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Let's say your spaceship has been bombed by pirates & will soon asplode. How do you prepare for death?

Freak out (ohmigodohmigod I'm gonna DIIIEEE AAAAGGH!!!) 0.076305220883534 7.6% [ 19 ]
Sit there numbly, knowing there's nothing more to do or say 0.036144578313253 3.6% [ 9 ]
Try to send a last message of love to your family / friends / significant other 0.092369477911647 9.2% [ 23 ]
Pray, chant, meditate or other religious activity 0.036144578313253 3.6% [ 9 ]
Tell that one fellow crew member you hate what you really think of them 0.06425702811245 6.4% [ 16 ]
Tell that one fellow crew member you have a crush on what you really think of them 0.072289156626506 7.2% [ 18 ]
Hit the snooze button and sleep through it 0.14056224899598 14.1% [ 35 ]
Sing a song through gritted teeth (ie, Amazing Grace, Bird on a Wire, your national anthem) 0.056224899598394 5.6% [ 14 ]
More than one of the above 0.29718875502008 29.7% [ 74 ]
Something completely different (please post & say what it is!) 0.1285140562249 12.9% [ 32 ]
Total Votes:[ 249 ]
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Table of Contents
1st post: Links, Announcements, & RULES
2nd post: Judges / Link to current duels
3rd post: Prizes

Useful Links & Things We're Plugging

Useful links

Dictionary.com -- dictionary & thesaurus
RhymeZone.com -- rhyming dictionary

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.The WC Yellowbook -- guide to Writing Contests

Things We're Plugging

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Writing Contests, Charity, Grants.
Serpenteyes` 100k NaNoWriMo contest -- serpenteyes runs the biggest-ticket NaNoWriMo on Gaia! ^_^
Discourse`s latest exercise thread: Imagery! -- The only Disco that doesn't suck. ^_~
Bohemian Lover Boy`s Challenge -- An ongoing challenge to write a poem based on a word of his choice.
Winged foxes & unicorns! -- A breedable pets shop. Riftwing did my avi art below, and Wickeddelight did the spike-footed goat in the first post of the Dueling Grounds. So they RAWK.


Hello, and welcome to the Colosseum! Here poets test their lyrical mettle by betting their own items against each other in duels of poetic skill.

Right now two out of our five judges have absconded, one is extremely lazy (me), and the other two are suffering from No-Duelist-Itis. Go to the end of the first post for the judge application form--or scroll down just below the "7 Easy Steps" to become a Defender.

The Colosseum is always open for bloodshed!
* twisted

Once a duel is ready to start, post your poems here:
The Colosseum: Dueling Grounds


Here you can challenge other poets to a friendly or not so friendly duel. It will be like sports, or like tigers defending their turf: there will be the defenders (the home team) and challengers. Defenders put out a challenge to the whole forum but depend on a challenger to take them up on it. And just like defenders in the wild, you must take on every challenger that comes at you, otherwise your territory is taken over by default.

Dueling in 7 easy steps

1. Defender posts their listing.
A Defender's Listing goes in the first post, and tells Challengers what duel terms they would like.
A Judge's Listing also goes in the first post, and informs Duelists about their fees and judging style.

2. Challenger posts a Challenge.
This is done by filling out the form below.

3. Defender posts an Acceptance.
There's a form below for this as well. ~_^

4. Judge posts the Enguarde in both the Dueling Grounds and the Main thread.
An Enguarde is a post listing the names of the Duelists, the amount of their bet and the terms of the duel. The duel poems may not be posted until the Enguarde is up. Think of it as a Judge's Acceptance.

5. Duelists send the Judge the judging fee, plus the gold and/or items bet in the duel.
NOTA BENE! - This can be done any time after the Defender has Accepted the terms of the duel. Keep in mind that Judges MAY NOT PASS JUDGMENT UNLESS THEY ARE PAID.

6. Duelists post battle poems.
Even if your poem is much better than your opponent's in terms of quality, it must abide by the terms of the duel or you might lose by being disqualified.

7. Judge posts judgment and/or critique, and sends the bet items/gold to the winner.

At each step in the process, you may PM the other person to let them know they have been Challenged, Accepted, hired as a Judge, etc. This will help speed things up, as not everyone visits the thread every day!

Any one may become a defender by filling out this form and posting it in the thread:

Defender name:
Judge(s) I prefer:

Anyone may challenge a defender by filling out this form and posting in the thread:

Challenger name:
Defender name:
Bet: (of equal or approximate value to the defender's bet)
Judge(s) desired:

Challengers and defenders must then decide on the rules for their duel. For instance, what sort of poem are you going to write? What can't you do? What are you going for? A duel will only happen if the format and the judge(s) can be agreed upon.

