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The Power of the Pen
Or your word processor. =)

People express themselves in different ways. Some release their energy during sports games, others prefer to sing. There are many different ways (I'm sure you can express yourself through eating) and writing is just one of them.

This is my first ever writing contest, and hopefully I'll pull through. You will compete using your writing. All forms of prose are acceptable. It's very important that you read all of the information on the front page. I have a post which shows what I will score your writing upon. I also have my likes and dislikes listed.

This contest will start Sunday, January 6th and end February 28th, 2008 at 11pm central. The due date will be extended if needed.

There are NO entry fees (though donations certainly come in handy).
There is no set limit for entries, but I need fifteen total to judge.

Scoring Points
Like and Dislikes

The Rules

[ x ] Original works are a MUST. I don't care if your writing smells like dog poo, you submit that or nothing. Do not attempt to pass of someone's work as you own. I've read a lot of poems in my lifetime and TONS of stories, books, what not. I will do google checks on anything that looks suspicious.

[ x ] I don't really care about length, but less than twenty thousand words.

[ x ] Your work must follow the Gaia ToS. If the subject matter is questionable, I will proofread it in a PM if you really need me to. Do not post anything if you are unsure of the rating. DO NOT Pm me your entry unless you think it might be over PG-13. I've had to PM contest owners before because I was unsure of the rating. Most of you should be fine.

[ x ] With that said, you may not PM me unless it follows the circumstances above, or if you have a question. All entries are to be posted in the thread.

[ x ] Be nice.

[ x ] Do NOT pester me and ask if I have read it. If I have, I have. If I haven't, I haven't.

[ x ] If you say your poem sucks, it sucks.

[ x ] I may add and modify rules as I see fit.

[ x ] You may submit as many entries as you like, but only one can recieve a prize.

[ x ] Entries that you have already submitted for other contests are allowe.d. ^^


Entry Form

This must be completed and posted at the top of your entry, with your poem, story, whatever right beneath it. If not, your entry will not be accepted.

[u]Form of Prose (story, poem, etc.)[/u]:

Scoring Points and Judges

There will be a total of 35 pts. issued.

Here are the scoring points. Ask yourself these questions before turning your entry in.

Rules: (5) Did you follow the rules? It's an easy five points. You could get points taken off if you didn't bother to read the rules. If you didn't include the proper form with your entry, than you'll probably lose points in this department! Make sure to include it!
Imagery : (10) Did you describe the objects in prose? Did you use new phrases to describe things in your prose, or did you use the same old, same old (fat as a pig, white as snow). Could I really feel like I was there by your description?
Originiality : (10) Has your idea been used before? Have I heard it somewhere? If your entry has the basic concept of another story, points will be taken off. There are many inspirations around you. Think of the sights, smells, and sounds you hear everyday (or what you rarely hear or see) and turn it into prose, rather than thinking of something you read in someone else's work.
Spelling and Grammar: Use your spellcheck! Proofread your work. Did you make sure to use the right forms of words (there instead of their)? I know some computers have a grammar check. Use it as well (but be careful, sometimes they are wrong. A computer can't know what form of the word you really mean)
Focus- Did you go off on some random end in your story, or did you remain FOCUSED?

The judges are
Azraels_Lil_Helper or her mule, xRolling_Starx
We also have another addition to our judges : katanamidori.

You may only pm .a.r.a.s.h.i. and that is if you have a question.

Likes and Dislikes

Remember, these are only guidelines for those that need further inspiration. You do not need to use these, and no points will be taken off if your prose doesn't follow our likes and dislikes

Arashi's likes: Well-written romance (no sappy), characters with their own personalities, pretty much anything

Arashi's dislikes: Cliche romances/stories *coughTwilightcough*.

Azraels likes and dislikes are unknown


First Prize <<<<<<<<< 16k
Second Prize <<<<<<<<< 6k
Third Prize <<<<<<< 4k
Honarable mentions may be given out (such as a small, commons item or avi art), I have about 2k set aside for that.


There will be no limit to entries, but I will need at least fifteen for judging!

