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Are you looking for a challenge that will take you to places you never thought you’d go? Do you desire to battle it out in all blood and glory, fighting your way to the top of the pile? Maybe you’re not just in it for the bloodshed, but the taunting allure of the gold jack pot?

Well then, look no further!

Welcome to the Writer’s Block Arena!

Here you will be given the chance to show what kind of awesome writer you are.

Everyone who enters will create one to two OCs (or just use one or two old OCs). These OCs can be any sort of creature from any sort of world with any sort of powers and weapons; just make sure you can fully describe all of this for your opponent! You and your one/two character(s) will be pit against another person and set to rip each other to shreds! Sometimes you will be given certain aspects to include in your battle scene, sometimes you will just be let loose to do as you please!

If this intrigues you, look on to learn how to enter.

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One first prize winner, the champion of 4 battles, the one ouf of sixteen, will win:
This prize is subject to change. Will never shrink, but has the possibility of growing.

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The Semi-finals are underway
The finals are nearly upon us!

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General Rules
1. Follow Gaia TOS.
2. Respect everyone in the thread.
3. TT Snim, LemurTail and Moonbird67 are in charge. If you have a problem, please do not hesitate to message them. They will be happy to help.
4. Do not quote the first pages.

Contest Rules
1. Any character(s) entered must be your own creation. This means NO fan characters allowed.
2. All entries must be turned in on time or you will forfeit by default. If something comes up in real life, message MOONBIRD67 before the deadline and let them know. She will work something out with you.
3. Entries will be judged by Moonbird or LemurTail. They will be alternating turns and judging each other's fights. If they face other each other, TT Snim will judge that match.


Technical Section

Grammar 1-3 (?) **
Clearly defined POV 1-3 **
Length Requirement 4 points *
Transitions/Flow 1-5
Creativity 1-5

Total points possible: 20 points

Opponent's Character Portrayal
Can you accurately portray your opponent's:

Fighting Style 1-5
Personality 1-5
Weakness 1-5
Ethics/Morals 1-5
Teamwork 1-5 (only applicable to contestant with 2 characters)
**Do your characters work together?**
All or nothing 1-5 (only applicable to contestant with 1 character fighting against 2 others)
**How does your character survive 2vs1 combat?**

Total points possible: 20 (25 if team) points

Bonus Points:
If the judge feels that the author went above and beyond what was expected (ex. Use of Symbolism, metaphor, admirable portray of characters, plot twists, creative outcomes for matches, etc.) an additional 1-3 points may be added to the final score.
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Create your character(s) and fill out the following submission form. Make sure you fill out one submission form for each character. The word length will be checked once you turn it in. Make sure you send the application to this account then post a comment about it in the thread.

[b]1 OR 2 characters only.[/b]






[b]Personality[/b][i] (AT LEAST 300 words, preferrably more.) :[/i]

[b]Like/Dislike[/b] [i](3 each):[/i]

[b]Fighting Style [/b][i](At least one full - 5 sentence - paragraph) :[/i]

[b]Supernatural Powers [/b][i](if any):[/i]

[b]Weakness[/b][i] (must be a real one ie; bad leg, fear, flaw etc):[/i]

[b]Ethics/Morality[/b][i] (Will they kill, cheat, fight fair, etc):[/i]

[b]Internally or Externally Motivated, and by what/why?[/b] [i](Internally motivated by WANTS and NEEDS or Externally motivated BY a force he/she/it has no control over)[/i]:

[b]History of the Character[/b] [i](Defining moment(s) in your character's life/Where did they grow up?/What sort of family did they have?/Other information. AT LEAST 200 WORDS of viable info - don't just answer the questions and be done):[/i]

[b]Character Relationship[/b][i] (How they met, why they fight/hang out together, ulterior motive for sticking with their partner - for 2 characters only):[/i]

[b]How they found this Arena/Intro Story[/b][i] (1,000-5,000 words):[/i]

[b]Links/copies of pieces with character(s) in them[/b][i] (optional for newly made characters):[/i]

Once you've been accepted, make sure to join the The Writer’s Block Arena Guild, which is located here. Make sure you have your guild announcements turned on so you can receive them!

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Season Three is currently filled and underway. To find the list of contestants, please look in the next post titled "Timeline."
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These dates are spaced evenly so everyone has enough time to write a duel with their and their opponents characters. Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, just ask Moonbird67, LemurTail, or TT Snim.

Send your fights to Moonbird67 - she will get it posted in the Guild here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=21648781

Omnom-san VS ???
Due Date: ???
Judged By: ???

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User ImageWho am I?

I'm the leader of this blood bath, TT Snim. I'm an artist and a writer - though I don't participate officially in this contest - and I enjoy reading every thing sent in. I also have a passion for cats, for listening to music, and baking.

What do I do?

I flail around until the crew saves me from my self.
While I created this contest, and hold weekly meetings and hand out the over all agenda, this whole thing would fall apart with out my crew. And that's a fact.

