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Welcome to A little bit of this and that, a writing shop.
We are now open, but a bit in need of work, if you know of anything I left out, should add, change, exc. please feel free to PM me. There will be games and special events/sales held often so make sure you check in every once and a while to see what's going down.
A little bit of this and a little bit of that is your truely's (jackiee153) writing shop. It is called a little bit of this and a little bit of that because it covers a little bit of this kind of writing and a little bit of that one to, because I have not found a genre or type of writing I'm won't do yet. I'm a very chatty person so feel free to just to pop in and say hello.
Ok... So what's with the pups?
The pups are the shop's mascots because I wanted a mascot and they were super cute because they fit the shop description since they are all a different color so it covers a little bit of this color and a little bit of that color to, just like the shop covers a little bit of this type of literature and a little bit of that one to! heart I would also like to get some art of them, perhaps get some from a bribe? *wink wink*
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•Follow Thumper's rule ("If you don't have something nice to say then don't say it at all)
•If you do have any complaints or anything of that sort please PM them to me
•Use common sence
Rules are subject to change as needed.
Short story sample
Please note:Not my best work, but the rest were too long, I appologize

For all eturnity

Niv watched a girl with bright green hair as she walked down the street. His head was stuck in the clouds, all he could think about was her, her, her, and he didn't even know her name. What was it about her that made her so... So... Different? Was it her green hair that stood out of the crowd? Was it her goggles that set contently on her head? Was it the heart under her eye that seemed so bright and cheery? Or perhaps it was just her being her. Niv didn't know or care really, he just knew he wanted to talk to her. His very being urged him to go up to her and embrace her, but he knew he couldn't. He wanted to rip his eyes off of her and get back to what he was doing, but the fact of the matter was the boy was to focused on Nijinthat he couldn't even remember it was he was doing anymore. 

Niji strutted down the street, feeling on top of the world after a successful "borrowing" of some money from the richest guy she knew. Also, he was number one on her crap list, which added to the feel of her victory. She was about to celebrate by buying some diner but noticed a boy staring at her from a distance. For a few numb minutes she stared back at him their eyes locked, taking in every detail of each other's faces. Their scars, eye color, skin tone, even eyelash length and commuting it all to memory. Then, after what felt like a century but less than a second all at once they broke off in their spectate ways. That was a moment they would both remember for eturnity.

It was exactly three months, two days, and 4 hours before they saw each other again. They had both been counting. This time it was at the movie theater. It was a bright and sunny day, but  it was a bit humid outside from the resent rain. It was a Saturday they would both remember for eternity. 

Niv was eating popcorn and setting alone as none of his friends wanted to go see it, so he was alone. Niji was also alone as the ornery thief had no friends but herself. At least that's how it was then. But that was before many moments that they would never foreget.

They started off on opposite sides of the theater, but with a total of four people in the theater and the others being a couple, they some how both ended up in the back of the theater making small talk. "So are you enjoying the movie?" One would say periodically "Yep. You?" the other would say. "Yep." the first would reply. It went on like that for quite awhile. It was an uncomfortable situation that they would remember for eternity.

Finally, about half way though the movie, there was a loud explosion. It reverberated through the walls and into the soon to be couple's ears. It seemed to wrap around them and pull them together, Niji holding tightly onto Niv. Niv was smiling contently as the loud fake explosion from the show had caused her to hug him. He happily obliged and pulled her onto his lap. It felt... Natural to him some how.

Niji found herself blushing slightly as Niv placed her in his lap. If it was any normal case she would have protested and pulled away but they just seemed to fit perfectly together like prices of a puzzle that were slowly falling into place. 

It didn't take long for more pieces to fall into place. The two were now holding hands. It seemed strange to both of them that they would skip such an elementary step into being a couple, but they were both beginning to understand their destiny.

Once the movie was over the two stood up to leave, both going their separate ways. Once separated they both felt horridly alone and craved to be together once again.

It took them less than two minutes and forty two seconds, by their count, until they found their way back to each other outside the theater. Neither could bare to separate their self from the other, so they held hands and took an aimless stroll, speaking with actions rather than words, as they were both too shy to say anything cute to the other.
That was a first stroll that they would remember for all eternity.

Poem sample(s)

Writen for my friend who is a complete pyro and wanted a poem on struggles
I saw it in the fire.
It burned blue, struggling with it's self.
Destroying itself.
Choking itself
Something was very wrong.
Struggles will begin soon,
I saw it in the fire. 

Just a random little poem

You controll you,
So make the best of all you do,
And you might just make it through.

What is stronger?
A poem I wrote for my friend, meant to be very serious but have some wierd rhymes.

'Twas once said that love could concor all,
But is it truely hate?
Hate can destroy at an alarming rate,
But what of love,
Which speaks of peace like a dove?
You might say yes,
But is that really just a guess?
But, should you say no,
There are still many places you must go.

In all honesty, not the best of my work, but I have had some of my stuff stolen that way, so if you would like some more samples feel free to send me a PM

What I can't do
The only major thing I can't do is long storys (around 5+ pages) either way I prefer shorter works, but I can not do long ones because I work off of my IPod ninety percent of the time so long works are hard to finish as well as send.However, there will be a few cases where I might consider writing a long work for you, but it would probably take quite a convincing plot or payment.
Well... I am published (I would rather not go into details for security reasons), but I doubt I will ever consider myself an expert writer, so I intend on keeping my prices low

Base poem cost: 3K
+1K for every 5 lines (depending on the poem, if it's a poem with choppy syntax then the price will probably be different)

Base short story price: 4K
Short story roughly around 1K words: 5K
Any higher then that word wise just tell me how much you think it's worth.

Those are just the basics to base totals off of, all prices are negotiable.
I would also love to see some bribes and such, I'm not picky *wink wink.
Order forms
Feel free to add information to them as you see fit.
[size=11][quote="Jackiee153"]Poem please[/quote]
Title: (optional)
Poem Format: (# of stanzas, order of stanzas if different lines, narrative, lyrical, is there a beginning middle end, etc)
Rhyme Scheme: (if you have one in mind already)
Any other details:
Payment total: (If it's a bribe just say so)

sнσят sтσяч
[size=11][quote="Jackiee153"]Give me a short story![/quote]
Title: (optional)
Original Characters: (names, descriptions, background info, personalities, etc. Only has to be as specific as you want it to be)
Anything else?
Payment total: (If it's a bribe just say so ^^ )

If you deside you are not content with your work within two days of receiving it and have a good reason for it PM me and we can work something out.
None yet, but hoping to get some good ones soon!
Events, games, and other fun stuff
I noticed a lot of writing shops don't have events or anything beyond grand opening, but I like games and things so we are going to have some from time to time smile
Current events and sales:
Grand opening sale, the first two costomers orders are completely free ^^
Current Games:
None yet, but there will be soon!
Poems and short storys
Bribe slots
~'cause you never know when you will need an extra
~Just to be safe ^^
One more~
Just to finish the text rainbow ^^
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The pups say:
You've reserved enough the thread is...
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Oh Jackiee. the colors. The pastels.
It still hurts razz

But whatever :B

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