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Hello everyone!

I'm looking to seek out some sort of closure to a roleplay that died a long time ago in 2006. (I really need the closure if it's been this long and I'm still thinking about it D: )

I'm sure roleplayers could probably sympathize! Don't you hate it when you're into a thread and it just dies on you? I was really into a Fruits Basket roleplay and it slowly died (it was made around Christmas/New Years and the ending of vacations for some people anyways....). I just never got over it lol...

In any case, I just wanted to get this thread started.

Summary of Thread Coming Soon
Basic Plot: Sohma family + Another Cursed Family basic roleplay

History of how 'Basic Plot' got started: (taken from the thread)
The Sohma and the Hiwatari families have been close since the feudal era, ever since they found that they had held the same curse. However, due to a misunderstanding between the two-clan leaders, they had became enemies and rivals. Many years later, the Hiwatari clan has moved back into the town without any knowledge of the past. The only ones who hold it are the elders of the family who have decided that they should hold the knowledge a secret so that it wouldn’t spread in the new century and will only be told if any of the new generation has run into the Sohmas.

Recently however, Shigure Sohma has had an extension built in his house and put it up for rent. Coincidentally, the Hiwatari family has decided to move in, not knowing the last name of the landlord. Will love bloom in this house of forbidden romance? Or will chaos strike?
Give the thread a read and see if you can see if you can conclude it like the end of a chapter, and if I really like your writing, maybe an ending that can tie up most knots (and cease my want and need to see a finish to it).

Roleplay: Fuyu no Yuki

Don't be intimidated by the pages. Posts are all generally short, and we get OOC sometimes which you can skip over of course.

Profiles are on the first page.

The main characters I can see in the thread (that were active) are as follows:
Format Example: "-[Character] || [Who they're played by]"

Canon Characters (Sohma):
-Yuki || Narcisa
-Kyo/Hatsuharu || Stawberry Pocky`
-Shigure || D a r n.M u f f i n s
-Akito (only mentioned but, (s)he's always a good tool to use for stuff. No, I don't care if you make Akito a guy or girl)

OC Characters (Hiwatari's):
-Ameko || raincloudchild
-Mitsuki/Ryuichi || Mikki - cakes
-Haruna/P.I.N.G || Lumina23
-Tomiko || Q_The_Drama
-Mizuki || xx lumiinescent - r a y s

Please feel free to add or subtract any characters, OC or Canon, as you see fit.

I'd appreciate it greatly if you consider writing for me! I've always wanted some sort of closure for this RP that left a mark in my RP heart for some reason or another (...*coughYuki<3cough*)

My Character

In retrospect, I know my character description is a bit weak, so please feel free to develop her a bit.

The way I see Ameko...
I guess I see her now as a timid person who generally tries to fit in.

Her flaws are she's hesitant and fails to react in time to do anything effective. She is a bit judgmental, as much as she doesn't want to be, but at least keeps those judgments to herself. In fact, she may keep to herself a lot initially, but is looking to open up and trust too fast.

At least a big positive for her is her effort. She's generally friendly to everyone and doesn't take sides by trying to see the positive side of everything, so she'll have a difficult time if she were forced to choose between something. She's respectful and a very loyal friend and family member. She's also willing to open up quickly with family, and with the Sohma's seeing as their family is similar to the Hiwatari's.

And if it wasn't obvious, yes... she has a crush on the Sohma boy with the lavender hair and eyes.

Please quote me on the amount you'd charge to write a "chapter ending", and/or a a complete ending.

I can pay in:
-Pure gold
-Item (will more likely be the current month's letter)
-I may do rl payment but that's a big 'MAY'. Show me your work and that may change.
-*Please feel free to combine any of the above!
-Anything else, just inquire wink
Once again, thank you for reading! I hope to hear from you soon!
Please feel free to PM me with any questions, comments, or concerns.


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