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Hello all. I am looking for one lovely writer to take home this lovely OMFG box! *holds out for world to see then realizes there is nothing actually in hands* Well, this computerized one will have to do.

The Rules: (there are a lot, but i hope that doesn't keep you from entering)
1) Keep to the ToS.
2) For the sanity of us all try to use correct grammar and spelling. Archaic grammars and spellings or British spellings are fine given the nature of this contest. *u-hem*
3) The poem must be one of the following types of poetry: sonnet (Shakespearean or Petrarchan are both fine), blank verse that ends in a rhyming couplet of the same feet and meter, Villanelle, Pantoum, Ghazal, Cinquain, Diamante, Limerick, Quatrain, Terza Rima or concrete poetry -- nearly anything with a meter is fair game but I will take into account the complexity of the poem when judging. Please tell me which one you are attempting. Thanks!
4) No Haikus, or free verse
5) If there is another type of poetry that I have not listed that you would like to try, just pm me and I'll let you know if it's a go or not.
6) Please don't pm me with your actual entries. Post them here. Exception is rule 16.
8 ) Please make entries no more than 30 lines long. This means make it UNDER 30 lines. Two people have already submitted poems that break this rule >.<! They will be void.
9) No more than two entries per person. If you give me only one that's fine too.
10) Only the first 30 entries count. (This is the last time I change it, sorry >_< )
11) The deadline is when there have been 30 entries (this does not mean 30 posts) or the end of July, whichever comes first.
13) I am judge. My judgment will be final. Or your poems judgment... whatever. Unless my aunt decides to help out, in which case, what we say is final. *edit* She has decided to help judge so hopefully that will make things more fair.
14) there is no entry fee
16) If you have a question about whether your poem fits the guidelines, you may pm me with a question. If you don't know what Terza Rima is or Iambic Pentameter, Wikipedia is a good place to search, but I will answer questions if you need me to. I promise I won't bite. smile

1st Sonnet for War by Jonni Mnemonic
2nd Icarian Dreams by Bella Ayomide
3rd Storm Sonnet by Maolan Green
HM+ Crush by xXFierce_iz_ T O A S TXx
HM Waiting for You by Zarlune
HM Snow by Nano_Quill

Now the part we all love:

New prize list because of grant from Mahayr! (everyone give her a big hug if you see her!!!)
1st - OMFG Box
2nd - 7500
3rd - 5000
HM - 2500
HM - 2500
HM - 2500

Everyone Else who entered - 100g each OR small Item worth 100g or more.

Hear that people? Even though there are less places, everyone wins something of the same value of what used to be 5th place and the honorable mention! Thank Mahayr! She and her grant giving charity are amazing! blaugh
Oh, but after judging, there was one HM that stood above the others so I'm adding an extra 500g to it from my pocket. So HM+ is really fourth place and gets 3000g blaugh

If you try to submit published works, you will be disqualified and reported! You have been warned.

I'll mark your name out once I have started the trade to give you your prize just so I can keep up with everything.

Maolan Green
Fire Rock Angel
Yadda Yadda BlaBlaBla
Jonni Mnemonic

Send Me A Cool Breeze
bumble bee 7447
Lord Haeden
Solomon the Demon King
Lance Calvis
XxDistressed PrincessxX
xXFierce_iz_T O A S TXx
Bella Ayomide

Hey there! Great to see you! I'll give it a shot...I applaud you times a million for outlawing free verse. It has begun to slowly take over gaia XDDD
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Oh, and one more thing.

If anyone wants to protect their poetry from random thievery, this is called the "Poor Man's Copyright"
What you do is take a copy of your poem and mail it to yourself. What you need is the post mark for the date. Do not open it. If you open it the whole process is void. Place it in a safe or safety-deposit box if you really feel the need, but keep it somewhere safe. Then, if you ever need to take someone to court, you have that handy dandy envelope you can hand over to the judge with the date on it that will supersede the date of the copyright on the dirty little thief's book.

I actually learned this from a psychiatrist... go figure. blaugh
Agreed, let's write some classic structured poetry. Count me in.

Limited to any specific mood or topic?
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The topic is wide open. xd
((ok well here, wrote this a while ago )))

how we feel

Staring at the sky above
Knowing the worlds full of love
Wishing they all felt the same
Knowing they only have themselves to blame
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Oh, here is something my brother pointed out that I forgot to mention. Even if you enter two poems you can still only win once. If you qualify for two prizes, you will get the greater of the two and the other prize will go to the next in line.

