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Riddle Me An Answer

During a party of drinks and class, the lady of the household steps forth before her guests and raises a glass full of blood-red liquid. Her lips twitch to a knowing smirk and she sips from it.

"To those who ought challenge me, answer but a simple riddle." She smiled again and watched the silence befall the room. Another sip of wine and a pause of silence broken by thunder.

"Many men, women, and children have heard my mind-bender. Only one has ever answered it correctly. Any who can answer as did they, will recieve his reward. I'd give the riddle to you, if you wish."

A murmur of consent and she downed the glass of wine before telling her testing teaser in a whisper.

"1 door closes, 9 open. When 9 close, 1 door opens. What is it?" At the quiet she smiled. "To hard for you? How about another? What word breaks when you say it?"

There were confused glances to be held. Even the waiter was staring, puzzling behind his gray eyes. Pleased with herself, the Lady Eviera sat down and asked for another glass of wine.

"Oh. And you may not leave until somebody has answered."

A wave of outrage befell the room. A pompous man in a burgendy coat stood with heated eyes. "This is a trap! You, Lady Eviera are a swindeler!"

"No Trap, persay. Just a game between friends."

Lightining thundered behind her.


I have given you two riddles. The first to answer either gets the prize of gold. My catch? Whomever answers the first wins more gold, I have created my own answer to it. Your prize depends on how many people enter or donate.

As of now, the prize is 1400 gold. Good luck puzzling.

Contest closes January first, Midnight. Happy New Year. wink


1. Pay 200 gold for unlimited guesses. This gold adds to your prize. The more people who enter and pay, the greater the prize goes up.

2. You MUST follow the story line I have set up. Create you're own character, you're own theatrics, but follow the beginning I have set up. It's more fun that way!

3. People who enter a guess and have not paid (even if they get the answer right) will be ignored. cry Please pay.

4. PM'd answers will be ignored.

5. Pm'd question/hints/bribes for the answer will be ignored and will leave the messanger disqualified. If you have paid your entry, you will not get it back. I'm sorry to be such a hard nose about this, but it's only fair to the others.

6. Enjoy being stumped!


The contest has been won! In much shorter a span than I would have imagined, or wanted. But it has indeed been won! Join us now, for free, and guess our riddles if you will. It's more fun with more people! Create a name, continue theatric, no prize, no fee, just fun!
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1. Demagougery
2. TheNameIsMarc
3. FireRed Alchemist
4. HuyHoa
5. Mahayr
6. Wolven Poet
7. Jake Christian
8. Follyiandra
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1. Mahayr~ To many items to count!
Riddles and Answers

1. When one door closes, nine open. When nine doors close, one opens. What is it?
A trap

2. What word breaks when you say it? Silence

3. "Sometimes silver, but mostly black
You eye my front, but not my back

I make you laugh, I make you cry
You love me so, I wonder why

I tell you things you want to know
What’s here, what’s now, what’s long ago"


4.Tall I am young
Short I am old
With life do I glow
Death at first blow


5.A simple sonet
Of inner-worth

Striving for it
Paying for it

For mere appearance
A single word


6. I need no guide, to tell me where
I know my way, trust me I swear

You say I suck when I get stuck
And tell me I ain’t worth your buck

But when I suck, is that not good?
I thought to suck, that’s how I should


7. You have lost me a million times, yet you still have me. I am always at your side.


8. At dusk I appear without being fetched. At dawn I disappear without being stolen. I am the poet's tears, and the sailor's guide.


9. What has a neck, but no head?


10. I’m big or small, color of sh**
Fill me with things, and you can sit

I like to move, from house to house
I’m pretty good at catching mouse

You slide me here, carry me there
I’m boring yes, and pretty square

Cardboard Box

11.Fill me with water, that’s what they do
Telling their friends “Come have a view”

They tell me things I don’t want to know
And a bunch of coins at me they throw

I’m here to stay, no where to go
I’m here to stay, I’m just for show…


12. I live a life of great misery
I have four legs but I cannot flee

The most unpleasant things, I kiss
But old people think I am bliss

In every house you will see me
I am quite useful that you will see

Rocking Chair

13. My skin is warm, my insides not,
You need me so, I kid you not

You give me food that I don’t eat
Then take it back, you freaking TWEET!

I’m pretty tall, I’m pretty big
I will crush you, you freaking pig!


14. I have two coins in my pocket, adding up to fifteen cents.

One of these coins is NOT a nickel.

What are my coins?

A nickel and a dime

15. Holding very still
Like a blink of memory
Or so the saying goes
Placed together in endless rows


16. "In my class, I am placed 50th worst,
but also 50th best. So how many people
are in my class?"


