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heart The Original Love heart Story heart Writing Contest heart

Welcome to The Original Love Story Writing Contest. I really adore love stories. Whether or not it is fiction or non-fiction. I have had a rather hard time trying to find a good competition to enter a love story in, as most things are fantasy or there is a 250g or higher entry fee. Well I do not feel like paying that when I am just happy for people to read my story. Though of course for there to be any real prize I want the fee to be 100g. This time around I will be offering only constructive comments. Through you may make a note on your entry that you would not like it to be critiqued and we well respect that as your request.
Well firstly enter your story (guidelines are posted below) and I will wait till there are a few goods ones to choose from, then choose the winner. I would like a minimum of 10 contestants. To win the story it must be touching (to me anyways), I am kind of looking for happy stories here, ONLY happy stories. Well not necessarily just in the air with joy, they can be serious romantic. But no he left me and I still love him stories. I want happy ones here. I find that they are much more unique to come across from current writers. It must be creative and original (no fanfiction). Use spelling and gammier to your advantage. I would like to see well written stories.
Also some more things, you are NOT aloud to enter a piece or a scene from say a novel you are writing. It must be a short story not a chunk taken out of a story. Also, I would like your entry to be unique to this contest. If I just so happen to stumble upon it or find it in another contest your story will be removed from the constants list.
Your story has to be a story that really stands out for it to win. Something special and original. If there is not one than I guess no one wins, but I amhoping and almost sure there are many good writers out there.
I do not get any fees from this contest as I want all proceeds to go to the winner of this contest, there will be a second winner and a third winner.



1. 1 page (500 words) minimum 10 page (5000 word) maximum and there are exceptions if you pm me first I will except up to a 20 page (10 000 word) story.

2. No sexuality (alright I get allot of questions about this. So here a bit more detailed is what I mean. No erotic writeing, no sexual intercource, no fondleing in a sexual manner. No makeing out, a descriptive kiss is just fine.)

3. Must be all your own writing (as stated above)

4. Be nice to everyone, even if you do not agree with them

5. Read ALL the introduction so that you know what to write and what to do

6. The contest will last until I have a good story that I like...this contest may last months. So please, do not ask me when the contest is going to end as I really will not know until I have decide so please, a little patience.

7. I want the entry in the normal sized print, do not downsize it. Or of course upsize it.

8. Read my updates in the second post every so often as they will change from time to time

heart Resident Judge: Miss_Feline_Tenticle
Guest Judge:

Guest Judge can only judge if they donate to the contest to make the prize pool bigger, all proceeds go to the contest and not to me, I do NOT recieve anything
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~ [ .days. ] found on page two heart
~ Christa100 heart stressed
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~ Shadowed_rain found on page five heart heart also is loved coz donated heart

heart Paid and entered
eek Entered though hasn't paid
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(( exclaim is for people who have shown interest in the competition such as I want to join but don't know what to write ))
heart - Winning total and prizes - heart
Total: $1900:00gold

So far to make it interesting I am pledging 600g for the prize, if anyone would like to donate any items then the second place winner and the third place winner would get items and gold for their efforts though if only a few enter then the second place winner and third place winner would win some gold and items.

~Items to win

200game tickets
Face Veil
Elf Tech set
200 tickets
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Umm...Can it be something I've entered before?
I have a love story that I've been looking for a contest to enter it in. I'll give it a try.
Umm...Can it be something I've entered before?

Only if she doesn't see it or find out about it! Hehehehe!!!
Are you saying the first story you see that you like, wins?? What would they win? Their entry fee?

We need to talk!
Is slash/femmeslash allowed?
What the heck is slash??

Look what I made for the new WW&CCF Pet Project (aside from the grants)!

The trick is keeping it visible, or people reminded. We have already received so much! Our first one started at 16K and is up to about 120K or so! In just over a week!!!

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This POOL is for anyone wishing
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Waiting List to come. Do join!
Add your name if you are collecting anything.

TRADES to Torches_Of_Nero

How do these things get adverised without spamming everyone all the time? Even friends want to bonk a person if its too often!

