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Xavier Nite
Xavier Nite
Xavier Nite
A Girl Trying
but no ones buying
Is this a bad day for a shop
or did she overbumped

A price so cheap
that the birds can chirp
Now a wanderer wanders in
but didn't think He could fit in

Now he orders
but was outside the borders
so He came closer
but the crowd said, No Sir!

Will you take 10k He said
but everyone looked dead
I would like something funny
that can match a bunny

Now I wait
he closes the gate
then sits down
waiting for the pen to write down

nice btw

Thanks , well how about my order. I tried to make an order out of a poem

Oh Okay Then ^^
what kind of poem , will you order?

read the poem

Okay then c;
i will deliver it on Friday?
kinda bit busy now D: