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                                          Hello one and all, and welcome to TOKO NOTES! My oddly titled, one stop writing shop. Here, I will provided with you short fictions of your original characters and more. I consider myself cheap and of decent quality compared to some writers out here in the abandoned forum that is the Writing Shops, but who knows! You'll have to see for yourself. Here are my samples.

                                          A quick little about me before we begin. You can call me Baro! : D I've been writing for about five or six years now, specializing mainly in short stories. I'm a big fan of comedy, but I can't resist an ethnic setting, especially places that usually go untouched like some countries in Africa and the middle east. I'm 24 this year, so I'm no child, and I understand mature/adult themes. I'm also a nice person, open to suggestions and tweaks to your stories as I write them.

                                          If you've finished up short intro, great! On to the rules.

                                    xxx please follow.


                                          These so called "laws" of mine aren't really all that hard to keep in mind! Promise.

                                          Please do not pressure me on work. I tend to write at a fast pace, or so I'm told, but rushing me is a bit rude and ruins the whole "writing mood" if you catch my drift. Checking to see how the story is coming along is fine, but not every other day.

                                          No refunds. It's a small amount of gold anyway, and besides, I always put an effort into my works. : D

                                          No plagarism of any kind. I doubt this is nessecary to mention, but just in case. All I ask is that you credit me, a small "by Baro" at the end of things would be generous.

                                          Follow T.O.S. and be kind! In the thread and with feedback. It's completely fine if you don't like it, not every page is a winner, but there's a difference between critiquing and just being an a** LOL. I do, again, put an effort. If you didn't like something, I just might go back and re-write it. I do like reviews, however, regardless if they're favoring or otherwise!

                                          I may decline your offer. 99% of the time I decline offers is because I'm not comfortable with either the 1) specific setting or 2) the huge-history-and-full-of-background characters, so I hope you understand. If business is slow, I might take it a crack at it for free.

                                    xx possibilites.


                                          Follow the lights!

                                          WILL DO:
                                          OC's - These are so much fun to do. I don't think i could deny a single one of these. be sure to give me a links to detailed characters, I want to make you read your fiction and believe i met the oc myself.
                                          MODERN - I'm known to be better in modern settings, but I will try my best around others. This is my favorite setting to write, however.
                                          SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS - Straight ones too, of course, but I won't be the "glitsy gay" or the "hardcore lesbian" themes. Unless, that's what...you want? Although stereotypical romances are a little odd fore me LOL
                                          FOLLOWING GENRES - Romance, comedy, comfort, family based, parody (given I know the original), alternate universe.
                                          ADULT THEMES - If you want an "M" rated piece, however, it'll pop up in your e-mail or something else off gaia.

                                          FANDOMS - Just can't keep up! Sorry about that.
                                          FOLLOWING GENRES - Medieval, any-punk, pirates, gore/horror, Sasuke level angst. Anything past 1900, I will give a shot at, but no guarantees orz A little research isn't too bad, but I don't want to have to write an essay haha.
                                          FETISHES - Out of the ordinary anyway. Let's just consider biting ordinary, and...God, I don't know, plums out of the ordinary LOL
                                          SUE'S AND STU'S - NO! Absolutley not. If your character is perfect, it's just not gonna work for me. exclaim

                                    xx order up.


                                          CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER, YO?

                                          TOKO SAMPLER!
                                          100 - 500 words.
                                          2 character maximum, please.
                                          PRICE: 1,000 g

                                          600 - 1,000 words.
                                          3 character maximum.
                                          PRICE: 2,500 g

                                          MUSIC MIX
                                          A song fic with your choice of song.
                                          3 character maximum.
                                          500 - 1,000 words.
                                          PRICE: 2,500 g

                                          800 - 2,000 words.
                                          3 character maximum.
                                          PRICE: 3,500 g

                                          A small tale about your avatar(s).
                                          300 - 600 words.
                                          2 avatar maximum.
                                          PRICE: 600 g

                                          Price wise, I'd say I'm a fair deal. Tips are nice, but not expected or required :'D

                                    xx forms.


                                          To place an order, simply fill out the form.

                                          [size=18][b]ORDER UP, [color=slategray]BARO![/color][/b][/size]
                                          [size=11][b]USERNAME:[/b] (Self explanatory.)
                                          [b]COMBO:[/b] (T-Supreme, T-Luxe, ect.)
                                          [b]CHARACTERS[/b]: (Link me to their profiles, whether it be in your journal, devA, ect.)
                                          [b]PLOT/IDEA:[/b] ( I prefer you have an idea of what you'd like these characters to be doing. At home alone, spending some time in a graveyard, ect. The more details, the better!)
                                          [b]EXTRA:[/b] (Is there some more info that you have not mentioned yet in their bio? Have some stories that I can refer to in case I want a better view? Art even, put it all in here.)
                                          [b]TOTAL: [/b](How much you owe me, kiddo.)[/size]

                                          EXAMPLE OF A PERFECT ORDER (lol)

                                          ORDER UP, BARO!
                                          USERNAME: baroque machine
                                          COMBO: T-LUXE.
                                          CHARACTERS: My 40 year old neko Bobby and his young daughter Kiko.
                                          PLOT/IDEA: Dad wants to spend some time with Kiko, and she agrees, as long as they don't go climb trees again. SUDDENLY, blah blah, drama, Bobby meows, attracts lots of lady cats and so on.
                                          EXTRA: Bobby is afraid of heights, btw, and Kiko is girl crazy. Oh and here's some fics, and some art.
                                          TOTAL: 3.5 k

                                    xxx so far.



                                          1. Kotori00

                                          Only 3 for now, keeps me at ease. LOL.

                                          PAST CUSTOMERS


                                    xxx for stuff.


                                          One day, I'll put something here.

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