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Tipsy Phantom

A smile of swallows entice the vortex of a hole,
They breed across entire skies, waiting for their solace.
She breathes and sleeps and eats and breathes,
A life no hole should have to live.
Her heart sinks deeply within her chest, abreast her gilded robe.
Sauntering deep into her soul, a shadowed figure guides her vision.

An ethereal glow, an intense burn of something clears beyond this vision,
Her hair lay soft along her shoulders upon this fateful, delving hole.
She crosses her gate, and continues fro into this timely robe
Of truth and lies scattered about unto her ribbons of solace.
With a building reaching out before her, she ponders the life that she must live;
Continuing forward, the building of obsidian constantly breathes.

Its heart patters as though a human would, its smile alone breathes.
She lifts a hood over spindly locks of hair a gesture of respectful vision,
A tender warmth surges through her. Preparing a choice, to live
Or not as the breadth of her frigid soul reaps deeply into this hole.
From which she was created, a tender hope peels for a summer’s solace,
Without the need for winter’s robe.

The frigid cold of one’s mind would definitely require such a robe.
As the insanity brews it plants a seed, a seething hatred of what it breathes.
All she wants is a somber nap, the relinquishing of all her fears, a final place of solace.
She closes her eyes to find this castle of darkness to see in her peripheral vision.
But all she manages to feel and grasp is this persistent hole
Which grows deeper beneath her skin, taunting her urge to live.

Is it a question of fate when one decides when to die and when to live?
Her soft lips would purse, a lover’s curse, as she removes the gilded robe.
This hole within the hole inside is nothing more than that: a hole.
She dives straight in, plunging first while restricting what she breathes.
Her eyes perceive nothing, nothing to obstruct her vision.
A final resting ground for the moment she sought, the solace.

The tips of her toes dangle needlessly from her haltered shoes, a solace.
A peace of mind not many see from behind the drudgery to live.
She feels nothing, yet sees it all beyond her fated vision.
A tender hand approaches from behind this whitened robe.
It was herself that found herself away from the one that breathes.
This vortex, this life not lived is finally full, as is that hole.

The hand behind the whitened robe
Vanishes into where she breathes,
The one had vanished, no longer a hole.

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Well, I'm pumped. Now, to the forms!


Finally went back to this.. Not sure if I handled the form correctly, but it seems somewhat loose within its structure.

Just as reference, this was the basic info I was going off of:
 The three lines average 14-16 syllables, for a total of 44-46: theme (3, 4,4,4); elaboration (3,4,4,4); counter-theme (3,5) and completion (4,3). Sijo may be narrative or thematic and introduces a situation in line 1, development in line 2, and twist and conclusion in line 3.

My sijo:

Infatuated with so much of him, I love all his bits
except those that help me fall into your memories, willingly,
full of longing and trepidation, searching to awaken.

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Sparkly Genius

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I'll have a go..

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Aekea Scarface

I haven't had time to write a pantoum, so I'm hoping I'll get something easier. If not, then I'll just have two poems on the waiting list. xP
EDIT; ...Well, then.... Gaia really wants me to write that pantoum.

EDIT2; Why is this in the Writing Contests forum? confused

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Shy Shapeshifter

(Shakespearean sonnet!)

Settling In

With gentle, sweeping arms, she knots her hair,
The sand and sea still ling’ring, sun-tan cool,
I leave my mother to her dressing chair.
A cat lay near my feet, stretched out, and mewled;
Without a thought, I grabbed and pet him, pleased;
A warning-- “Father’s resting, John, be still."
As evening drifts in slowly, dry air breezed,
I shut the windows on late autumn’s chill.
The wash for bed comes sooner than I’d like;
The stink of beach runs from my hair, as well.
Against the window, moths and beetles strike,
A lulling, gentle ping-ing, like a bell;
And night descends on summer’s aging back,
September stars shine coldly in the black.

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Shy Shapeshifter

Rollin' again.

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Feral Spirit

..Oh here goes nothing, I suppose. It's been many years since I wrote poetry, but surely it can't hurt to get back in the saddle, right?

Edit: Pleiades...Well...To google to figure out how to go about this xD
...Okay, well, here goes nothing I suppose?


Cherishing your own youth
Cultivating a life
Cinching your spot in life
Coddling innocence
Creating memories
Choosing your path for life
Cradling a pure hope

Oh it's horrible...I'm just going to slink off now. (Put it was rather fun...)

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Quotable Smoker

Cool Contest! I was just thinking about opening a contest for form poetry! Unfortunately, I'm incredibly poor.

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Yeah I'll enter

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Timid Genius

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If You Met Me Here Today
A Villanelle
By: Amoeba Dreamer

If you met me here today
I would love you evermore
So please come stay

I would give you roses every day
And love you forever more
If you met me here today

As I wait day after day
I start to love you more and more
So please come stay

My love I would never give half-way
Our world would be that of open doors
If you met me here today

Our love would never wear away
For you I always will adore
So please come stay

My words can never convey
How I was so lonely before
If you met me here today
So please come stay.

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Demonic Wolf

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I look at the silvery blade
Imagine the lives it took
Having been found here
I know it killed someone

Imagine the lives it took
I can feel the rage of the killer
I know it killed someone
Maybe it was out of heartbreak

I can feel the rage of the killer
As I finger the sharp edge
Maybe it was out of heartbreak
I would understand

As I finger the sharp edge
Having been found here
I would understand
I look at the silvery blade

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There’s a sort of sadness where
You don’t even know
You’re sad in the first place.
There’s a hole in your soul.

You don’t even know
Why you feel as if
There’s a hole in your soul.
It’s a mystery to all.

Why you feel as if
You are wearing a mask…
It’s a mystery to all
Inside your mind and out.

You are wearing a mask…
The design is joyful and gay, yet-
Inside your mind and out
Happiness is nowhere to be found.

P.S., the use of the word 'gay' is the original meaning 'happy', not the twisted way people use it now.

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Invisible Shapeshifter

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this still going i wanna try biggrin no couldn't be simple here it goes...........

Bright moon light shines
Through the mines as
Workers lines sing song
The days long done
Then gong at dawn
Back on lawn again
To yawn through it

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This does seem interesting, and I do love a challenge. Let's see what I get, shall we?



Pain and love were sewn together
Parted only by your kiss
Pulses race
Paths align
Passive hearts beat wildly
Past loves fade to dust
Pale in comparison to everything you are

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