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1st - Ivydoll -> "The NPP" - Ancient Katana

2nd - Imoto Lehcar -> "The Happy Couple" - 15K
- Broken_Chains -> "A Subtle Change" - 15K
- Weiss Hazard -> Untitled - 15K

3rd - MustangDragon -> "The Planet - Flame Sword
4th - Daemos -> "God Is a Single Mother" - Yokai's Treasure
5th - Dojo Blue -> "The Seven Chairs" - Spirited Shoes

"Under Construction"
A comedy about universal construction.

"Under Construction" is my tenth writing contest on Gaia. After getting so complacent with my last two (still running), "Intergraph" and "Beginnings", I've decided I want to vanish with a bit of a bang. You see, I've got grade 11 approaching and all sorts of things including work and end of year exams starting to approach. I figure I may be vague when college starts up and possibly busy in the holidays beforehand, so, I'll get this over and done with now.

This contest is probably more prose based, though I know there will be some poetry entries out there.

Guidelines -
This prose or poem is to be a comedy. It is to be about two or more deities (Which can be either made up or... well... erm. Yeah.) who are in argument or conflict over the creation of a new world or an adjustment to an existing one.

Please aim to have *at least* 500 words! (Which really isn't that many, less you're doing poetry.)(Plus you have over a month!) If you are doing poetry and feel your point/s and joke/s will be washed out by that many words, it's alright to be under trusting your poem is awesome! ^_^

This contest opened on Wednesday, the 13th of June.
It shall be closing on Thursday, the 23rd of August.
Judging *will* be complete by Tuesday, the 11th as September.
(Before I fly to Melbourne for Manifest, in other words.)

1. Intro/Guidelines.
2. Prizes.
3. Entrants
4. Donators/Banners.
These are the *wonderful* prizes that will be up for grabs for my favourite entries.

1st Place - OMFG
2nd - Flame Sword + 3,000g
3rd - 10,000g
4th - 7,000g
5th - 5,000g
6th - 3,000g
7th - 2,000g
Donations and Banners.

Donators ->
WW&CCF - 50,000g... In other words, more than I actually needed to fill the prizes! 5K of it is for my other two contests, then 30K is for here. I'm going to buy an investment for saving for my next contest (which should be here about December.) and any spare will slightly bump up these prizes or make an 8th spot.

I've never had a banner before...

Actually. That *might* be a lie.
*Checks back*
No, no it's not a lie.

*Looks hopeful*

User Image

It's a banner! Thankyou MustangDragon :3 ~ heart
dangerous xx L I A S O N's avatar

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Weee! This is amazing! I love it. Even more than intergraph. I'm entering, hands down.
I'm glad to hear it :3
I hope this goes alright. I mean, I guess I'm not going to get to top Novus for awhile, but, I can always try XD

Thanks~! Goodluck!
dangerous xx L I A S O N's avatar

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Double the good luck to you. If I had any decent software, I'd make a banner. But sadly, I have nothing.
This looks amazing and grand, as all of yours do!
I was thinking of this sort of thing when I started "Beginnings", but, I didn't make it exact as I ought of... (Which was bad of me. Beginnings hasn't been going so well, after all.)
o: This looks like fun. I'd like to enter, please. :3 Do you want the entries posted here?
When your entry is complete feel free to post away :3

Thanks ^^
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I don't get the first and second prizes. What do you mean by OMFG and Guild (+2). Are you giving us a guild or something?
Our lovely WW&CCF, via Mahayr, has just dropped off a donation!
Worship them!

Those prizes are now stable~
If they do actually move, the only way is up.
I don't get the first and second prizes. What do you mean by OMFG and Guild (+2). Are you giving us a guild or something?

An OMFG is what's on my head ^^
(No, not the marshmallow. The black thing!)
It's a donation item, now worth 88,000g.

The second prize is a guild with two subforums. Also 3,000 pure gold.
And for those who don't know -> (A guild with two subforums will only sell for about 13K if sold through the Captain's Guild. If you can find someone who would like it who doesn't already own a guild, it would sell for up to 20K. I'm thinking of liquidating it... but... if someone actually wants a guild it would cost them 20K to buy new.

It's kind of silly. The forum designed to buy and sell guilds can only be accessed by those who own a guild. So, there's heaps of people who are tired of their guild trying to sell them off to people who generally have all the guild they need. It means the prices drop hugely compared to people who would otherwise have to pay 20,000g to buy a guild since they can't access the Captain's Guild.

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