Miscellaneous rules
Anyone may Challenge a Defender except a Judge.
A duel may begin once the terms are agreed upon and the judge has posted the Enguarde.
You may fight more than one duel at a time.
Each poem should be clearly marked to show which duel it is for.

Any donations should be sent to our treasury mule, Torches_Of_Nero.

Becoming a Judge

Either PM LongTimeListener with the following information:

1. Why you think people should hire you to be their judge
2. Link to a recent critique you've given, whether in the Original Poetry/Lyricism forum or as a judge for a contest
3. Why you think I should entrust you with the success and legitimacy of my contest


4. If any duel is listed in the first post of the Dueling Grounds as "up for grabs", you may post a critique & judgment of that duel. If you do, that post constitutes your application to be a judge.

For more rules, see Torches_of_Nero`s profile.

*Metaphorically speaking, of course.


LongTimeListener | with crit 200g (400g for Double-Barreled) : no crit 50g
User Image

MWF seeks good poetry. Appreciates all styles, all forms, all devices, as long as they are used well. She is a sucker for irony, puns and multiple meanings, and skillful uses of sound. Nothing much angers her (anymore...), but she has been known to snort derisively at things from time to time. No poet is too newbish or too advanced to benefit from her blatherings. Promise. ^_~

Penden | ABSCONDXX0oRRrzZz'd!
User Image

On temporary hiatus due to impending marriage.

BlueBus | ABSCONDXX0oRRrzZz'd!
He has been cut from the judging list due to inactivity!
He may return to judging at any time should he choose do to so!
I, LLL, take some of the credit/blame/responsibility for this as our novel project has eaten his brain!


serpenteyes | with crit 50g : no crit 25g
User Image

Serpenteyes is the judge for you. She has judged much, and judged often. She is quick with the judging, and has taken fencing, so she really knows what 'enguarde' means! Serpenteyes is her name for a reason. She is sly like a serpent, and finds that the little things that make poems great. She is crafty and looks at every aspect in a poem to determine the winner. The 'eyes' part is because she has an eye for poetry, what is beautiful and good, and what is stinky and nasty-- ask for a crit and she'll tell you which you are.

demagoguery | with crit 40g : no crit 25g
User Image

Demagoguery is the most awesomest awesome person who ever lived. You can never hope to live up to her level of awesomnitude, but by hiring her as a judge you'll get closer. Dema accepts bribes, but only light sabers. Or magical feathers that will enable her to fly (sorry LongTimeListener, being a flying jedi is much more important than the integrity of your contest). She promises that your critique will be... interesting, and might have some actual advice slipped in there by accident. Plus, she's the cheapest one here so far.

alterdayshift | fees yet to be determined
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

alterdayshift has not given me her bio yet, despite repeated pesterings, so let dear old LLL tell you some horrifying truths about her. She first came to Gaia about a month after I did, back when OMGs cost 90k and there was no such thing as a Marketplace. I still remember the first poem she posted, a pantoum called "When rose of roses bends to grace." I'd never heard of a pantoum before and I was hypnotized and clung to her and started following her around. She is one of the most skillful poets on Gaia, with an elegant, abstract style that confuses about 1/7th as often as it delights. Though she doesn't crit often, she does it well, and I'm pleased as punch she decided to make the move from duelist to judge.

Go here for a smexeh updated list of duels, duelists and results!!

The following people are owed prize money/items:
Mahayr needs to claim her prizes--now 2k! eek

Some prize items are a grant from
Writers` Workshop & Contest Charity Foundation

Some Ghost Sheets donated by Gambol!

Prize List
White Shirt - 160
Dried Grass Skirt - 200
Prisoner's Pants - 300
Black Leather mini skirt - 320
Sun Daze Marine hat - 425
Elf style shirt - 460
Prisoner's Top - 500
Brown Cargo Pants - 500
Whatever Blackheart Top - 540
Dark Blue Scarf - 1000
Grey Buckle trench hat - 1200
Gun Metal Black long coat - 1650 (BlueBus has dibs)
In Da Hood gray sweater - 2000
In Da Hood green sweater - 2000

(listed Halloween item values are Marketplace & subject to fluctuations)

Mask Ghost Sheet (x1) - 20g
Regular Ghost Sheet (x4) - 20g
Howling Ghost Sheet (x3) - 30g
Monkey Ghost Sheet (x5) - 30g
Dumb Ghost Sheet (x4) - 30g
Burdened Ghost Sheet (x2) - 30g
Frightened Ghost Sheet (x4) - 30g
Big Ghost Sheet (x3) - 30g
Fighter Ghost Sheet (x cool - 40g
Happy Ghost Sheet (x4) - 50g
Mini Ghost Sheet (x3) - 200g
Horned Ghost Sheet (x1) - 6000g

Jack Uniform Shoes (x2) - 500g
Jack Uniform Pants (x2) - 500g
Grunny Shirt (x1) - 900g


Prizefighters have their belts, professional athletes have their trophies, gladiators walked away with their hides mostly intact--we here at the Colosseum have the Challenger, Defender, and Critique of the Week awards.

