Welcome to Gaia! ::

Please post with links to your favorite charities and causes, including contests. Also, other Gaian wheres of interest and benefit to the community in general.

I will check them all, and link to the ones I find appropriate!
Also, serious donators looking for worthy causes to support, please read the first page.

AND if anyone has any suggestions as to promotions and recruiting, PLEASE let us know.

This is our first effort and it is very important to us.
Also, please be sure and read the last few posts, and visit the first page if you are in any way serious about helping charities.

Also, if you are looking for a comitted writing contest which includes reviews and peer discussion. For serious writers hoping to improve. And win prizes, of course.
If any of you who are established charities or causes, please share your information either hee or in PM, it will be greatly appreciated.

Working for the betterment of Gaians who love to write, and generous old-timers with amassed wealth to disperse as they see fit.
Alright now people, this Foundation means a LOT to me! Anyone with tips on how to promote and attract, PLEASE let me know!!!

Thank you muchly...

Updates available in the Headquarters thread! Finally moving right along and determined to get things finalized by the weekend. See page one for all thread listings.

Submissions: Read Headquarters thread, follow directions.

Thank you everyone who has donated, advised, submitted, and bumped.

Please see the webpage (map) for prize descriptions within the next few days.

Donations: please send to Major Domo, who will list you in both main threads and on the webpage!

Please send me any recommended Good Causes for US to link to!

Stay tuned...
Look! Read! HELLP! Even if its just to give me advice!!!
Advice in terms of promotions, and investigating other charities with similar or other worthy causes... helping new people, writing, art, etc.

And of course, contributing to good charities. I am a linker! Give me something to go read!

This means you.
Well, I suppose I will get to work on my own and peruse, message, investigate, and find causes to promote. I have a few already... let's see what I can find now...

Perhaps we need a Good Causes Guild...
I suppose I need to take the advice I have recently been reading about (colour me slow) and actually DO the list of prizes and gold to support my claims!

I have the inventory finished, please see the first page for specifics.
We are considering expanding our Charity goals to include helping other worthy causes in terms of loans or small grants.

Suggestions, input, all diaglogue along those lines welcomed and appreciated.
Please see revised and expanded information on first page.

Where are all those generous donators I keep hearing about and seeing in other charities?

Advice? Comments? Do you want references?

Am I, again, talking into the air?? At least say hello and good luck with your good intentions... don't say it! About roads paved to youknowwhere, I mean...
Actively seeking Benefactors, Sponsors, and Donators to reach our goals and become a successful Foundation/Charity - seeking to support, encourage, and assist the writers on Gaia.

Feel free to message Mahayr for references or details.

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