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Having a wonderful holiday, cooking and being with family and friends. heart

Aww that sounds so nice. I wish I could be with my family. I'm stuck at home this year with two earaches. I'm glad you're having a lovely time though. Merry Christmas.

Thank-you. I go to people, people come here. It's all very busy!
Hope you feel better soon!!!

You're welcome and thank you very much~ It is quite a busy thread. It's my first time coming to one of Sisky's giveaway threads. I just thought I'd check it out. Seems really cool of her to do this.~ How are you doing?

Oh, I'm just taking a break before I have to go put the potatoes in. The turkey comes out at four, the pie is done, broccoli gets turned on when the turkey comes out. Table is set! Love the feasting!

Wow!~ Sounds like you have everything under control. What kind of pie did you bake?
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I can't handle how fast this thread is going omfg
Baby Banirabu

DATS SOO QTTT. ;n ; ~~
And I see ~~

2DS + Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

[and food. emotion_drool
and eating all together as family. emotion_kirakira ]

★ Lol whee
Aww that sounds awesome!
(Yesss I got lots of food and sweets yesterday, it was heaven emotion_drool )

& you didnt invite me!!!!!!!
Lee Say
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you too! 4laugh
How's your Christmas been?
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Woooh, sake tastes terrible. Yay for alcohol.
WTT sake for Heineken
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Lucky Pink Wings
Lucky Pink Wings
Lucky Pink Wings
I must be here on the 31st...

your avi is so adorable and beautiful and so cute.
It also so lovely and the definition of pretty.

Oh thank you so much! redface but I really like your avi too. It's just so pretty and all the white matches up perfectly and it's just so grabby-hands worthy!

Really? Is it really grabby-hands worthy? Oh my redface
But your a lil raindeer I love it so much. I want to hug it so BADDD.

I do like your avi a lot! Really reals! And thank you again! I am the cutest but laziest reindeer pulling Gaia's sleigh, LUCKY THE PINK!

LOLOL. Cx Sleigh must be full of Flynn booty -.-

Well actually, now that we are done giving out 11 days of flash sales, Gaia ripped off our fluffy reindeer wings and are using those to make the last flash sale! 4laugh hahah!
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this is going to be so much fun WEEEEEEEE ^_^
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So did anyone get what they wanted for christmas?

Pretty Scrumptious rolled 1 100-sided dice: 33 Total: 33 (1-100)

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Winning Number 63

Wooden trunk get!
Awwww yeah 8D

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Queen Silly Goose
so many pages so fast gonk
can't keep up x w x

I've been here since pg 2, how do you think I feel? xD

Wow! Your fast, I'd never expect to be the first 5 pages when stuff like this is announced
Then again I'm on a slow as hell laptop and like 20 pages passed as I read the front page xD
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m a n g o m e l l o n


Good luck on yoru quest though!! Raguel's Wings are super pretty.

Thanks so much! I love them as well <3
I wish you the best of luck as well!

D'awww thank you~ <3
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I'm so excited to hang out with friends and family today emotion_dowant

I already got to emotion_dowant Now my mummy and grandparents are asleep xp

Dude, your avatar.
I love it. heart
Thank you heart I love yours too, that nose dough!
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I am so sorry -huggles- The only gift I can give you is my nuzzles, for I am Gaia broke

That's okay lol. I bought myself shoes for Christmas cause I knew I wouldn't get anything good. They're pretty and red.
What kind of shoes are they?

They're Antonio Melani pumps.

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