All prizes are awarded every Ten completed duels.

(If there is an artist out there who feels like donating/getting paid for some sig art with the name of each prize, or if anyone would like to recommend an artist, I'm all ears. wink )

Each prize is 1000 gold or equivalent items from the prize list.
You can choose to "save up" winnings towards a particular item.
If you do this, I will make a note of it in green at the top of this post.

Duelist prizes (Challenger and Defender of the Week) will be awarded based on number of wins over the past week. The duelist with the highest number of wins in each role gets the prize. Thus, it is in theory possible that the same person could win both categories in a given week.

Every Friday, I will select six or seven judges' critiques posted during the past week and put them into a poll in the first post of the Dueling Grounds. Votes will be collected over the weekend. On Monday, the judge's critique with the most votes wins the prize.



Challenger of the Week:
# of wins:
[url of a noteworthy post]

Defender of the Week:
# of wins:
[url of a noteworthy post]


Critique of the Week:
Critique: [url of the prizewinning critique]

Past Winners

Week 1
Challenger of the Week: Chiara_Scuro
Defender of the Week: Mahayr
Critique of the Week: BlueBus

New Year's Prize of Relentless Doom
Penden has generously donated an April 2004 letter (Hammi/Bammi hat), valued by Lucky Devil at 9k-11.2k. This wonderful prize will go to the person who has PARTICIPATED IN THE MOST DUELS--whether they won or lost--by New Year's Day 05/06.

Edit: In the event of a tie, winners will duel each other--they choose format, judge etc. Winner of duel gets letter, loser gets Grunny Slippers (Lucky Devil 2.2k, Market low 4.8k). 3nodding
"One kiss, my bonny sweetheart, I'm after a prize to-night,
But I shall be back with the yellow gold before the morning light;
Yet, if they press me sharply, and harry me through the day,
Then look for me by moonlight,
Watch for me by moonlight,
I'll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way."
Sounds good I shall stick around
*walks in, looks around, nods..*


Defender name: Nuriko1
Item bet: 500 gold
Judge(s) I prefer: LongTimeListener :no crit
Poem catagory:must have: Sadness/Angst,Religion(must a fairly dark poem)
Cannot have:Humor,family or love.
If we lose do we have to give up an item worth the amount of the starting bet? Or can we just pay in money? Either way... You might see me pop up again.
*dances around*
*twiddles fingers*
*eyes twitching*

I love me...?
If we lose do we have to give up an item worth the amount of the starting bet? Or can we just pay in money? Either way... You might see me pop up again.

You and your opponent agree to the bet before the fight. Both people give their items or gold to the judge, who will give it to the winner once the duel is over. This prevents people who lose from backing out at the last minute, or betting things they don't have. xd

If you're a defender, you can set your bet at anything you please--items, gold, a halo if you've got it, or even 0g if you just want to duel for the fun of it. mrgreen

^_^ Whenever you're up to it. Colosseum's aren't built in a day, and tend to stay where they've been put. wink

*dances around*
*twiddles fingers*
*eyes twitching*

I love me...?

Patience, Nuriko. ^_^ I hear this is kind of a slow-moving subforum.
Gambol's avatar

Shy Sex Symbol


Am I judge-worthy? ninja
Gambol's avatar

Shy Sex Symbol

Oh, I can't resist.

Challenger name: Gambol
Defender name: Nuriko1
Bet: 500g.
Judge(s) desired: Whoever. biggrin

Just prod me.

Am I judge-worthy? ninja

wink If you'd read all the fine print and applied like a sneaky ducky, I'd not have turned you down. But we need duels more than anything at the moment, and I'm right glad to have ye! biggrin Up in the first post you go!

As soon as you lovely ladies forward me bets and fees, I'll make an "Enguarde!" post in the Dueling Grounds and the dueling can begin! mrgreen Who knows--if things stay slow around here you two might win Defender & Challenger of the Week by default! (Though we all hope it doesn't come to that. xd I do so love a good brawl.)

500g each for bet + 50g for fee = 550g each. Winner gets 1k.
Gambol's avatar

Shy Sex Symbol


wink If you'd read all the fine print and applied like a sneaky ducky, I'd not have turned you down. But we need duels more than anything at the moment, and I'm right glad to have ye! biggrin Up in the first post you go!

Bah, I'd rather fight, anyhow.

But yes, I'm so on. biggrin

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