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Well now this is exciting *A *
I'm looking forward to this very much ♥
Also so many amazing looking avi's to look at ou o
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wow I been here for 4 ! years now
long time xDD
Merry Christmas everyone emotion_yatta
Oh how many years you been on gaia? <--- anyone can answer xD

Meowwy Christmas! I have been here since November of 2004. 9 years!!! I love Gaia, I will play this game 'til I'm 80 and probably will my itams to my children *laughs* cat_lol

omg xD I was thinking the same thing 4laugh give my items to my kids and they give it my grandkids my family will be a generation of gaia whee

Yeah, then we'll have trust-fund Gaians!!! Hah cat_rofl
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Hello everyone, and happy holidays~! biggrin
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I'm so excited to hang out with friends and family today emotion_dowant

I already got to emotion_dowant Now my mummy and grandparents are asleep xp

Dude, your avatar.
I love it. heart
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Toxic Dinosawr
Toxic Dinosawr
Someone mentioned cookies and now I want some.. ;-;

I want some too gonk gonk gonk

;_____; I want some sugar cookies or somethin'!!

I'm craving for chewy chocolate chip cookies ;n;

My mom is making chocolate dipped Oreo balls.

They are.....
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Ten Folds
Ten Folds
Ten Folds

The inflation sucks, I managed to get where I am now this year with a lot of help from friends.
How's your Christmas Day so far?
Its been pretty good, I got to hang out with my Aunt and Uncle this morning.

Oh that's pretty great.
I'm here with my family, they're all leaving in an hour though to go back home and beat the traffic out of the city.
Aw :c I'm going to the movies tomorrow with my mom, can you guess what we're seeing?

Is it Frozen?
I was supposed to go to the movies last week but got too lazy so maybe next weekend.

Nah, although I do want to see that one too. We are seeing the HUNGER DEEEEEEEENS!
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Panic Exit
Jeez each time I click on a page number there is a new one just popping up.

Seriously, it's so hard to catch up > ~ <

Pretty Scrumptious rolled 1 100-sided dice: 45 Total: 45 (1-100)

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In the spirit of giving, I want to give out a present as well. The first person to roll a 63 from a 100 sided dice, will be given something from me. If you roll that number, just provide me a link to your post in a PM. Good luck to everyone.

I want to try.
Hi peeps! Basically everyone is saying hi but if you'd like we could definitely start an actual conversation, preferably on the following topics:
TV Shows

Food we are eating for Christmas . smile
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3nodding 3nodding
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We're all like

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Cyrus Farre
Maledict IV
Merry Christmas peeps! heart
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That made my day even better. rofl

^-^ you're welcome <3
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As expected, this thread is moving pretty fast ;;
yup this thread is never a slow one
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Merry Christmas everyone!
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Partying Prophet


Oh!! I just stalked her DA, its amazing.
And I am such a creep I also stalked your profile, I think I've seen you before, where you in the last GA-con, in the guild. But I am not sure.

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