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Welcome to this thread, I'm here with a bunch of research/character development/ writing requests. Hopefully one of them interests you enough that you might be willing take the job offer.

More details will be given by PM as needed depending on the type research/writing requests chosen.

Follow TOS
Don't copy information or work from websites or legitimate sources and claim you did all the work.
Don't take the job and leave without the job finish
Don't make promises that you can't keep! I understand if your arm breaks but if you don't reply back and open a new shop without pretending we never met, that's bad business!

If you take the job, you must give at least weekly updates so I know of your progress. That way I know you are serious

If you have any questions, ask me! biggrin

Don't worry about the funding, I have enough funding according the prices of the shops around here
Research Request

I need Research on certain topics in order for the stories to flow better
Might be more in the future depending on what I need.

Magical number
Magical circles
Spell construction
Western Magic
Eastern Magic
Martial Art hand to hand combat vs weapon type combat
Slavery -modern time
Military ranking system
Machinery, mecha like gundam or transformers.
Golden Rules
Why Evil exist after thousands of years
Writing Request
My requests here are a summery, very vague. I'll give more details over the PM if you're interested.

A girl who's family got killed by a religious cult flees but get capture by slavers.

A family who fled from a fallen nation to a new world/nation which the family must learn how to adapt while facing discrimination and hardship.

Twin sisters in a bitter feud of sibling rivalry.

Varies character developments
To request post or pm me this

Credential: list current education etc.
Strengths: what you can write the best, etc
Weaknesses: what you not too good at, example writing romance, action scene, etc
Will do:
Won't do:
Gaia activity: How often are you on gaia? This is just to know if you'll be away periods of time
Topic: Which topic do you want to work on
Who's Working for me:

Riant Hybrid
Starry Lemonade
white list

Ones that successful compete their work
grey list

Ones with questionable status. Started to work but disappear to who knows where
black list
post for future use
post for future use
post for future use
post for future use
post for future use

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