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So, I am putting everything in one post, considering I am extremely lazy to try and do the multipler post things. This is a rather common sort of poetry contest, free by all means, and has a pretty swell prize, so I say. Follow the rules below, and all sha'll be well!


(All poems due by March 30th, and are to be posted in the topic, no PM's)
1 ) All poetry must use one of the prompts
2 ) All work must be original; plaguerists will be disqualified
3 ) All poetry must have correct spelling and grammar
4 ) Poems must be between 10-50 lines long
5 ) Any poetry form welcomed, if it fits in the limit (No Haiku's)
6 ) Limit one poem per person
7 ) No Mules
8 ) Poems must follow Gaia Rules
9 ) Cursing and other profanity must be kept to a minimum
10 ) Poems must be in english
11 ) All poems will be judged by me, considering I am the one giving the prize money. I have the right to disqualify you for any reasons I see fit.

(Donations are welcome, but not expected)

1st - 10k
2nd - 5k
3rd - 2k
Honorable Mention - Random Prize

...Never going to dance again...
...I don't want to wake up...
...Now it's getting fun...
...Drenched in...

**The prompt MUST be used IN the poem**

1 ) Mooglechild - Reserved (Page 1)
2 ) Colonel Lady Une-Freedom (Page 1)
3 ) LadyKoyume-Waiting on Moonlight (Page 1)
4 ) KristenzLover-Miss Mystic (Page 1)
5 ) chibi_ceres_fan-Forever Alone (Page 2)
6 ) FlamingSaintGHAF-Stormy Curb (Page 2)
7 ) Rainy Lain-Broken (Page 2)
8 ) Sammy5-Reserved (Page 2)
9 ) Bert [the.farting] Hippo-Baby, Baby, Baby (Page 3)
10 ) KianahYour Reign (Page 3)
11 ) JungleFire-Run (Page 3)
12 ) Yuki_592-Overwhelming Maddness (Page 3)
13 ) AbelLegend-Please (Page 4)
14 ) DarkBunnykins-Dancer (Page 4)
15 ) Aura Redwood-Drenched (Page 4)
16 ) Sumi Sueme-half of a sestina for emma, who could sing (Page 4)
17 ) Gibby4104-Ode to Those I'll Never Know (Page 4)
18 ) Teh Fairy of Giving-I don't want to wake up (Page 4)
19 ) SevenHyde-dance for them (Reserved)
20 ) Rino-chan-A Flower's Love (Page 4)
21 ) Kari-Bear-Not me, not I (Page 4)
22 ) Jace the fighter-Drenched in Blood & Tears (Page 5)
23 ) FlatteredPawn-Fear (Page 5)
24 ) Samantha_Black-Suicide of a Happy Family (Page 5)
25 ) Juliasweakness-untitled (Page 5)
26 ) Valalight-Open eyes (Page 5)
27 ) Konkuru_Kun-12 inches (Page 5)
28 ) knight_of_chivalry-Tears and Gasoline (Page 3)
29 )S-Cleo-Ravings in the Night (Page 7)
30 )CelticWeasel-Always a Follower, Never a Leader(Page 7)
31 )twisted-fairytale-Dance of D eath (Page 7)
32 )Draiken_XoX-I Don't Want to Wake Up (Page 7)
33 )Anasette_Knight-The True Hell is My Mind (Page 7)
34 )PoeticTemptress-Forever Meek
35 )Anko_Itamu-The Killer (Page 7)
36 )Cheshire Cate-Josh (Page 7)
37 )Evelian-I Don't Wanna Wake Up (Page 7)
38 )Sparklefire Angel-Unknown (Page 7)
39 )woe_betide-Unkown (Page 7)
40 )Ebonflame-Feline
xxrackellaxx-Unknown(Page 8 )

41 )animegurl278-Twisted Sentimentality (Page 8 )
42 )yhing-Crystals and Pearls (Page 8 )
43 )Hattey-Drenched In (Rain) (Page 9)
44 )Skyler Bishi-Another Rising Sun(Page 9)
45 )Sacred Seraph-Disco Abuse(Page 9)
46 )EquineALLstar-Unknown(Page 9)
47 )
48 )
49 )
50 )
I am defiantly doing this!!!
Well time to write a poem using the promts xDDD
I am so excited
Wonderful! my first contestant!

By the way, you only have to use one of them, or you can use all of them, your choice. <3
Title: Dead Dance

The dead began to dance,
to the beat of their band.
The dummer playing his ribs,
as the guitarist played the dummer spine.
They played their song, and didn't even care that
the heterogeneity classes dancing
to the beat of the dead dance.
Slowly dawn creeps like an assassian,
in the shadows of such scanity view,
to obliterate the ghouls haunting waltz.
They must be dreaming of the music
that hypnotically move the dancing dead.
They must not care,
as another homicide victim
comes and joins their parade,
singing her dreadful tune,
“We all live as we die.”
The bands music gradually transcending into her tune,
of the horrified terror with tramatizing note,
the dead began to rebel against such relief.
The song began to compliment the victim's song
like the open arms of a lover,
embracing her with such grace.
Pertrabation began to act,
fighting what has become of the music that past.
Never going to see its redundant patterns again.
The band strung a cord,
their adept skills sending them back
to the prison which they were concealed.
Never To Dance Again,
to the beat of the dead.
“We all live as we die,”
ringed in their ears.
The taunting sunrise still lingered in the meager shadows,
as the another victim joins there ranks,
and just as the dawn craked like an open door,
they all disappeared with wisp of smoke.
Never to dance again,
to the beloved song of death,
until dusk overrules the dawn.

My entry! heart


We heave a collective sigh
As we watch her fly
We know she's finallly free
Yet it's hard to let her be

Our princess for so long
Now we've lost our song
But she has gained her own
And with it she has grown

We hear her final melody
Shed tears within a rhapsody
Drenched in sadness and smiles
We die in our own styles

Prompt in bold.
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do we have to use them?
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can one of the prompts be friends
or lies
or truth
This is awesome! I'm definently bein a part of this!
I'm not too great at poetry...but I'm trying this anyway. sweatdrop

(I love the prompts.)
Yeah, I'll do it. I'll try and get the poem in as soon as possible, but sometimes its not that easy! lol

not sure which prompt i'm going to use yet
Waiting on Moonlight


As the darkness stirs within me
Stirs around me
Surrounds me
I gather it in
And it welcomes my embrace

As the waking world fades
Falls away from me
Flying far from me
I flee it
For the soft world of dreams

As the night-time comes to life
And the dark stars fly around me
The sky-fires dance
In my waiting heart
For the glancing, moonlit silence

Never wake up
Never wake again
And the night time croons softly,
"Stay, stay with me"
I answer
In the stillness of my soul
"I'll stay forevermore."

Thought I walk the waking world
The dreams swirl
betwixt mind and reality
And I pity those ants, rushing 'round me
Who slumber
Living life as they have never known it

And though I walk the waking world
I shall never wake again.
*giggles* I wrote that on the spot. I should probably rewrite it, though.

*bows* Hi!
Miss Mystic

Thank you my dear,
for your bewitching potion.
You've strengthed mind,
and my thoughts are in motion.

I was never going to dance again,
but now I'm in a new dimension.
Now I dance freely,
without any tension.

I know this isn't fradulent,
hocus-pocus, or superstition.
I'm not mesmerized.
I'm in a devoted condition.

So what now, Miss Mystic?
What's next? What's in store?
Oh please, Miss Mystic,
may I drink some more?

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