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<center>Last Updated Feb 17th 2005</center>


Feb 17th 2005 The money we had has been given to another charity that offered to take over, here. Thank you for all your help!

Nov. 21st We're closed right now. sad We need a savior.

We're reopening at 10K. Please donate!

October 16-- The winner of
our contest was announced the 14th. Yes, we are still alive!

September 5th, 2004 Okay, we have a LOT of gold. All thanks to that kooky crazy Kokuyo fellow. We'll be holding a contest, and I'd like to talk with some people about planning this. biggrin

September 4th, 2004 Well, it turns out that Bane has come back; once again, Gaia has proved itself to be highly addictive whee

September 2nd, 2004 I regret to announce that Bane has decided to leave Gaia. Leaving the managing of GrantOrg up to Jaimai40 and me (BTC/Nyx). This will almost guarantee us being a lot slower with stuff. So be patient about your requests and everything. It will be sorted out in due time.

August 19th, 2004 Hoo-boy. I've been on vacation for a while, and this place has obviously gone to hell. Well, we're back with two now (hopefully non-forgetful) staff members: nyx-thanato and Jaimai40. Big thanks to those two.

July 10th, 2004 We're back in business! If we dip below 3000, though, we're closing back up again, so PLEASE DONATE! crying <--- See? He's crying because not enough people are donating. We've got a new staff member to help us out, so I'm not running this show alone. If you want to help out with GrantOrg, please PM Bane is on Fire!

Nyx is running a fundraiser for us, and I applaud her for doing it. I (Bane), am also considering running a fundraiser for this fund as I am unsure that it will suceed.

Staff Members:
Bane is on Fire!
nyx-thanato (and .clothos and burnt toast crumbs)

If you have any questions or comments, please PM Bane is on Fire!. This account is a mule only and should not be used for anything other than collecting the gold. If you want to volunteer to work with GrantOrg, please send a PM to Bane is on Fire!

Rules (Read 'em or die):

#1 Do not "bump" this page. It's a sticky, people. If you "bump" or spam this page, you will be <gaspshock> blacklisted. No one on the <gaspshock> blacklist can receive grants.
#2 Do not post your poetry or your stories on this thread. They will be considered spam, and you will be <gaspshock> blacklisted.
#3 If we turn you down for a grant, do not pester us about it.
#4 Be realistic when you apply. If you pad your request and you are turned down you will not be allowed to reapply.
#5 Be patient if you take some time to process your request.
#6 If, while the Grant was closed, you applied for a grant and were told that the grant was closed: please re-apply. I don't have the PMs anymore.
#7 If you want to donate, be sure to send it to GrantOrg, the mule.
#8 If you harras/insult us in any way, you get <gaspshock> blacklisted.
#9 If you have a large reserve of cash and you apply for a loan, expect to be turned down.
#10 If you don't fill out the form below properly, you will be denied a loan.

Donating: To send donations, start a trade with: GrantOrg

DONATORS LIST = OFFLINE. The new and improved GrantOrg (Let's hope) will feature a donators list. I'm looking for someone to run this.

Applying for a Grant: To receive donations, start a contest and fill out this application, then send it to: GrantOrg The information sent to us will not be displayed or leaked in any form. The person who starts the contest thread must be the one to send the application.


1. Name of Contest: This is so that we can visit your contest and review it for content (such as theme) and planning.
2. Judges: This helps us know that you have put enough effort in the contest, whether you are judging it by yourself or with others.
3. Money already put aside for the contest: xxxg Hopefully you didn't start a contest with no money to give out. We're more inclined to give a leg up than to fund an entire contest, although we will do both.
4. Amount requested: xxxg Well, we need to know this in case you get accepted. wink
5. Prizes that would be offered if grant is given: This should equal the money you have set aside plus what you are asking for. Please specify 1rst, 2nd, and 3rd place (if there are that many prizes) instead of simply giving the total. Prizes should be well balanced, not 1k for first place and 1g for second.

  • 1rst Prize
  • 2nd Prize
  • etc.

6. Persons or Organizations running the contest: If an organization is running the contest, we might like to see how else we can affiliate with them. If the organization has been around a while, that lets us know that the contest is for real.
7. Total amount in personal or organizational treasury: This information will not be given out and will only affect the application if #8 is filled out unsatisfactorily. For instance, if you have 100k and want 1k for the entire contest, you're a greedy b*****d unless, possibly, you're saving up for something.
8. Further Comments: This is your chance to explain why you want a grant instead of raising the money yourself. How well the contest is planned out will be the #1 deciding factor, but if our funds are low we may have to consider this section of the application as well.

1. [url=link][b]Name of Contest[/b][/url]
2. [B]Judges[/B]:
3. [B]Money already put aside for the contest[/B]: xxxg
4. [B]Amount requested[/B]: xxxg
5. [B]Prizes that would be offered if grant is given[/B]:
[*]1rst Prize
[*]2nd Prize
6. [B]Persons or Organizations running the contest[/B]:
7. [B]Total amount in personal or organizational treasury[/B]:
8. [B]Further Comments[/B]:

Acceptance of Grant: If you are given a grant, as part of the acceptance, you must mention that we have helped fund your contest and link to us. This is so that people can easily report misuse of the funds if that ever happens, and of course for our own selfish publicity wink .

PS. Other stickies of interest:
Directory of Poetry Contests
Directory of Prose Contests

Thanks for your time, folks, and get donating! surprised
Glad to be of service.
A great big thanks goes out to Lord Shishio for donating 1500G! He'll be added to the donators' list as soon as Penden sees this!
Thanks, I hope to be a regular contributor.

I also hope that the GWCG stays around. It should help bolster the quality of future Gaia writing contests.
This is great, hopefully it'll kick off
This is great, hopefully it'll kick off

Lord Shishio
I also hope that the GWCG stays around. It should help bolster the quality of future Gaia writing contests.

That's the idea! I hope to see some really inventive stuff (well, I have already, but I hope to continue seeing it). xd

He'll be added to the donators' list as soon as Penden sees this!

ninja Added!
Valgav's avatar

Dapper Elocutionist

Grr, Penden, you never mentioned this before. biggrin
Any way that I can help the writer's forum or it's subforums is on my 'to do list'. biggrin


Rockin, people!
Can't have Valgav out donating me when I told him about this, so here's another.

Valgav's avatar

Dapper Elocutionist

Argh, bloody hell. xd

: biggrin onates::

Take that, Lord Shishio. xd
xd Woohoo for donations! I think it's funny that we have 23,000g or so and only one person has asked for a donation. xp
Valgav's avatar

Dapper Elocutionist

Um, why isn't this sticky showing up in the forum?

Now that I've posted, it's back. Now that's weird.
hanging gallow's avatar

Dapper Vampire

...maybe some people are embarrassed to ask for money...
No-one on Gaia's ever been embarrased to ask for money before...WTF, I got 75% of my gold from writing contests, I'll donate.

Maybe you can run your own contest if nothing pans out.
This is wonderful!

I just won my first contest - so I'll probably end up donating a small bit (I'm still a new user, so not a whole lot of gold yet, and I would like a few items for myself!) - but I want to be able to host contests, too!

So, once I think up a really keen one, I'll probably hold some of my cash for that and ask you guys for more.

I think it's great that there are active, generous users on Gaia that aren't "Newbie" bashers. Just because I'm new to Gaia doesn't mean I'm an internet-loser...

Anyway.... *climbs off soapbox* sweatdrop

I will definitely be looking to you guys for help with my contests!

heart ,

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