I am going to go ask and post this in a few other wheres... *slips a hardcovered book under her headdress*.
Maybe I should edit that part as people might really have a good story in another competition that might work for this one, well you can enter it though only if it isn't affecting the other competition in any way. Anyone can enter though 3nodding Mayhar pm me if you want to talk lol also the prize is the total of the amount that is entered by the contestants so if only one enters then $100:00 but if three enters then $300:00 so yeah if I like a story then that will be the winner, I am judging it by how moving it is 3nodding
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The heat envelope nearly killed everyone for miles around. Sweat dripped from each men, trudging on the cracked, dry ground with heavy footsteps. The girls sat around, some here, some there, trying to cool themselves under the extended rooftops of their huts. The boys and men were gathered in the Central, glancing about at the others' sales.

One especially was the centre of attraction. Young Jordan Hetburg, as tall as any man around the area, bronze-skinned and well-built, was clearly the girls' favourite. Each brown or blue eye was on the green-eyed, dark brown hair stud who was observing the hunts cautiously.

"They're here!" There came a sudden shout, as the hunters began a buzz of chatter. The protestors were coming, something about stopping the hunting that's been going on in the village. It was an inside joke in the village, as soon as they heard that the people were coming a week ago.

They entered, one small group of three, which looked like a family. Definitely a family. The youngest was a violet-eyed girl with light golden brown hair, and rather petite too. The boys however, had their eyes set on her the second she stepped in with her parents, a tall, lean man and his demure-looking wife. Whispers passed around, as quickly as the rumours did.

"So...What're you here for?" The village head asked, glaring at the family of three. They looked unfazed, even though they were outnumbered in every way possible. The girl especially had the same flare in her eyes as her parents', which surprised even the grown men.

"We're here to stop the hunting that's been going on. It's harming our forests, and soon the animals would become extinct." The man explained in a calm tone, staring straight at the crowd.

"It is our lifestyle here. You had better leave." But they stayed, rooted to the spot, stubborn as ever.

"We will not leave until this activity is stopped."

"Suit yourselves. You can stay here all you like." With a careless wave, the village head walked off to keep his prizes in his own hut. Likewise, her parents whispered some instructions to her, not to roam too far, and left to set camp and cook the night's dinner.

Immediately, boys started jabbing each other jokingly, daring each other to approach the strange girl. She wandered about, inspecting every leaf and rock, seemingly unaffected by the hot sun. Finally, one boy was forced to go up to her.

"Hi, I'm Jordan." There was a tension in the air, as the young girls and boys stopped their teasing to watch what happens next. The girl looked up with a blank look, looking a little confused for a moment, then smiled brightly.

"I'm Haley..." From then, they hit off, introducing the easy-going girl to nearly everyone girl and boy in the village. She was received well because of her good nature, and they spent the entire day telling her all sorts of things, but not matter what, it seemed that a certain Hetburg was always there.

Time passed quickly like the birds in flight, and soon the magical sunset was over. "I've got to go..." There was a sad tinge in her voice as she looked up longingly at everyone seated around the fire they had built. She had not had that much fun in a long time. Everything with her parents was all about being serious. No one ever mentioned fun.

"I'll walk you!" He volunteered hastily, watching her treating back after the goodbyes. Immediately, Jordan jumped to his feet nimbly, as a fine hunter like him was trained to, and stepped with her into the shadows. They looked like a perfect couple standing together, walking silently into the youthful night.

There came to a point where all things had to end, and that point was just before her camp was in sight. “I’ve got to walk alone now...My parents mustn’t see you.” Haley whispered quickly, standing in front of him. There was a hesitation until the boy nodded and watched her walk off reluctantly. She was one girl he had never seen before...A girl he never could have.

“We’re leaving.” Her parents announced the next afternoon, returning from the village. They had given her strict orders to stay back in the camp, so she couldn’t run off to look for her new friends. Haley gave them a pleading look, as they lingered around packing their things.

“Why?” She asked again, determined to stay behind.

“I’ve told you, Haley. They are going to send more people here because obviously we’re not enough against them.” Her father replied, exasperated.

“But why can’t I stay here with the other people?” She continued, ignoring her father’s red face.

“I’ve told you a hundred times Haley! You’ve still got school.” He said that in a final tone, so final that Haley did not pursue the matter further. It would be a futile attempt. Five minutes later, they were off, back into the city where she supposedly belonged, without even saying goodbye.
Jordan grinned, his fine coat tugged by the spring breeze. He had finally begun to hunt, and had already got some lovely products to sell. Trampling around on the stone paths of the city, which he had gone to for trading, he couldn’t help but marvel at the sights. Bright lights sparkled nearly everywhere, and even though it was sunset, the world around him was still bustling in excitement, the light never dimming.

