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                                                          Hello everyone! The name is H00DRICH, and I'm currently desperately
                                                          searching for my very own beta reader/idea generator. I have three or
                                                          four short stories and novels that I am working on, and I am sadly
                                                          suffering from the terminal illness most people know as writer's block.

                                                          I know it's a lot to ask - sacrificing your valuable time to read my writing.
                                                          But if you love to read and love to tear a new one in plot holes, I promise
                                                          you that I'll keep you busy for days. If you love fanfiction - including
                                                          Kingdom Hearts, Yu-gi-oh!, and the Anita Blake series - then you're in
                                                          luck. And so am I!

                                                          Now, time to bribe you. I'm offering a reward in Gaia gold for anyone who
                                                          helps me out. The amount will be negotiable based on how thorough your
                                                          input is and how loyal of a beta reader you are. Simple suggestions will
                                                          earn you 50 - 100 gold. Serious beta readers will be rewarded with amounts
                                                          possibly in the thousands. If you just want to be a good citizen and help a
                                                          sista out without any pay, I would appreciate that as well.

                                                          Anyone interested can post here or send me a PM. Thank you <3

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i'd be happy to help. i'm looking for some beta reading to do anyway. i need a distraction from my own work for a while. you can pm me with details and i can give you my email address.
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That's a big, colorful picture.

I'm currently obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh (the original), so I'll beta your Yu-Gi-Oh fanfictions for you. I love fanfiction. I have access to the internet several hours a day, so I would be very loyal. I love to tear at stories. I might beta more stories for you later, but this week I'm buried in exams, so my time will be a tad strained for a while.
Ooooh!!! I'm filled with ideas! Just give me a topic and I can 98% of the time give a good idea. Just give me some things to think about and I'll have descriptions in no time! PM me or something, I'd love to help! <3
I'd love to help, and I don't charge. Got plenty of gold. I want to do some beta reading before I start writing again. I'm gonna have a lot of time, about 3 hours of free time a day Monday-Wednesday, so I need something to do. Thursday's my last day, so then I'm free to beta read whenever. I also used to have a job working as an editor for a local newspaper in my area, so I have plenty of experience. PM me and we can talk.

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