2k13 Gown
User Image Spirited 2k13 Long Coat
User Image Spirited 2k13 Fur Hat
User Image Spirited 2k13 North Star Staff
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Lonely Wolf


Game rules:
Log in each day of Christmas to receive a unique gift!
Click the Lamp Post at the top of the page each day to receive your grant.
(The lamp post below links to the event page; each day has a unique URL that expires.)
Replace "whateverdayitis" with the day of the Xmas Event.

User Image

Recolors are listed underneath each daily item.

Item rewards:
Day 1: User Image Xmas 2k13 Gingerbread Tie
User Image Ivory Rose

Day 2: User Image Xmas 2k13 Virtuous Tassels
User Image Beyond Blush

Day 3: User Image Astra-114: Xmas 2k13 Shiny Nose
User Image Cheerful Bloom

Day 4: User Image Xmas 2k13 MistleTOES
User Image Frosty Kisses

Day 5: User Image Xmas 2k13 Greatest Gift of All
User Image Antique Marionette

Day 6: User Image Xmas 2k13 Cookie Beats
User Image Hera's Lace

Day 7: User Image Xmas 2k13 Antique Snowsled
User Image Lavish Lucie

Day 8: User Image Xmas 2k13 Moe Spirit Sweater
User Image Jekyll's Dilemma

Day 9: User Image Xmas 2k13 Penguin Plushie
User Image Peppermint Refrain

Day 10: User Image Xmas 2k13 Shimmering Laurels
User Image Whispering Wisteria

Day 11: User Image Astra-115: Xmas 2k13 Filigree Flurry
User Image Frosted Fondness

Day 12: User Image Xmas 2k13 Wreath Halo
User Image Puriel's Wings
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Lonely Wolf


Game rules:
Ethereal Darkness

Posting this in case it helps anyone at all ^_^

So after running around and getting data on what other people are getting for their accuracy... it looks like 60% (+/-2%) is the average for the entire gaia community.
Want to see the data? Go to my thread: Let's use math!

As such, I would recommend for people JUST STARTING who are trying to get the Snowball Hero achievement to buy at least 775 extra snowballs. This will get you the achievement (or within range of it) while spending/wasting the least amount of gold possible.

If you fall short... just use this equation to calculate how many more snowballs you should buy:

# of Snowballs = (# of Hits Remaining) x 1.60

Happy Holidays everyone!!~~ :3

Uncle Kenny
For those inexperienced in the art of snowball war, what you want to do is pack yourself a good, round snowball, find a target, and chuck it at their face! While we haven't figured out the secret to physical altercations through the interwebs just yet, we have done the next best thing and given you a forum-based snowball fight where you can watch your friends and enemies get hit in the face by the snowballs you throw.

To play, just click on the "Throw Snowball" button underneath another user's avatar. (If it's greyed out, just hover your mouse over the button to see the reason why you can't throw at them)
If you hit them, you'll see a snowball come flying in and smack them right in the face.
If you miss, just keep throwing until you've hit them or tire yourself out.
You start with 25 snowballs but you can buy more for gold from the event page, here.
Hit enough users or be hit enough yourself, and you'll find yourself the lucky owner of event exclusive items and achievements.

That's all you need to know, now get out there and start throwing!

Each snowball costs 50 gold.
After you post, you have 15mins to attack people before you must post again.
Posts that are over 1hr old can no longer be attacked.
You must wait 1min before attacking someone again.

Item rewards:
User Image Holiday 2k13 Snowjack - Hit 50 people with snowballs
User Image Holiday 2k13 Snowbunny - Get hit 50 times
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Lonely Wolf


Caroling Champ:
User Image
Awarded to any Gaian who collects all eight items from Caroling.
Titles: Melodious, Singing
Points: 100

Snowball Hero:
User Image
Awarded to any Gaian who hits other users 500 times with snowballs.
Titles: Icy, Stone-cold, Hurler, Pitcher
Points: 200

Frozen Solid:
User Image
Awarded to any Gaian who gets hit 500 times with snowballs.
Titles: Cold, Frozen, Target
Points: 200

Happy Holidays 2k13!:
User Image
Awarded to any Gaian who collects all 12 days of items from the 12 Days of Xmas.
Titles: Festive, Jolly, Hoarder
Points: 100
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Virtual Piggy Guide

Virtual Piggy is an account you sign up for here.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Item Rewards:
User Image Formula 1: Oink Beanie Hat
User Image Oink Beanie Hat
User Image Oink Hot Chocolate
Click here for your free grant.
This can be done daily.
User Image Oink Key
User Image Oink Cookie
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Lonely Wolf

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Lonely Wolf

Avid Desire's avatar

Lonely Wolf

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