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Username: x__Litrouke
Credential: Ha, uhh... I'll be starting my last year of undergrad university in the fall. Classics major, polisci minor, also have a strong foundation in English literature, the Japanese language, psychology, gender studies, aaaand...those are probably the main ones. Currently doing research for my university, paid by a fellowship grant.
Strengths: Research synopses, replete with sources. Any kind of humour, from gallows to slapstick. Realistic dialogue.
Weaknesses: Action scenes are a b***h. Boring and/or stereotypical characters. Endings. xD
Will do: Eh, almost any of your topics.
Won't do: I'm not so keen on doing a long fiction work right now, because I don't feel very inspired.
Gaia activity: I check my notices/PMs every few hours usually. Past those brief checks, on the week days, I'm actually online during the evenings. On the weekend, I'm usually around the whole day/night.
Samples?: Personal stuff. Gaia commissions. Neither are up to date. xD
Topic: I'm not sure what you mean by some of your research topics, so I'd be interested in getting more information on them. I'd be game for any of the magic-related topics. No idea what you mean by 'government' because that's a massive minefield of bullshit to wade through, but I might be interested. Again, not sure what you mean by golden rules. As far as writing, I very much like character development, but again, I'd need more info.
sent pm Litrouke, thanks for replying! smile

still need more help!
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still open

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