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After much debate, I decided to open up something in here since I've had the urge to write just no inspiration to go by.

You can find samples here in my writing tumblr. (There's music on the blog; a fair warning so you aren't startled.) Not much on there but there are a few samples, and with more work there will be more.

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Rules, Wills and Wonts

Rules: Not many really. Make sure to fill out the application. Follow the Terms of Service. Have fun. I'm allowed to turn down what I don't want to write. Remember that.

- Het/Femslash/Maleslash
- I prefer writing for fandoms compared to OCs
- Smut/BDSM/Other kinks (But you must inbox be for this one!)
- I'll try my hand at gore.
- Gender bends (If only one of the characters are genderbent, you must provide a good reason)
- Really, there isn't much I wont do. Seriously, just PM me.

- I'm not good at fight scenes.
- Will not have a mess of characters.
- There might be more when I find something.
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Fandoms & Themes I like:

Fruits Basket
No. 6
Uta no Prince-sama*
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Tiger & Bunny
Homestuck* (Note: Not great with the Alpha kids, so those will be automatically rejected. The same with UU/uu)

**Right now, I'm in the mood for Autumn themed scenarios.

Alice in Wonderland

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Since I'm new to this, I'm not all that sure what the pricing should be around. Pricing may change in the future but I try to be reasonable. Also, you get whatever length comes out of my fingers. Sorry, but I can't make myself write longer or shorter.

Base price: 5k
1k per character
Add an extra 1k if it's not fandom based (Just because I have to go with the effort of writing characters I'm not particularly familiar of.)

I also will accept art of my OCs/Avatar as payment instead. But you must show me examples of your art.

The same goes writing for writing. Must come with examples.

The way payment goes is I will decide whether to accept your request or not and then when I am finished, I will show you a paragraph and then you send the trade.

Sound reasonable?
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Application Skeleton:

Username: (Your Username Here)
Fandom: (Ignore this if you're going for an OC)
Pairing: (Male/Fem/Het) / (Name of Characters in Pairing.)
Prompt: (Can be a line, a scene, a picture, a paragraph or even a song)
Other Information: (Here, it is necessary if you are using OCs to provide a detailed description or picture, personality, likes, dislikes, etc.)
Anything else?: (Notes, anything else you want to let me know.)
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Accepted & Waiting:
1. Little Blu Scout

In Progress:

Finished Works:
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And with that, we are open~. heart
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Username: Little Blu Scout
Fandom: Homestuck with Fantroll
Pairing: Xeyire(Fantroll) <3 Feferi.
Prompt: this song- Xeyire & Feferi are matesprits, but he's moved on. Although they're still together, she knows that he's found somebody new (another fantroll, doesn't need to be added) and is only staying with her because he feels bad or so she thinks. He's truly only staying with her so none of the high bloods make fun of him and cause she's the Empress.
Other Information:
Appearance -
Xeymir sprite/ [ref1] [ref2] || He wears a low-cut baggy jacket, and white cut up paints. His blood colour is a dark green; or is Caucasian if humanized. His right eye is completely blind, thus hidden under the eyepatch and his other eye is slightly fogged from blindness.

Personality -
He's very rude and cocky towards everyone, except Feferi. He's shown to not care about anything or anyone's feelings; mocking them at anything. He hates Vriska with a violent passion, due to she is the only troll to actually make him upset. He doesn't know wrong from right very well, and enjoys to do things just to do them. He's also very narcissistic.
Although he may seem like a jerk towards everyone, he cares a lot for his lusus and Feferi. He's very nice around her, whether or not they're around others. He loves to make her laugh; which is very easy.

Anything else?: It can be Humanstuck, too, if you want. c: I'll pay 30-40k. If you don't want to do OC/Cannon, I'll change the request! ;u ;
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Little Blu Scout
So listening to the song, I sort of have an idea of what I want to write but I wanted to run it by you first. First all, it would be Humanstuck (I'm sorry, it's just what I'm use to I guess.) Probably writing about Feferi asleep in Xeyire's arms, him looking over her and reflecting on his feelings, maybe flashing back to any thoughts and fights or events that might have led up to him feeling unflushed for her. Do you have any ideas of things they might have fought about or events that would have taken place?
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All right, that's fine! Yeah; I am like that, too. It's just easier to control, etc. Okay, that's good! Uhm, well like I mentioned, he's a big jerk p. much and for Humanstuck she's like the kind popular girl (he's 19 and she's 17/1 cool who's nice to everyone and hates when she sees him excessively picking on the younger kids, or anyone in general. Sorry, I haven't gotten to a big argument in the RPs yet ;u ;. That and he just thinks they're drifting apart and has a paranoid mind of her falling for Sollux; which leads him to purposely flirt with others.

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