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Basically, what this contest is about is SCHOOL STORIES. I love them, and I bet I'm not the only one. I don't think there are enough of them written by Gaians, so what I'm suggesting is a contest where anyone can write a school story, for the chance of winning a prize...

What can the story be about?

Anything to do with schools basically. Although, please bear in mind that there are some Gaians who are fairly young, so no explicit content. Apart from that, anything to do with schools.

Rules and Guidelines

- No explicit content
- ORIGINAL writing please - not something you've copied from somewhere
- No harassing people
- No swearing (other people might not mind it but I do)
- Be polite to everyone
- Stories should be between 500 and 1000 words please

I don't think there's anything else.

Contest Length and Judging

There are 15 places in the Contest. When I have 10 entrants, there will be a two week countdown. At the end of this countdown, the judging will begin. All judging will be done by me.
Stories will be judged on originality, spelling and grammar, how well the story is written, relevance to the subject (for example whether it is only loosely based around schools) and finally, length.

Prizes and Entrance Fee

There is NO entrance fee - it's a free contest, so you have nothing to lose by entering! There will be a first prize of 5k, second of 3k, third of 1.5k and an HM prize of 750 g. What is more, EVERY entrant will recieve a vial of unknown liquid!

2. emo vampire princess
3. Angelic24
4. Alala007
5. Boook Worm
6. Azurazura
7. Green Tea Chi
8. Rhia Kolareny
9. Reserved for KendoGurl
10. Lady SilveryMoon
11. Deimion
12. Kira Supporter
13. Reserved for Ramen_chan

I hope to see you on my entrants list soon! And please note; If you pm me and ask me very nicely, I might reserve you a space...

Countdown began on 22nd December 2007! Judging will commence on 4th January. Good luck, and remember to get your story in soon!
Very nicely set up, I am sure this will be a success. As we were discussing, I suggest the following prizes, based on word count and other criteria.

1st - 5K
2nd - 3K
3rd - 1.5K
HM - 750g

I will also give EACH entrant a VIAL OF UNKNOWN LIQUID! Current MP value is over 2K, so that should be a nice incentive.

Best wishes and season's greetings...


Ohcrud... not open yet?! Please let me know if you want me to delete this post and add it back when you have all of your spaces! redface
surprised ... Uhhh, it doesn't say anything in the title... But can I post? domokun
I've been watching this one for a while now, but I've seen no replies. Is it not taking place? crying
No, no. I'm sure the hostess is somewhere. heart
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how do you enter?
To Alon-x: Hopefully. whee It looks like a fun contest, nyan!

To LellyLee: I assume you just post on the thread letting CandyStripySox know you'd like to be a participant. ^_^
Sorry I didn't put how you enter in the first post redface
Please submit your entry by using this entry form.

Title: (of submission)

Submission: (your story)
Alrighty! ^_^ Cool! 4laugh
This looks pretty cool...I'll be thinking about entering...if I have time. I've got lots of tests to take care of first. UGH
Can I enter a story that involves two people walking home from school and the rest of their day? My story doesn't involve them being at school but they are walking from it. So can I enter it or can't?
Green Tea Chi
Can I enter a story that involves two people walking home from school and the rest of their day? My story doesn't involve them being at school but they are walking from it. So can I enter it or can't?

Hm. I suppose, if it's still at least loosely based around school. Go on then, since it's the season of goodwill!
Sure, you can still enter it.
Username: EMOxTARD
Title: Something about school (I think)

Submission: Lmao, random story. Made it up on the spot! Har har

"Finally, the test is over!" said Yuri. It was finally the last day of they're school exam. "Those long days of studying sure paid off" said Aya. The 2 girls were walking home from school when suddenly the footpath made a crack, black liquid was leaking everywhere. "W-What's going on, Yuri?", "I d-don't know" replied Yuri. "HELP!" yelled Aya. She was being sucked into a deep hole of darkness. Yuri panicked and suddenly ran off, leaving Aya to die. She tripped over a rock and breathed heavily, her fear was consuming her last breath. When she woke up the teacher was standing in front of her. "Yuri, why are you sleeping in the middle of the test?!", "A-ah... I-... I was..." she tried to explain what happened but no words came out of her mouth. "Whatever, see me after the test" demanded the teacher. She could still feel her own fear absorbing her. "Yuri, are you sure your okay?" whispered Aya. Yuri just nodded her head and smiled back at Aya.
I might enter if I can think of something. (:
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im entering!

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