Thanks much heart
[b]A Storm Sonnet

Shall clouds fade black upon thine evening's skies
And thunder echo deep within thy heart,
The lighting flashes over glassy eyes;
It splinters sick softened souls apart.
As dark o'er tops the rain attempts its start,
It soaks the paths and roads that lye ahead.
Storms befall weary minds and make them part.
Alas! The clouds shall clear rainbows said,
Sun and rain from the sky bleed red.
Droplets of dew shall bless thy broken brow,
The breeze shall clear all raining tears shed.
All shall calm, all shall be bright - now.
Thou shall lye in green meadows and rest again,
While the black storm awaits on the far horizon.

Mao 2008

Note: This sonnet is a Spenserian Sonnet. It has a different rhyme scheme and iambic meter than a traditional English Sonnet.
The Dreadful, Evil Past

Daddys gone to war.
Mommas staying home.
The children are just destroyed.
Their mom is just a hoe.

Sitting in the darkness,
every single night and day.
Hoping dad will come back soon,
because then they will be safe.

She stays inside her fortress,
kids have no place to go,
so someone there can help them.
They are hopeless and their cold.

The smell has stuck around them,
and it has struck them, then their high.
The bad man has a gun with him; beats their mother
and makes her cry.

Oh, how the young ones
have not the slightest knowing of this going on.
The older sister goes so crazy,
about the conclusion she has drawn.

She sneeks into her mothers bedroom,
there's holes all over the wall.
Then creeps into the bathroom,
to see what had gone wrong.

Mommy has a mirror, and a bag of devils grass.
a straw...and a bag of pixie dust.
She goes into shock, "Yes this is happening to me"
She knows for sure of what her mom does.

When the kids have gone to sleep,
all she hears is their mothers cries.
"God why are you doing this"
Then she slowly falls asleepy and her cries die.

She remembers all the harsh times,
her mom has came home drunk.
The times where her mom almost killed her.
The time where she has lost all of her spunk.

She remembers when the electric gotten shut off,
the gas has got turned off as well,
No food inside the home, it's ghetto-fied.
the time they wasted all the time,
there was no money,
the mom spent it all leaving no dime.

But then the father has came back,
soon after the bad man had went to jail.
Mom was still a drunky,
and the parents decided to call it real,
this time, that they were going to get a divorce.

She felt her heart sink even more.
She did not want to continue on this way.
The children almost got taken away.
The children split for some time,
then came back to stay.

Months later,
the parents resolved their problems.
So they moved to a better place.
A place where there are better schools,
a new and better life to spend away.

The mom quick drinking all the time,
and stopped taking on all the crimes.
And now they all live happily,
as a normal successful family.

Whitney Jackson
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I'm going to refrain from posting comments about poems until judging is over, but to xXxBloody CupcakesxXx please read all the rules. I know they can be daunting, but they are there for a reason. I asked that poems be no more than 30 lines long, so the one above will not be able to count. However, I will still let you submit two poems if you wish. Just consider your first one void. Sorry, but this is to keep it fair and so that those who do keep to the rules will not be kept from the contest because of the slots being filled with poems that won't even count. Thankyou.
Who am I?
Steven Daubenmeyer

Who am I?
The nerd the geek the weird-o,
The guy who can’t get a girl,
The guy who has no life,
The guy with dork friends,
Or am I the guy who says I’m a nerd and I’m proud.
I’m the guy, who breaks off from the main stream,
The guy who thinks Hollister and Abercrombie are crap,
The guy who listens to all the old music,
The guy who reads the books about zombies, ninjas and Super-Heroes.
The guy who’s been turned down by every girl,
The guy who’s been picked on,
The guys who been excluded,
The guy who thinks it’s ok to be a nerd, weird, dork or geek.
The guy who plays World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons,
The guy who colors outside the lines,
The guy whose thoughts write in a different color ink,
I’m the guy, who’s going to tear down the walls between cool and lame,
Same and different
Popular and nerdy
In crowd and outcasts
I’m the guy who doesn’t care if you’re gay, straight, black, white, cool, lame, weak, strange, ugly or pretty,

They say the music I listen to is the Devil’s,
The say the games I play corrupt me,
And the T.V. rots me,
But those are the things that free me,
Free me from the ordinary,
Free me from the bullies,
Free me from the voices the say I don’t try my best,
I don’t try my best, I do my best,
and if you don’t like my best shut your mouth!
I don’t do my best for you,
For my teachers,
My parents,
My friend,
or my class,
I do it for me,
I will live my life to the end,
To the sound of music,
To the freedom of my spirit,
To the fire in my soul telling me not to stop,
Not to fear,
Not to cry,
Not to give up even at the gates of hell and all doom and evil.
I’m that guy

Girl I Like
Here eyes are like pools of clear water that pierce through my soul
When she see me my soul is warmed up by the crimson heat that fly from her eyes
When she stares onto me i freeze in fear
When she turns around I feel that I have been bless in some way
My Heart Aches for the One I Adore
I’m the one who everyone Ignores
When her Eyes are Laid Upon Me it feels like I’m Free
But for this hated day I Know she’ll never be with me

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