What I love about this guild?
I created this contest, and what I love about it is that it's lasted for over two years, improved my real life skills, and given me a lot more self confidence. While I know I could never have done it alone, I do credit this contest for a number of valuable and applicable real life lessons that I had to forge on my own. Becoming a leader here has allowed me to take more command of my real life. In keeping a weekly appointment I've found the rest of my week falling more in to line, and my organizational skills vastly improved.
Also, my blood lust is satisfied in many wonderful ways. ^_^'

User ImageWho I am:
Hi all!! My name is Moonbird67, actually that would be quite a silly name wouldn’t it? Just call me Moon. I am a 17 year old girl and I adore all kinds of writing (minus romance). Fighting and angst are my favorite forms of writing so it made sense that I ended up here, huh?

What I do:
Anywho, in this guild, I work as the secretary, I guess you could call it. In other words, I keep the guild clean and run the forums the best I can. I accept guild requests and keep the mule (Gordan_Ran) from self-imploding. I answer questions and keep the timeline in order. In short, I am the girl in charge of the whip that keeps all of this from falling apart (or so TT says). I also am a proud fighter in this guild.

What I love about this guild:
I participated in Season Two of the guild and I loved every moment of it. It was such a great experience to go head to head with other fighter’s creations and learn to adapt to writing styles and have another’s characters become my own. As an aspiring writer, it was an opportunity that I will never take for granted and one I will never forget. I hope all competitors find this as fun and as informative as I did.

User ImageI am LemurTail, the Public Relations leader of the Writer's Block Arena.

My passion for characters and fair treatment earned me this role as the guild's "counselor" of sorts, and I will always fight for any writer who was incorrectly judged or feels their characters were not displayed well. I'll provide art and character images for this contest, and do my best to keep things glued together for the Big Three: JesiMar13, MoonBird67, and our fearless leader TT_Snim. At the beginning I was simply a participant in this contest, but as it progressed I began hammering out faults with TT Snim. We all had a rocky start, but I firmly believe that this contest will blossom from our shortcomings and grow into something wonderful under our leader's footsteps.

The passion, the creatures, and the creativity--the Arena is built on these principles. I love the blood-pounding excitement each new challenge brings and the hearts the writers pour into their entries. All of the characters clashing is incredible, and the community this guild offers is even more so; all of the staff will do their best to support the writers and lend a hand to someone struggling.

Going up against new writers and seeing what they can dish out will always keep me coming back here to the Writer's Block Arena. I know this Guild can help me grow as a writer--and the prize money can't hurt either!

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Please follow these guidelines when/if you use the NPCs in your entries.

(See posting avi for picture)
Who I am:
Hello my money making minions! My name, if you are ignorant enough to not know, is Gordan Ran! I do not think I require more of an introduction than that.

What I do:
I am the owner, yes, the all powerful and rich owner of the Arena. I decide what happens, what traps… uhh I mean what obstacles my amazing fighters will face! You will see my face popping in and out of the guild as I smooth out any mistakes, give order, keep the chaos from erupting, and making important decisions.

What I love about this guild:
What do I love about my guild? Everything from the money to the amazing fights! It really is an awesome sight to see two, three, or four fighters dueling until the death…I mean until the last bell. What is not to love about a good, old fashion, and not to mention completely risk free event? Note: the Arena is not important for any lifelong injuries and death that everyone may be exposed too.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Hello, my name is Pete Vole. I am 45 years old. I am recognized as a man who does not own the world, but who goes with the flow. I follows my boss’s orders dutifully, though not passionately. Who knows, maybe some deep dark side of myself smolders in the ashes of a resentment towards Ran for being pushed around all the time? But who cares. So long as I don’t get killed, gets paid, and life doesn’t push me around too much, I’m okay with it. Some people also comment on my lack of hygiene, but I don’t have the time to have a shower daily.

What I do:
I am the Head Referee in the Arena.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Good day, I am Jessica Briggs and I am 36, though if asked, I will tell you 28. I dislike my boss, Gordan Ran with a burning passion. Cheating and mud annoy me as well. Though I may not seem like it when I am in the Arena, I am quite the charmer. What man wouldn’t like to come home to a warm mug of hot chocolate and dinner on the table? And this job is just the start of something big. One day I will prove to ran in his greedy ways that I am going places.
What I do:
I am the Assisting Referee in the Arena and I try to put a stop Ran’s antics before they get out of hand.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I’m Jeff Kane and I like to sleep. Yes I am part cat so get me a ball of yarn and I may bat it back if I feel like it. Cat’s rule. Wake me up when the fight starts.
What I do:
Assisting Referee


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Friends, I am the Shadow. My sole purpose in this Arena is to make Gordan’s life difficult. But why would I bore you with pointless back story about the reasons? Not much is known about me and I prefer it that way; it makes harassment much more interesting when no one can fight back. I am a shadow, but I am also not. I will always be there, watching you and following you…shadowing you.
I am working for what I calls the “agency”. This “agency” is interested in the contestants that fight in the arena, but I won’t say what for. I often bets against Ran, rooting for the opposite team to mess with Ran and for a greater cause I have yet to reveal. So far, Ran is the only Arena employee to have seen me.
What do I do?
I believe I made this obvious. Sometimes I recruit for Ran, much to his dismay, and other times, I turn his profit into ashes. Or divert it into my own hands.
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Jesi's friend Dezzy for making the lay out.

Other cool people who do cool things for us here

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Affiliates will go here. Want to affiliate? Send TT Snim a message about it with the code to your banner. Don't forget to take our banner too!

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