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Precious Sweetheart

Cool 4laugh I need new friends. Gaia's been pretty lonely for me this year emo
aw, I hope I win something! heart heart heart
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Gracious Gaian

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This sounds pretty neat! heart
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Tipsy Tipper

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omg this is moving so darn fast there is no way im getting to win.
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Omnipresent Shade

Eat well! save some cake for me hahaha

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Ah ha is there is cake i will certainly share some with everyone!

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Ten Folds
Ten Folds
How are all of you doing?
I'm doing good, how bout you?

Doing well, trying to get more gold and post count.
I understand the gold part but why the post count?

Because I'm on a never-ending quest to get more than 150,000 posts on here.
Only at 31,000 right now.
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I hope everyone is having a nice Christmas.
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Merry Christmas everyone!

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Hey there everyone
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Six Mekhane
Six Mekhane
First page score?

EDIT: noooooo gonk lol, ohwell

I thought I was gonna make it too. xD

Was too busy reading the prizes xd

I got distracted too! There's some really cool ones up there. biggrin
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Salty Wench

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This event thread is awesome. Thank you for doing this every year. I'm sure that, at least some of, the people who win the prizes that you offer really appreciate them. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you and your family/friends. ^_^; heart
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Radical Pyrope
Hello everyone did you all have a happy holiday so far?

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I had to work today, the McDonalds I work at was open today.. So not the best, but still kinda happy about christmas w /
I am totally in this ~~~
: D ~~
heart heart
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Hello <3

How are you doing today?
I don't even think I can keep up with the chats in this thread because of the excessive number of posts to enter into the contest. DX...

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