His eyes caught on a bird, sitting on a bench at the edge of the park. It stared back at him inquisitively, not moving a feather. Slowly, Jordan approached it, but the bird flew off. Sighing, he sat down on the park, taking in everything at one go. Even the air he breathed seemed different.

Something flew past him, or at least it seemed like it flew. He could barely see who it was until she stopped. Her light brown hair and violet eyes stood out among the crowd, but instead of staring at him, they were looking rather worriedly at the scattered books on the ground. “I’m so sorry.” She muttered, but her eyes never looked up, searching out every book on the pavement.

“It’s fine.” He replied in his rich baritone, grinning as he waited for her response. IT was like the first time they met, the same blank look and sudden smile. But this time, she did something different. She hugged him as soon as she realized who he was. The gesture took him back by surprise, but he enjoyed it all the same. It was like meeting a long-lost friend. Though it had only been a few months.

“Why are you here? What’s been going on? Oh my gosh...You’ve got to tell me everything!” She danced about, than caught her books in time, as he laughed at her bubbly nature. There was a simple nod, and then they started walking round the park, chatting on about everything that’s been going on.

“Everything sounds so interesting there....I wish I could have stayed. But it’s so good to see you back here.” There was that hesitation in her voice again, as she stopped, staring at him. Her childish face changed a little, looking more mature than before as her solemn gaze reflected back in his eyes.

“I wish you could’ve been there too.” He said quietly, his smile fading quickly. There was a quizzical look in his eyes, as though he didn’t understand what was going on.

“I would...Try. I’ll try and return...But let’s just enjoy ourselves while you’re here ok?” He nodded yet again, smiling at her wide eyes, sparkling in excitement. Their pace resumed, jumpy and bubbly as ever, as she skipped once in a while on the way.

The days passed, and the week’s stay was nearly over for Jordan. But just as he thought that he could spend one last day with her, something else dashed his dreams. “Leave my daughter alone.” The tall figure of Haley’s father appeared where they had arranged to meet at the park. Jordan backed away, stunned. “Do you understand?” There was a menacing growl added, probably for effect.

“Ye-s...sir.” Stuttering, he turned and walked away from the man. He knew that he wouldn’t see Haley again, just like before. Only this time, he would be the one leaving without saying goodbye. And the very thought of that made Jordan’s heart ache badly. He didn’t want to lose his friend yet again...but he had to.
The violet eyes searched the village once more for the people she had once played with. They were gone, all out at work. The protestors had come again, and brought her along, without her parents thankfully. She sat at the big rock in the windy day, waiting as she recalled the happy times. How she wished for them again!

Seconds ticked by, and Haley grew impatient. It looked as though none of them were going to return. The sun was about to set, but still there was not even a shadow in the village...That was just creepy. Her body rose to full height, twisting before she turned to walk away in longing.

“You’re not leaving already, are you?” He asked, standing in front of her with his friends behind. Haley grinned.

“You guys! Oh Magpie!” Her enthusiasm became tackles, hugs and other greetings for her friends who she had not seen for about half a year already. Even the wind could not cool their joy and warmth at seeing each other again, especially as they revisited the last summer day. Half a year...It was already fall.

Frederick got the chicken cut and gave a piece to Haley, the night’s guest-of-honour. “So does that mean that the protestors are back?” He asked, chewing on his own piece. Haley laughed gently, as she played tug-of-war with hers.

“Yea...I think they’re starting tomorrow. So I’ll be here for quite some time.” She added, winking as everyone gave a humourous laugh. They joked and played around by the fire again. The night was still young.
The icy cold brought chills down her spine as she trudged through snow to visit her friends in secret. And especially...Jordan. True enough, he was a hunter, but he was still a sweet boy, and one who she truly admired. And somehow, she could tell that he felt the same way too.

“We’re here!” She heard from behind her, and turned around, smiling. Little did she expect that in the midst of the blanket of white, her parents stood, clad in thick clothing and beaming at her. Immediately, the blank look returned to her violet eyes as she approached them as slowly as possible.

“Oh...What...are you doing here?” Haley tried not to sound impolite, but it was a little hard since she didn’t really want them around.

“We decided to join the protest again and being you some extra clothing!” Her mother chimed in happily as her father tried to explain. Haley forced a smile onto her pale white face, as she hugged her mother warmly. But somehow, there wasn’t that warmth, but only the still cold all around her, stirred by the winds.