1. Mugansi <<<<< Remembering the Good Stuff. Page 2.
2. Toyomo16 <<<<< Ziro, Page 2.
3. Tory Weaver <<<<< Twilight Town, Page 2.
4. Green Tea Chi <<<<< Sickness and Pain, Page 2.
5. Eruden Ki <<<<< The Deadly Ruler
6. Psychotic Maniacal Sanity <<<< Sweetest Goodbye
7. Snowing~Star <<<<< The path of a black woman, page 3.
8. Boook Worm, page 3.
9. miss_JO_Bech <<<<< Crimson, page 3.
10. Nesce <<<<< Page 3
11. MotherSky <<<<< Why do we deserve to Live? page 3.
12. Cinerea <<<<<<< Doves, page 3.
13. UchihaLuv <<<<<< The Beginning, page 3.
14. 1337 (V) 4573i! <<<<<<<< We are one, page
15. Niimorakorin-kun <<<<<<< Prettier in the Moonlight, page 3
16. Zach109 <<<<<<< No entry form at the top!
17. Olgidio <<<<<<<<<< In our minds, page 4.
18. K o r p s e R o t t e n <The Curious Adventures of Bunny Ted and the Maggots What Ate His Gutty Wuts, page 4.
19. art4all <<<<<<<<<<<< How much I care, page 4.
20. summonergirl001 <<<<<<<<<< Of Rain and Strangers, page 4
21. navygirlnv <<<<<<<<<<<<< Ara, page 4
22. Zephyr Aryn <<<<<<<<< Minor Character, page 4
23. Fut <<<<<<<<<<<<<< The Man at Main and Elm, page 4
24. Inumaru-Chan13<<<<<< Hate, page 4.
25. lady_sakhmet <<<<<<< Good Enough, page 5.
26. Eliyandra <<<<<<<<<<<< Sand will always be sand, page 5
27. Aragami Slayer 73 <<<<<<<<<< Why it's Best to Eat French Fries, page 5.
28. kishonokate <<<<<<<<<<<<< just a good old story, page 5.
29. magnolia_x <<<<<<<<<<<<< Tonic, page 5.
30. WhiteWolf895 <<<<<<<<<<<< Heart of a Sailor, page 6
31. Korei Kiragone <<<<<<<<<<< page 6
32. Sennen no Yuki >>>>>>>>>>>>> Echo of Glass
33. assasin 13
34. ayumae >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Destroyer of Time
35. Spectre565 >>>>>>>>>>>> Shards of Eternity
36. White_ribbons_and_got >>>>>>>>> An Unlikely Romance
37. musicqueen110 >>>>>>>>>> The Eleven PLagues of the World
38. Sweetdeily >>>>>>>>> Peeling Wood
39. ' S I N >>>>>>>>>> 52 pick up
40. Pingwin >>>>>>>>>> Poem
42. Pingwin >>>>>>> Watching the Clock
43. Lainny-poo >>>>>>>>>> Summer Nights
44. [.TwilightRain.] >>>>>>>>> Autumn's Fall
45. onyx2047 >>>>>>>>>>>> Excerpt from 'Lotus'
Very nice. I have your Grant Application and will let you know in a couple of days, but it looks fine to me so far, and I see no reasons not to give you one. It will be for 20K, and perhaps a thank-you-for-entering small something for each entrant. I love to do that!


And if you do not mind, I will put my little advertisement here. Heh!
Wow, thank you! <3
This sounds neat. I might enter.
This looks fun. Eh, why not?
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Can I post a fantasy romance, or a tragedy? I'm not so good with just plain romances
Is fanfiction allowed? Specifically Firefly the TV show fanfiction?
you say 'original'. Does that mean you can't use things you've used in other competitions (even if they haven't won)
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Hmm, you're participating in my contest, so I may participate in yours. Good luck getting entries!
Sounds cool! I might enter, I have a short romance/action story I'm in the middle of wirting. Also are song lyrics allowed. My friend just wrote one and I'd like for her to put it in a contest and it's a form of writing.

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