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Hi everyone! I am making a short story contest, where it's about rain! I know, a little weird, but I find rain fits in so many stories. It could be a scary rainy day, or it can be when someone falls in love in the rain. Anything goes, as long as it has rain in it! That's your prompt, write a short story about rain. It can be a romance, a horror story, a fantasy, as long as it has rain. biggrin

Here are the rules:
1. Post here please. Do not PM.
2. Follow regular gaia rules.
3. There is no minimum , no maximum count of words. But if it's like 50 pages long, please let me know ahead of time.
4. Questions or concern about this contest? Please PM me.
5.Do not steal from others :c
6. You can submit only one entry.
7. Deadline is April 22th. c:
8. Follow the prompt.
9. have fun!! biggrin

Okay, good luck! begin~~

wait...silly me, i forgot to post the prizes LOL

1st place ~ 10k
2nd and 3rd place ~5k
This looks pretty interesting. Rain, huh? I'll try to write something for you, although I'm pretty bad at meeting deadlines. smile

I assume you want only prose, correct?
The Ink Slayer
This looks pretty interesting. Rain, huh? Ill try to write something for you, although Im pretty bad at meeting deadlines. smile

I assume you want only prose, correct?

Well.... I dont think so. A poem or song is fine too if u want
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I'll do this! heart
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I shall enter. And...

Shazang. Meow.

As Cecily ran through the downpour, she gazed fearfully at the large clouds that roiled furiously in the dark midnight sky. Once the thunder started, she'd be doomed, along with the baby she carried with her. When the thunder started, the sound waves produced would offset a chemical reaction in the phosphorus in the heavily polluted atmosphere. Then the rain would glow and carry a virus that somehow worked its way into your DNA and then changed you, at first for better... But then for worse.
Cecily was caught in the rain twice, once when she was very young, resulting in advanced healing abilities, and when she was seventeen, only six years ago. She hadn't yet been able to quite understand nor control her subsequent abilities with fire. She somehow knew, deep in her bones, that the rain wouldn't gift her this time. It wouldn't help her, it would hurt her. It might even kill her.
She knew, scientifically, that the child she carried, only born hours ago, wouldn't be able to withstand the rain and it's virus. The babe had no immune system as of yet, no way to protect itself from the agony it would cause. It would just seep through the child and kill it.
Cecily steeled herself. It wasn't just a child, it was an important baby. It was the heir to the throne, the crown prince. Crown Prince Anton Boris Maksim Dobreshivek, heir apparent to the throne of all Navsegda Zemlya boli. Princess Gelya Kisa bore him and lay in her bed, weak and listless as she attempted to heal. Cecily the midwife, Cecily the servant, took the child and ran, as she was told.
It was a duty that the woman rather not have to do, but she followed the princess with devotion and love. She was the sweetheart of the state, with love for everyone and loved by everyone. She was adored by all.
And so with that affection burning holes in her heart, Cecily took the child and prepared to go to the state of Elisid. They were autonomous and would not question a woman with a child fleeing the terrifying state of Navsegda. It was common sport for women to be beaten or murdered, no one cared or took notice. It was rare for a man to have not had several wives by his thirty-fifth year. Cecily refused to marry because of it and so became a midwife, doing the only thing she was allowed, kept separate from the respectable women, who took their beatings and kept their babies safe.
Pausing briefly to wipe water from the prince's face, Cecily cringed as thunder finally boomed, a terrifying roar that reverberated throughout the valley she stood in. She began to run, and a second later the rain began to shine with its ghostly luminescence. Hiding the prince beneath her waterproofed cloak, Cecily knew she had to get under cover before the rain hit Anton.
Finally spying the small hut hidden at the edge of the wood, Cecily grinned. She looked at her husbands, who all smiled dreamily at her.
"We missed you, lyubovnik," said her original husband, the leader of the group. "Why did you take so long?"
Cecily grinned, her sharp fangs glinting in the dim light. Her reddish skin was offset by the eerie glow of her yellow eyes. "I had to get the stupid princess to believe I was her friend. Then I could take her baby."
Staring at the child, Cecily knew he'd become a handsome man. Licking her lips, she pointed at one of her husbands. "Fetch me something to eat." He nodded and left. Returning shortly with a screaming young woman. As the woman begged to be released, Cecily let her jaws open wide to embrace the woman's essence... Mind, body and soul.
someone PMed me their story.
i do not accept PMs, therefore if you PM me your story i will not count it.
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Do you accept fan-based writing?
Dominatrix LaDeaux
Do you accept fan-based writing?

