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I'm holding a realistic fiction writing contest! You may write about whatever you please that's not true but could happen. Please join! I try to have many contestents, so join. Try to stay around 800 words or less and be creative. Maybe add pictures or quotes. You may pm or post your stories. And remember, have fun!!!


*You may bump in this thread. I understand that people love bumping! heart
*No spamming, harassing, etc.
*You cannot be both a judge and contestant. You may only be one.
*If you don't pay as soon as you join, or a week later, you will be disqualified.
*No internet talk in your story please.
*Have fun!


~Entry Fee~
*100g. Curtisy of a charity, I was able to lower it.

1st place- 1500g
2nd place- 750g
3rd place- 400g


*June 1st, so hurry and get in your stories!

* Donators are welcome! It would be nice of someone to give! 3nodding
* This contest is not so I make more money for my guild, it is so people can have fun!
* The color code is as follows-
red - paid, submited
orange- paid, hasn't submited
yellow- hasn't paid, submitted
blue- interested
1. Orockthro
2. rock_babe
3. devilsprincess15
4. Spirit_Of_The_Wolf
5. sam_sweet16
6. ___________________________________
7. ___________________________________
8. ___________________________________
9. ___________________________________
10. __________________________________

The color code is as follows-
red - paid, submited
orange- paid, hasn't submited
green- hasn't paid, submitted
blue- interested
Why isn't anyone joining? crying
I think there are a couple of reasons people aren't joining:
1. You haven't stated what the prizes are.
2. The entry fee is too high sweatdrop
3. It's not set out in a particularly easy form to read, so people may give up reading.
Just some ideas to point you in the right direction... sorry if you didn't want them! *hug*
She was gone.
Those three little words caused a tidal wave of emotion to break across Will’s heart. All of happiness in his life left with Rose- he felt he could not go on.

Everything had been going so perfectly, but then it all went wrong so quickly- he had had a bad day, and took it out on the one he loved the most. She responded swiftly, with her quick temper and went to storm out of the room.
‘Come back,’ cried Will. Rose didn’t stop, so he grabbed each of her arms and held her tightly. ‘Listen to me,’ he growled. He didn’t know what he wanted to say, but he just wanted someone to listen to him.
‘No!’ cried Rose, trying to shake him off. It didn’t work, as he held her too tightly. She pushed him violently and shouted at him: ‘Let go of me! I hate you!’
The two of them were too similar- quick tempers, and not thinking before they spoke, so he immediately shouted ‘I hate you!’ back.
I’m sorry I made you feel that way,’ she replied quietly. Will stopped shouting and lowered his voice, wanting to cry. He looked into her eyes, seeing pain and hurt, which was all his fault- he should never have taken his mood out on her, or grabbed hold of her.
She turned to go, Will’s arms dropping down and walked away from him. She expected him to stop her, but he felt paralysed as he realised what was about to happen. Just as Rose reached the door, he managed to call out and stop her.
‘Don’t go,’ he sobbed, falling to his knees.
‘Why?’ She asked, not turning to face him. This single word stung him so much that he couldn’t bear to look at her or answer her. When he finally gathered his strength to answer, he looked up and saw an empty room.
‘Because I love you,’ he whispered, crying on the floor.
Thank you for your application.

I have the following suggestions for you:

1. Consider having your prizes in either pure, or items that are more reliable than trunks and boxes. Trunks usually generate poor items, and the boxes are only rarely any better, especially lately.

If you have the trunks or boxes, try selling them for pure.

2. Require 10 entries at 100G each, and be patient about them joining. These contests always take a while to take off unless they are very specific, such as giving them a a starting line or theme.

Writing anything leaves too much room for indecision, and poetry contests are all too common UNLESS they are criteria-specific.

3. In your intorduction, you might want to say "I am holding a Your Choice Short Story writing contest."

I will be glad to grant you the following, which will leave you the 1000G entry fee money for the Guild you are trying to acquire:

1st Prize - 1500G
2nd Prize - 750G
3rd Prize - 400 G

Based on 10 entries.

I will watch the contest and send you the Grant when I see that you have 10 entries, and feel free to message me anytime.

If you need any help with judging, please let me know.

Best wishes...


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Woot! We have a contestant!!!!!!!!!
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can i join please i have a story ill message with it but no 1 steal it i did it for course work about a dog at holly hedge the animal rescue centre called bella
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hmm it might have more tht 800 words tho lol ill just count
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its 3 and a half a4 sheets is tht too long?
no. right now i just want contestants. sweatdrop
*prod* enter please everyone! *poke*
bump ninja
She lay on her bed sataring at the celling her arms spread out from her body palms up. Her left wrist was covered by a cold towel. She had just finished cutting her wrist. A pain she knew all to well. The blood pouring from her her veins-She felt her heart beat in her freah wounds. She knew what she was doing to herself and her mothers face flahed though her mind. The way she yelled at her and called her stupid the way she just stood thier whale her father beat her when she came home 10 seconds late. Really her parents were killing her not the knife in her hand. Not many of her friend knew what wa sgoing on. Even tho she would go to school with bruses and cuts. But her freinds had thier own worries thier own problems never the less so they never payed much attention to her. She never had anyone close to talk to when things got rough so she turned to her knife and the self enflicting pain of cutting her wrists. She had a total of 2 friends and they were only a school thing they never came to see her and they never hung out other than school. -She rolled over and moaned in pain. She knew she was pushing it. To many cuts would edventually kill her. Her parents flashed hrough her mind once agen. She wanted to die-her life was filled with hatred,anger, and beatings. Her soul was nearley dead now anyway. "Who would miss you who would care. "A voice boomed in her head and drained out her own toughts. She wanted to live even though she attempterd sucide a few times before. At one time she done it to get her pqrents to notice her she knew that was wrong and it did'nt take her long to figure out that would never happen. When she came home from the hospital teh first time her father beat her so bad she had to go back. -Her father went off the handle. The next time she was cutting and her mother came in and yelled at her for getting blood on the carpet. She did'nt care about her only daughter's well being just her stupid carpet. "They hate you, you know I am right,if they did want you here they would ahve gotten you help by now." -That voice agen. She held her head in her hands rocking back and forth trying to get it to leave. "GET OUT." she screamed and she threw her knife across her room in a violent rage. "You ned to end it, you have to make them see you were serious, come on you know i am right." She looked back to her knife it was by her door. -She slowley got up. She took a look at her feet and as if she was being controlled by that little voice in her head she started to walk towards her knife. She picked it up and turned off her light. If she was gonna die she was gonna die in comfront. She walked back to her bed and turned down her sheet. -She held her teddy bear. She cut more and more she felt a river ofof blood pour out of her body and down her arms. She felt the blood soaking into her sheets she knew she was gonna die thier was noting anyone could do for her now. "Good gurl keep cutting go deeper and deeper." That voice said its last words. She was cutting and crying in a violent rage. -She lost all strength and dropped her knife. She lay in her bed with her teddybear on her cheast and her eyes went a crimson red then black. -She was gone. Out of teh pain and suffering that her parents put her through day after day. They couldent hurt her anymore. No one would ever reach her ever agen and that was what she wanted

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