17. I go tick tock
I'm not a clock
And I'm not a watch

I am much more inconspicuous.


18. I am a heart, but do not beat
Cut me and I bleed, but I have no pulse

I am a life source, but I do not help you function.
I am of undetermined race, and I change as I age.


19. You feel your skin begin to bake
A nervous wreck you’ve yet to make

As you simmer in your sorrow
Fearing you’ll never see tomorrow

Can you guess which it is? I’ve left two clues.

In a pot on the stove

20. You are seated in room with an all southern view, Suddenly a bear walks by the window. What color is the bear and please tell us why?

White, because it's a use you are in the north pole

21. Them kids they love to play with me
Throwing me round with so much glee

They kick and toss and throw and swing
To me they do all sorts of things

I’m Jolly, But I cannot sing
But much joy to those kids I bring


22. I come in many colors
And I have many brothers

I am small and weak
And I do not leak

To things on paper, I give life
An artist’s weapon, an artist’s knife


23. What two words contain the most letters?

24. I have a heart that does not beat.
They often find me at their feet.
I do not bleed, I do not speak.
I can be strong, I can be weak.

If I am left where I was found.
I disappear into the ground.
If I'm consumed you may fall dead.
But don't blame me, I have no head.

I may be sweet, I may be sour.
I may or may not give you power.
I may inspire love or dread.
I have no say, I killed the bread.
A young woman emerges from the shadows, looking supremely bored.

"The answer to the second," she said, reclining against a wall, "is silence. The first is a newborn."

"I am sorry to be so blunt," she said, not looking at all apologetic, "but I have no patience for theatrics. Pay me, so that I can leave this den of fools." The woman looked to the hostess, her eyes heavy-lidded and strange in the weak candlelight.

Hold on, I'll send the gold.
"And you mean to answer both? I'm sorry, but one is wrong. However, I will pay you the other you answered correctly." The Lady Eviera smirked. "Very bold. I didn't catch your name either..."
"I thought it would be more appropriate to answer the second first," the woman said, still with an annoying air of superiority, "and the answer is silence. The answer to the first riddle is a newborn. Don't make me repeat myself again."

"As for my name," the woman said, raising an eyebrow and smirking slightly, "call me Demagogue, for that is what I am. But if you would prefer a more pedestrian name, call me whatever you wish, as long as it is followed by farewell."
"Very well, the second has been answered, but not the first! Take your winnings and leave Miss Demagogue." She smiled. "Farewell."
The woman stood a little straighter, her haughty demeanor melting slightly. "I am wrong?" she asked incredulously, her eyes flashing with surprise, "Is this not one of the riddles Sheba asked Solomon?" After her initial shock, her cool exterior soon returned, and she leaned against the wall again, but her bored look was gone.

"I have unlimited guesses, correct?" she asked, picking up her own glass. "Then I shall linger here, at least until I know the answer. Hopefully, I will bet the one who thinks it first."

"A dam, or heaven perhaps?" she asked, her eyes slightly unfocused as she pondered, "A novena maybe, death, or croquet?"

She stopped rambling, smiling sharply. "Of course," she said quietly, "how clever of you. It's a door. Nothing more. Just a door."
Oh poor, lost hostess. You have attracted the attentions of the Demagogue...
Oh poor, lost hostess. You have attracted the attentions of the Demagogue...

Hey!! She should feel honored that one as spiffy as I has deigned to enter this place. The awesome level has quadbajillionified since I wandered in.
"Ha! You're welcom to stay, but every guess thus far for the first has been wrong. You're prize then, 400 gold, is coming to you. But this just means that the prize for the answer to my last riddle will grow even more, for it shall not be split."

A murmur of appreciation for the awesome amounts of money swung throughout the room. "How much is the prize then?" Asked the pompous man in the red coat.

The Lady Eviera's eyes glinted. "Limitless, however much I am paid until this contest, is over."
Ok wait I'm confused. Are all the riddles answered?
"No, I'm sorry for the confusion. Only one riddle has been answered. The first, is still a mystery. Let me repeat it for you, Sir."

1 door closes, 9 open. When 9 close, one door opens. What is it?
He listened as the girl repeated the riddle, and thought deeply on it. He narrowed it down to two possibilities and decided to pick the first one and say it, "Is it," he started, "The orifices of a new born?" He decided to explain his answer a little deeper, "Within the womb, a child has all ten orifices closed but the umbilical. When born, the belly button seals and the eyes, ears, nose, etc. open."

He waited to hear from this tricky lady, to see if his answer was correct

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