Sure no problem smile
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This is sort of crap, but I thought I would enter it anyway. X3 I doubt I'll win. But anyway, here it is!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

“Rain, rain, go away,” he whispered, as the pattering on his umbrella remained constant. The streets and sidewalk around him glistened and danced in the low light of the storm, reflecting head lights and stop lights alike. He had lost track of time. It could be morning, or evening, for it all blended together as he waited outside the run-down apartment building. It seemed impervious to the magic of the rain, hulking and grey with age. This didn’t concern him, and hardly registered after so long.

He reached into his pocket as the switch blade residing there whispered sweet nothings. He caressed the thing gently, like one might a lover, his eyes never leaving the building. Specifically, the third floor, the second window on the right. A woman was framed there, sighing as she stared out at the inclement weather. She was astoundingly beautiful, young and supple. He wondered what she would taste like, and sound like, as he introduced her to his friend.

“Rain, rain, go away,” he said softly as she withdrew from the window and pulled the curtains closed. “Come again another day. Little Arthur… wants to play.”
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Give me 24 hours.

Sorry, I've been watching Johnny English. Anyway, I'll join. But seriously. It'll take me like a day. whee
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Looks like I've not had anything to do. I finished early, by like 23 and a half hours... still. Here it is;

In the pouring rain

Lola was a young girl, at the age of thirteen. Her hair was as orange as the setting sun, her eyes as blue as the cloud-filled sky. However today the heavens were angry, turning the sky grey and the wind strong. Water was pouring from the slate-colored clouds, making passers by hide under shelters and pull their coats closer to themselves. Lola sat in her little bedroom, looking out at the raging sea, watching people run to their cars, or wait for a bus that had already been delayed by ten minutes. She smiled when the outline of a young man, about fifteen, appeared in one of the bus shelters. His honey-colored skin and dark brown locks were hardly unrecognizable, even with his bright blue sweater forcing him to stand out from the crowd. Somehow he was not like the others, as if he was not bothered by the rain at all. Lola got a sudden idea. She ran to her wardrobe, picking out the perfect coat, her cherry red umbrella coming with her too. The girl slipped into her rain boots, then sprinted through their bungalow cottage, only stopping for breath when she was outside on the stone steps. From here there was no view of busy shoppers, the sea, or an unrecognizable boy whom Lola loved. The only things she could see were a bush, grass, and ruined deck chairs which would never be sat on again after this day.

The redheaded girl could faintly hear a woman’s voice shouting her name, but did not care in the slightest. Soon she would be with Kian. After jumping onto the sunshine yellow, soaking bike, Lola was pedalling as fast as she could to the wall. When she got there, she would be with Kian. When she got there, she could finally live. Lola was close now. So close she could just reach out and touch the rising bricks. So close she could…

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I totally intend to write something for this, but I intend to take my time.

Watch this space.
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User ImageI'll post my entry later.
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Two small blonde heads were bent, close together, staring intently at the pages of a worn picture book.

"Ha! Done! I win!" two small fists shot into the air victoriously as Robin, the older of the brothers finished reading the page.

"That's no fair you've had more schoolin' than me." Gabe whined, poking out his lower lip.

"Was too you just read slow." Being ten, Robin felt superior and more mature than his 8 year old brother, and though he loved his brother very much...he often displayed his position.

Gabe hopped to his feet and trotted to the window, pressing his freckled nose against the glass hopefully,"You reckon the rain'll stop soon Rob?"

Joining his brother at the window Robin said thoughtfully,"Don't look that way.....the wheat needs it....rain is good Gabe....rain is life ya know..." he said softly, repeating his fathers words. "Rain aint sad like some folks say."

Gabe wrinkled up his face trying to process the words,"Rain is life...."

Robin grinned down at him,"Cain't never be sad in the rain now Gabe.....it's God tellin ya he's up there takin care a ya..." He wrapped one arm around the narrow shoulders.

Gabe smiled weakly up at him...his small mind not fully understanding,"Takin care a me..."

----7 years later------

"We all loved Robin Jacobs...he was a bright star in an otherwise dark and dreary sky..." The preacher man droned on mournfully.

Gabe stood sullenly by a tent post.....why..why did this have to happen to him. He was only 17 years old, just starting his life...and some idiot with a big empty head got jealous of what he had. Robin had been shot in cold blood two days earlier by a fellow graduate in a drunken fit of jealous rage at his fellow student....and now Gabe stood, nearly shaking with fury and grief. As the service ended and the crowd drifted away, he lagged behind. Alone he dropped to his knees in the freshly turned earth. Gazing at the head stone he began to sob the deep, gut wrenching tears he hadn't been able to until then....he sobbed till his chest burned, slamming his fist in the soft, dark dirt he screamed skyward,"WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?!"

Suddenly a clap of thunder shattered the sky............and it began to rain.

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