In solace, she remained in the hut they had built near the village, with eyes like a ghost. Her gaze remained fixed at the roaring fire, as all around her was silence. The protestors had left for the village...But her father knows. He would be there to catch her if she tried to meet them.

Ten minutes....Twenty minutes....Then another five. The clock was unbearably slow, or maybe time just didn’t want to pass too fast in torture. When finally half an hour had passed, she could not take it anymore. Haley picked up her small bag.

With footsteps as light as the falling snow, she sneaked over to the door, and out into the forest to meet them. Hopefully, they were still playing around there. She peeked around, looking for any sign of laughing teenagers playing amongst bare trees. There was only one, and especially the person she wanted to meet. Jordan.

“You came! I told them to wait but they wouldn’t and I-” She silenced him quickly, dragging him deeper into the forest to hide. The animals had gone into hibernation, and the forest was in a deep sleep.

As she stood on the ground, Haley whispered her predicament to her faithful friend. Their faces of desperation mirrored each other’s, as both tried to find a way. “It’s alright... Let’s just enjoy now, like you said before. Ok?” Jordan asked, placing a hand on her cheek.

She smiled slightly, and got up, running around in the snow. Sounds of joyous laughter filled the forests, and it soon brought some unwelcome visitors along with it.

“I’ve got you!” Her father shouted, backed up by the protestors. “I told you to stay away.” He growled again, furrowed eyebrows expressing a glare at the boy. Jordan just stared back this time, not willing to cower away as he had before. “You’re coming back with me.” He grabbed his daughter’s hand, forcing her back with him.

She did not hold onto Jordan’s hand, nor make a big fuss out of everything. Haley merely followed, but lingered long enough to cast a longing and apologetic look at Jordan. And also a look...A look that said something else. She knew he could understand, for he had the same look. That was the last they saw of each other...
Two years passed by, as though they were merely rays of light traveling, nothing interesting, nothing worth noting. Her dull eyes nearly burnt a hole as she kept staring at her book. The words could not go into her mind that particular day, and she had to keep reading the same paragraph over and over again.

Her eyes swelled up in tears once more as she recalled her first love. Not that there had been any other. It’s just that there was a boy who was writing her love letters from her class...But she didn’t like him. He didn’t have a strong character, or a playful nature. Just refined and sophisticated. No, she didn’t like him.

There was a soft tap on her window. Perhaps he had come again and decided to throw stones as she had seen in those lovey-dovey movies. She looked down, prepared to tell him not to destroy her window. But instead, there was someone else there. Someone who seemed familiar.

But she couldn’t see. The blazing light from the sun was hurting her eyes as she tried to figure out who it was below. It was a guy definitely. He was pointing to something...There was a note at the balcony! Picking it up, Haley ran down to greet the stranger.

“I’m sorry...I don’t know you...” She trailed off, as she held onto the note tightly. The stranger pointed to the note again, seemingly mute.

Dear Haley, I’ve gotten a scholar to help me write this letter. One came recently. I know you must be wondering who I am...Think Haley, who else could I be?

Yes, it’s Jordan. Jordan Hetburg. Do you recall? I hope you do...because...

I had to ask you to read this note instead because I can’t tell you. I’m afraid of what you might say. Here goes anyway...I like-no, love you. I really do. Ever since you left, I’ve been meaning to come and look for you, but I’ve never managed to. Please...Will you forgive me? Do you love me? And finally, will you leave with me?

With all my love,

There was a brief sigh before she looked back up at him. He had grown over the years, more muscular definitely, and darker. Maybe it was because she didn’t expect to see him here that she didn’t recognize him. But the letter...He had said that...He loved her. She knew that already. She knew that ever since he gave her the look she had on too back on their last parting.

“So...Will you?” He asked in a cracked voice, half-wishing that he hadn’t done so. His eyes pleaded with her, as he waited for her reply with bated breath.

The hot sun scorched her back, making her feel even more impatient. But she couldn’t decide. Suddenly, she smiled brightly. It took a while but she was gone, stepping in the shadows with Jordan Hetburg. It was a new summer, a new beginning, just as before. And as they ran away from the hustling all around, a rain cloud hovered over the city, and a single drop fell on their footsteps.

gonk I'd love to enter. But Happy and I don't get along.

Yay I have people entering, lol well that is why it is such a good challenge! try and see what you can come up with!
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It sounded interesting. But truthfully, I don't really like this story...>< I still prefer the 'love, me.' one...

Anyway... any comments?

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