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The Fujoshi Kitten
Okay, finally, I see the end!

I'm so sorry for the really long wait; they would have been done sooner, but school started and ruined it all.


I am finally doing the final looks, and I will have the winners announced by Friday night/Saturday morning, central time.

The individual critiques will be sent to the entrants inbox as soon as possible after the announcement has been made.

Wee nearly done. I feel bad because I know for a fact that there were some errors because I went back and worked on it (in a different document so it wouldn't disturb the one you have) and was like "argh! typo ><"
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Check the "winners" section on the first page. Congratulations to all of you! I really enjoyed reading the stories you all wrote; they were spectacular in many ways, and it was difficult to judge!

I will be typing the individual critiques throughout today and tomorrow. Here is how the critiques will work:

I'll PM each of you the rubric for judging with what you scored in each section, and your total. I will point out areas that need to be considered under the appropriate sections, and I will have general comments after the total.

Thank you so much everyone for participating! I'm sending trades for the prizes now.
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Congrats to everyone! And thank you so much Fujoshi Kitten for holding this contest. It was a nice challenge and I appreciated the opportunity. smile
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Oh ho. Congrats guys!

I hope to see another contest of yours around!

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Alright guys, I'm working on the critiques now!

Just as a heads up: these critiques are not in-depth. I did not go through the entries and write down every mistake made, what kind of mistake, etc. Because this is creative writing, I don't believe in "judging" them like that. Instead, I'm going to give you a basic overview of where you should possibly look when you're editing next time, and a few suggestions about what I think could have improved the story.

As always, take my suggestions with a grain of salt. In the end, it's your writing and your story, so do whatever you think makes sense, okay?

Here is what the rubric is going to look like:

Prompt: ______/5
Originality: _____/5
Grammar: _____/5
Pacing: ______/5
Detail: _____/5

Thanks so much again for participating! I hope to have another contest soon ^^

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