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Heroic Gekko

Welcome to Cyfer - a simple writing shop.

I will try keep this thread as simple as possible for you all.

So let's get straight to it.

I will write:

✔ Any genre but historical
✔ Free poetry
✔ Fan fiction - granted I know the fandom. Just ask.
✔ 유+웃
✔ 유+유
✔ 웃+웃

(In case you didn't get the last part. I meant I'll write gay/lesbian stuff too.)

I won't write:

✖ Your essays or homework
✖ Mature. If you want mature from me, commission me from this shop instead.


Into a bit more detail.

I can write any genre except historical stories, simply because I am simply not bothered to do research on the time period unless you offer me some insane amount of gold or something.

Fan fiction. If it's a book, I'm not going to read it so I can write a fan fic for you. If it's a show, same thing. AGAIN, unless you throw in an offer I can't resist, of course.

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Heroic Gekko


Regular stories (1k word min): 10 gold per word.
Fan fiction (1k word min): 10 gold per word.


Regular story minimum word count is 1,000 and has potential to go above and beyond. If you don't want me to go off on a tangent, I suggest you tell me you don't want to fund a 100,000 word long story. Hah. Let me know everything you want, EVERYTHING. So neither of us get confused.



What you want: [Normal/fanfic. Feel free to go into more detail about your request.]
Reference(s): [Link to references of characters, backstory etc.]
Create own characters: [Yes/No]
Plot: [What you want to happen or if you want to leave it up to me.]
Due date: [If you'd like it done before a specific time.]
Other: [Anything else you want to say, I guess.][/align]

If you want a free poem, just post your request in the thread. If I don't get what you're saying, I'll probably ignore you so make your request clear.

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Heroic Gekko


Do not use in any way.

The beginning of my novella: Utopia.


The water was disappearing. No one knew how or why but it couldn’t be stopped. When the hopes of survival began diminishing along with it, somewhere in the world a rumour sparked.
It’s said that there’s a utopia where all the water that disappeared was gathered. This rumour spread like wild fire to all those people out there struggling to put food into their mouths, creating a frenzied search. It brought hope.
The rumour reached the ears of a teenage boy and his family. The news was on, the only noise in the household. The reporter had make-up slathered all over their face in a wasted attempt to hide her hollowing cheeks as she spread the rumour even further across the globe.
People were growing senseless.


In the middle of my novel: Shape Shifter.

“Please leave me be, take Alice on a tour for now.” The Master smiled wanly.
Sinte nodded once and ushered me out the room. “Things would be much easier if you were to fall in an accident, or get killed by some other person,” he said to me with a huff as we closed the door behind us.
I nodded slowly, but I’d much rather stay alive.


A poem titled Death.

The wind whistled past,
Tumbleweed blew by in my mind’s eye,
An eerie silence lingered.

This is what I imagined,
That place of your own,


Beginning of a post apocalyptic story.

In a house, the lights were off and the only light was the flickering of a candle. Two siblings huddled together in the living room, eyes glued to the last bit of technology still working. The television screen occasionally flickered to the multiple coloured bars before the news came back on.
Stay inside, stay inside.
That was all Theresa could hear as she hugged her younger brother’s head of chocolate brown hair for comfort.
“Did you hear, Jeremy?” she whispered to him as she cast a glance at the locked door and sealed windows in the house. “Stay inside, no matter what, okay?”
Her brother, at a mere nine years old, whimpered and hugged her arm. “Where’s mummy and daddy?” He tugged desperately on her sleeve.
Theresa fought back a tear in her own dark eyes. “They went to heaven,” she could only answer.


Beginning of a horror story I haven't named yet.


The scream was textured, as it should. The gurgles and the screeching before the final cut were exhilarating. Lolity’s blade seared through the neck of her victim. The head tumbled off the body that fell with a thump. The blade was promptly cleaned before being tucked away into her dark coat. She adjusted her tie and fixed her short, black wig. It itched, and that annoyed her. In the end she pulled it off and let her pale blond hair fall across her shoulders.

The moonlight shone only on her hair. She smiled as she looked up at the rest of the buildings in which slaughter would occur that night. Leaving the bleeding body in the dark alleyway where it stank up the night air, she darted away in the distance. She fixed her wig back on, tucked away loose strands of hair, and pulled out her knife once more.

Further down the alleyway she left, pressed against the cold wall, was a boy. He was trembling. He clutched his yoyo which he had gone to retrieve after dropping it out of the window of his apartment. He glanced up, terrified, as he watched the girl’s shadow climb up the stairs in the yellow, dim light. His parents were up there.

Uttering a small squeak, he dropped his yoyo. It rolled into the pool of blood. He stopped still, unable to tread over the carnage in front of him. So instead, he began to sob. He sank down the wall and put his head in his knees. The only other sound that night other than the screams above him was his cries.


Wow...there were a lot of morbid things in those samples, but don't worry, I'm perfectly capable at ❤ ♥❥ blah blah too.

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Heroic Gekko


If I accept, I will begin writing. When I am done, I will let you know how many words it is at, then we'll figure out the price according to the 10gold/word.
Then you send the trade, and AFTER it is accepted, I will PM you the story directly onto the PM. So no links.


No page stretching, it drives me nuts. So don't quote the front page. And keep quote trees to a minimum.

And don't be stupid.

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Heroic Gekko

Strike = complete

1. yunic101 - pg2
":) Exactly what I have been looking for and I love it. Thank You so much"

2. Rogue Cerise - pg3

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Heroic Gekko

List of anime/cartoons/books I have read or watched.

For fan fiction requests
This is a list I can currently remember. There's definitely more I have read or watched. Ask, just in case. I'll be updating this every time I think of another.


Death Note
Katekyo hitman reborn
Zombie Loan
Strawberry Panic
Mamotte Lollipop
Avatar the last Airbender
Legend of Korra (first few episodes)
Fairy Tail
Arcana Famiglia
Rozen Maiden
Sword Art online
Bleach (first 30 eps)
Darker than black (first 5-ish eps)
Mulan & bunch of other Disney cartoons


Deltora Quest
Los Angeles BB Murder Cases
Skulduggery Pleasant
Harry Potter
Hunger games (first book only)
Twilight series
Koh Tabu
The Forsaken
Watch the world burn
Shatter me
The institute
The Mortal instruments series
The infernal devices series
Dragon Keeper
Space demons
Rowan of rin

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Heroic Gekko

Trivial post.
Just some unimportant things that may or may not intrigue you.

This shop is named Cyfer after my own character in one of my novels I am currently writing called Sound.

I do some art. I guess if you like avatar art, if you stick around and talk to me... I might draw you.

Here is my stupid quest thread.
If you have ever said derp in your life, you should join this guild. Shameless advertising.

If you want to stalk my original stories, come to my Fictionpress account.

Hah so many links.


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